What is your favorite insult towards atheists from Christians?


Proud Member of the Cyclist Master Race:
Which of these classic insults from Christians is your favorite? I could only think of one, so I used an "other" option.

Big Abraham:

My favourite insult to atheists is when a Christian slaps their face and gets them to repeat "In my Mother's house, there is still God."

Atheist Daughter


No one ever has seem much bothered by my Godlessness. I mean that. Maybe they thought that I was just not worth the time to be saved from myself. They may well have a point. For example, when some evangelizers knocked on my door about 20 years ago, and wanted to read something to me from the Bible, I said, no, hand me the text and let me read it to you. So they did, and I recited to them the following:

Psalms 37:11 — “But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.” Here lies an insight into why meekness is seen in Biblical times as a positive trait. The meek, left alone to their devices, exist in peaceful coexistence.

You see what I mean? Whatever I inherit, it shall not be this earth. On the other hand, the meek are never left alone to their own devices. You see, no man is an island. So the whole thing strikes me as but an idle hypothetical.

That aside, the preachers got their message across, to wit, that I was an egomaniac, and I congratulated them on their style in conveying that thought to me, and held out my hand to shake theirs. Ah, I  miss the pre-covid days.

Mr.Barkari Sellers:
Non of the above GOD is Cause and Effect it can be a prophet and Alien or universe because in Thor Mythology, Odin says on Thor I am Cause and Effect that's all God is and we love by the 10 Commandments to get good causes out but if you break them you get negative effects


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