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Dr. MB:
Inspired by the summary of political views thread.

Here's just a template. Feel free to add or remove things:

Denomination: (if applicable)

Why do you follow this religion (or lack thereof)?

God: Do you believe in God? Is there more than one God? Is this God all-knowing and all-powerful? Does God interfere in your daily life? Does God talk to you?

Afterlife: What happens after we die? Heaven/hell? Reincarnation? Nothing whatsoever? If there are multiple versions of the afterlife (for example, heaven and hell), who goes where and what determines that?

Prayer: Do you pray? How often do you pray? Do you do it in a certain way? Do you pray to God (or gods) or to something else? Do you say your prayers out loud or in your head?

Worship: Do you go to church/mosque/synagogue/anything else? How often?

Ghosts, spirits, angels, and demons: Do they exist? Are they present here? Have you ever seen one? Are certain people condemned to roam the earth?

One True Path: Is your religion the only way? Do people of other faiths have equally valid beliefs or not? Are your religion's followers saved while the others are condemned for all eternity?

Spiritual objects: Do certain things in the earth (for example, crystals or plants) have spiritual properties?

Religious law: Do you follow religious law or morality codes? For example, fasting or abstinence until marriage? Is not doing so a sin?

Spreading the word: Should it be a mission by people of your religion to spread it to as many people as possible?

Religion: None.

Denomination: Queer. Humanist.

Why do you follow this religion (or lack thereof)? Raised Catholic. Long journey of discovery and concern for my health led me to move on from that belief. There's nothing noble in 'suffering' the contradictions.

God:Not important. Probably the best answer, I can conceptualise god differently now and would be Muslim if I believed in god, but the belief isn't quite there.

Afterlife: Return to a state of non existence.

Prayer: No. Got nothing from it for years and used to think I was doing it wrong.

Worship: No. Except attending weddings and funerals.

Ghosts, spirits, angels, and demons: No.

One True Path: No. Just don't be an asshole.

Spiritual objects: No. They can have medical and psychoactive properties. And being in nature is a 'spiritual' experience but it's materialistic. And the material is beautiful.

Religious law: No.

Spreading the word: No. Stand up for yourself and your story and make your point when you need to. It's either going to reach people or it won't.

Garibaldi Day:
Oh, that's interesting. I like these things when they have a template.

Religion: Christianity
Denomination: Catholicism

Why do you follow this religion (or lack thereof)? Obviously the fact that I live in a very Catholic country, that my family has historically been all Catholic, and that I was raised in the faith is relevant, but as for why I am not anymore a cringe contrarian agnostic as I was for some time, the answer is that I had a sudden and strange religious awakening/conversion between August and September 2020 (which was in part sparked by this forum honestly).

God: I believe in one God with three persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I wouldn't say He talks to me directly, but I think He interferes with my life in some sense.

Afterlife: I accept the existence of Heaven and Hell, but I don't have particularly thought out convictions about the afterlife. I may be a quasi-universalist.

Prayer: I pray (almost) daily. The content and form of my prayers can be highly variable, but I usually pray at night. I pray quietly, but if I lived by myself I'd probably do it out loud.

Worship: I go to church, I wish to do it every Sunday but lately I have been inconsistent for reasons too complex to get into here.

Ghosts, spirits, angels, and demons: This is not a topic I ever think about, but I have never seen any such creature.

One True Path: We are saved through Jesus Christ, and obviously I consider the Catholic Church 'superior' in a sense, but beyond that I can't say. See the Afterlife section.

Spiritual objects: I find a spiritual connection in some natural entities at times (for example the starry sky), but most notably I think there is something spiritual and metaphysical about Mathematical objects (some more than others).

Religious law: I mean, everyone follows their own morality code, no? In my case it is now shaped by religion, although for many things it could be argued that religion has just given a grounding to what I already 'felt' but were unsure about.

Spreading the word: Very surprised to be saying this phrase in this context, but I basically agree with afleitch's answer above me (though I personally think that is a form of "spreading the word" too).

Religion: None. I describe myself as an atheist. Technically I suppose I am an agnostic, as I acknowledge there is a possibility there is a god or gods, but I consider this so unlikely as for the difference between atheist and agnostic to be purely academic in my case.

Why do you follow this religion (or lack thereof)? I was raised in a fairly typical nonreligious household; that is to say religion didn’t play any role in our lives (except for church on Christmas Eve), and we didn’t ever discuss our belief or lack thereof. I went to a CofE primary school, as it was the closest to our house, and I suppose when I was young I had a superficial, childlike belief in Christianity from hearing about it all the time at school. I gradually grew out of this, and by the time I was 12 I knew I was an atheist, having realised this to be the most logically and morally consistent position, and that suggested on balance by the overwhelming amount of evidence, in my view.

God: I don’t believe in a god or gods in any form.

Afterlife: There is no afterlife. We re-assume a state of nothingness, identical to that of before we were conceived.

Prayer: I don’t pray.

Worship: I go to my local Anglican Church every Christmas Eve out of tradition. It is a beautiful old building, and there is something alluring about the ritual of it, but it obviously doesn’t hold religious significance for me.

Ghosts, spirits, angels, and demons: They don’t exist.

One True Path: I believe my beliefs to be reflective of reality. Obviously I don’t think those who don’t also hold them will suffer any retribution.

Spiritual objects: One can find, for instance, natural beauty has a positive impact on one’s mental health and wellbeing, and that it can provoke wonder, but I don’t believe that anything possesses “spiritual” qualities in the traditional sense.

Religious law: Not applicable.

Spreading the word: I also agree that afleitch put it well. I’ll debate others about my beliefs if they’re willing (as an intellectual exercise; I know I’m very unlikely to change their mind). I think the world would be better overall without religion, but I don’t pretend to actively seek the realisation of this, although I will always stand up for the separation of church and state.

True Federalist (진정한 연방 주의자):
Quote from: afleitch on February 08, 2021, 07:17:05 AM

Denomination: Queer. Humanist.

Prayer: No. Got nothing from it for years and used to think I was doing it wrong.

I think of Denomination as something mutable, so I'm a little surprised to see you list a sexual orientation as part of a denomination.

You may well have been doing it wrong. Personally, I view prayer as a means of asking God to help oneself achieve the best, and or give em thanks. Anything even remotely similar to prosperity gospel type prayer would be wrong in my opinion.


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