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June 20, 2021, 05:22:49 PM
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Author Topic: 2024 Third Party and Independent Candidate General discussion  (Read 2823 times)
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« on: April 21, 2021, 06:35:17 PM »
« edited: April 21, 2021, 06:40:43 PM by Abdullah »

With the inauguration of a new president comes a new thread to serve as a space for future discussions of where the third party scene is heading for the next 4 years. This thread is free to serve as a space for a variety of discussion relating to such topics. The emergence and growth of new parties and perennial personalities, ballot access changes, and election predictions.

The parties and personalities listed here are in a dynamic list subject to change, but have an active national or regional presence. Do note that it is topical to talk about other parties not listed here. Due to instances where there is electoral fusionism, the list below will not include exclusively entryist and/or factional pressure groups such as the DSA, Working Families Party, Conservative Party, etc. However, this could be subject to change and discussion on these parties are acceptable in this thread.

Please be respectful for the most part; no inane thread hijackings over partisan squabbles, no whining about lesser evilism, no undeserved blaming over a party being a spoiler without sufficient evidence. If not, above all else keep it brief. Another thing Id like to be avoided is the splintering of discussion without reason to. I still maintain that there was no reason to have an entire thread dedicated to Kanye West at that time given that it was not relevant to do so as far as the election was concerned. Now, while there is now a thread on USGD dedicated to the Libertarian Party, discussion may also happen there as well as here.

Well I expect the next four years to be eventful

Considering their historical bad showing in 2020, you would think that the Libs and Greens would just dissolve their parties. They never had a chance to win but the whole point is to splitter votes and they failed to do so in 2020

2020 was the 2nd-best presidential candidate performance for the Libertarians ever, behind 2016.

That's exactly right.

In fact, I find it surprising that the Libertarian Party got as many votes as it did, especially in such a polarized election (1.2% of the vote, damn). It's a good sign for them for a future election where both candidates are unpopular once again.

Something else that's interesting to note is the decline of the Constitution Party. It was already in a bad position, being the third-largest third party (lol), but it at least could consistently get 100k - 200k votes in presidential elections (and was significant enough to get its own avatars on this very website). I noticed, though, that in the 2020 election, Blankenship, the Constitution Party nominee, absolutely collapsed in the number and percentage of votes he got, only attaining 60k (some 0.05% of the vote).

Did they all move to Trump, and if so, why didn't they do so in 2016? (the Constitution Party got approx. 200k votes that year)
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