A Republican Experiment - An American PI EG - OOC & Sign-Up thread

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July 20, 2024, 04:49:39 PM
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  A Republican Experiment - An American PI EG - OOC & Sign-Up thread
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Author Topic: A Republican Experiment - An American PI EG - OOC & Sign-Up thread  (Read 540 times)
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« on: September 11, 2022, 12:30:29 PM »

The last century has been a turbulent one on the North American Continent.

At the very beginning, it would be dragged into a war against Spain and France when fighting over who would get the former's crown - Philipe d'Bourbon, Duc de Anjou, Grandson of Louis XIV, Son of Louis, le Grand Dauphin, younger Brother of Louis, Duc de Bourgogne, and uncle of the future Louis XV, or Karl von Habsburg of Austria, Son of Emperor Leopold I and younger brother of Emperor Joseph I. In the end of that conflict, the deaths of Leopold and Joseph would lead to Philipe being recognized as King Felipe V of Spain, though with him having to give up claims to the French crown as long as he was Spain's Crown. This European war coincided with Queen Anne's War in the Americas, the second of three French and Indian Wars.

3 decades later came the War of Austrian Succession which would lay the groundwork for the Seven Years War in Europe, though it's better known as the French and Indian War in the Colonies and the Americas. The victory in this war would however nearly bankrupt Britain and despite getting reparations from France, it wouldn't be enough, leading to crimes such as quartering soldiers in civilian homes, taxing goods, not allowing the colonies to trade with anyone but Britain and even blockading Boston Harbor. Over the next Decade, tensions would boil with events like the Boston Tea Party and Boston Massacre leading to the American Revolution, a 5-8 year (depending on who you ask) conflict that saw the Colonies achieve independence in the end with the aide of multiple different countries, specifically France.

Following the Revolution, however, an attempt to govern the new nation was made with the Articles of Confederation. This legal document essentially made the new nation a personal union of states that any nation could leave at any time (and, interestingly enough, to allow Quebec to join at any time). This extremely Decentralized and disorganized government led to the young nation's near collapse and almost a military dictatorship by George Washington if he didn't reject the offer. Eventually, it was called for delegates of the thirteen colonies to meet in Philadelphia and discuss the creation of a new founding document for the new nation to abide by. However, there are sure to be tensions in this meeting and soon factions may emerge for the ideas that the new nation should follow.


So I'm currently typing this on a phone and I'll add more as time goes on but it'll essentially be similar to my attempted 1824 game in mechanics. Once I have enough players (and no, you can't have real people. You can use less notable ones from the time period OTL as face claims but that's it), then we'll hold a constitutional Convention where you'll be debating a variety of issues for a week. Every week, I'll roll and determine how the results look based on initiatives and such and this will continue until the convention has been deemed over. Then we shall go into an election. Like I said, more will be added later, so when I can, I'll put it in.

Game Lore (Bullet Points)


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« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2022, 06:43:10 PM »

Why no one signs up for ‘make a character’ and everyone loses their sh**t for ‘Larp a third tier political failure’ I never will know.
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