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This is the thread for the happenings of the 2022 MLB season, from the Cooperstown Ballot on to the World Series. The Atlanta Braves are your World Series Champions. David Ortiz was the only one to get inducted into the Cooperstown via the BBWAA ballot.

The 2021 season went back to the normal 162-game season, and teams played at reduced capacity to start the season and gradually increased it to full capacity over the course of the season. The Toronto Blue Jays were permitted to play at their home park in Toronto after a season and a half of playing their home games in the USA due to the US/Canada Border closed to nonessential travel.

This past season saw the return of the All-Star Game and its associated events. The initial location was going to be held at Atlanta's park, but due to the furor of Georgia's voter-suppression bill SB202, the game and the associated festivities got moved to Denver.

The 2021 season is likely to be the final season of pitchers hitting in NL games as a default rule.

The MLB enters 2022 under a lockout. How long will it last before it gets resolved is the question?

Key questions:
- Will there be a 162-game schedule like normal? Or will it be shortened or even played at all?
- Will there be a Spring Training?
- Will the lockout be resolved in time for Spring Training or even the start of the regular season?
- If a CBA can be reached, will we see playoff expansion and/or universal DH?

2021: https://talkelections.org/FORUM/index.php?topic=426737.0

They're trying to build a prison (for you and me to live in):
Honestly feeling like the season will be shortened to ~100-120 games and a deal will be made sometime in March. Thatís probably optimistic but who knows.

GM Team Member NewYorkExpress:
I'm not confident they'll be a season at all, but assuming there is, I'll be running our Fantasy Baseball League again.

It's looking more and more like Spring Training will be at least delayed and possibly abridged.

Mr.Barkari Sellers:
It looks very unlikely it's gonna be resolved anytime soon it's probably a shortened season, we don't need 162 games anymore, but 100 or 132 that's long enough it should. Start in May and end in Sept Regular season and October the playoffs, 132 games should be the norm, baseball everyday c'mon, that's why they won't get aggressive in talks until at least March there will be a baseball season but it's gonna start in May


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