January 6th legal proceedings and investigations megathread

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Miscellaneous Top Secret Crumpets:
Here's the NYT report without a paywall. Lots of new footage and context.

One interesting suggestion from this video is that House Staff and security giving Rep. Jim McGovern the go-ahead to continue with hearing objections to Arizona's electors in the House after the Senate had already been evacuated and rioters were in the building directly contributed to the death of Ashli Babbit by ensuring the evacuation of the House took place much closer to the front of the mob than it otherwise could have.

Quote from: Crumpets on July 04, 2021, 12:02:57 PM

Here's the NYT report without a paywall. Lots of new footage and context.


That's some incredible, Pulitzer-worthy work right there for sure.

Miscellaneous Top Secret Crumpets:
The fences around most of the Capitol are coming down.

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Joe Republic:
Things are going very well and sane and normal and HOW DARE YOU for this particular defendant:

Quote from: https://www.thedailybeast.com/pizzeria-owner-pauline-bauer-mounts-truly-bizarre-defense-for-jan-6-riots

A Pennsylvania woman who allegedly stormed the Capitol and told a police officer to “bring Nancy Pelosi out here now… we want to hang that f—king bitch” has filed court documents claiming to be a divinely empowered entity immune from laws.

Pauline Bauer, a Pennsylvania pizzeria owner, is accused of multiple counts of violent entry, disruptive conduct, and obstruction of Congress after she allegedly broke into the Capitol on Jan. 6. Prosecutors allege that Bauer tried organizing buses to transport people to D.C. for a rally that preceded the riot, and that while in the Capitol rotunda she told police that she wanted to kill House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

But in what experts describe as an inadvisable legal strategy, Bauer has demanded to represent herself in court, appeared to threaten a court clerk with prison time, and declared herself a “self-governed individual” with special legal privileges.

Bauer does not simply appear in court, she clarified during a June 11 proceeding via Zoom. “I am here by special divine appearance, a living soul,” she told a judge that day, while stating that she did not want an attorney.

“I do not stand under the law,” she said. “Under Genesis 1, God gave man dominion over the law.”

Mr.Barkari Sellers:
Unfortunately, with Trump being held unaccounted for abd Clyburn himself said Trump won't have to testify and fencing companies ming down, this isn't much anymore D's can do on the Insurrectionists Commission

The D's like Biden is wasting his time going to Philadelphia instesmad of going to AZ or WVA to campaign for VR in Sinema and Manchin home state

The best way for D's to investigate is Covid and Chija, FBI has already exhausted it's legal proceedings against the Proud Boyz


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