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NSW Labor Leader Jodi McKay is being encouraged to stand down following the partyís disastrous result in the weekendís byelection but no clear candidate has been identified to replace her.

Senior NSW Labor figures say a deal has been struck that would see the partyís general secretary Bob Nanva ask Ms McKay to step aside.

Party and union figures close to the negotiations say there is a desire for Ms McKay to step aside to avoid a protracted internal voting process to secure a new Labor leader.

After a poor result in the Upper Hunter by-election (in spite of the former Coalition MP resigning under a cloud of very serious rape allegations) the knives are our for NSW Labor leader Jodi McKay. While the result was poor Labor horrifically mismanaged expectations to the point where anything but a win would lead to leadership change. If successful NSW Labor will have gone 5 consecutive Parliaments with a change of leadership midterm.

Both contenders to replace her (Chris Minns and Ryan Park) are members of the NSW Right so there's no chance of actual transformative change within the party, just more of the same from the faceless men of sussex street.

NSW Labor demonstrating Einstein's thesis about insanity there.

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The LNP has held Federal power for nineteen of the past twenty five years. The leftís offering of a mix of old time socialism and new time identity politics is voter repellent.

ALP member.

I failto see why the media is pushing this narrative about how Upper Hunter is a "TOTAL DISASTER FOR LABOR!!!!!" when it's a seat the Nats have held since 1910.

They weren't running the same headlines when the Liberals were defeated comprehensively in Queensland and then throroughly annihilated in WA to the pint where they no longer have official party status.

THis is what Kevin Rudd means when he talks about media bias.


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