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I get stoned nowhere and get paid there:
Just as I said for Donna Shalala...

Quote from: I'm a John Fetterman (or Malcolm Kenyatta) Democrat on March 24, 2021, 02:26:27 PM

Jesus Christ, just give it up already.

I wonder what word the DMT would use to describe Susan Collins with if James' campaign is considered formidable. He should run for the House, he may have a shot there.

Please run and please lose. Therefore it will be even funnier when Republicans still are obsessed with him becoming President.

Pink Panther:
You know, I actually feel kind of bad for him, as he made the 2018 race with Stabenow much more competitive than it should have been, and in the 2020 race with Peters, he probably ran the better and more exciting campaign, and made the race the most competitive Senate Race in 2020, but he still lost, probably due to Biden carrying Peters over the finish line. However, I don't think he's the favorite against Whitmer at the moment, since she's the popular incumbent, but who knows?


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