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Author Topic: East of the Merrimack (Gameplay Thread)  (Read 3433 times)
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« Reply #75 on: February 16, 2021, 11:04:38 PM »

David O'Connor for Congress
January and Feburuary Schedules

Manchester Union Leader


January 1-3: Celebrate New Years' with Bill and Jeanne Shaheen along with the O'Connors family at their home in Dover. Senator Kerry, and Former Representative Norman D'Amours in attendance as well.

January 4: Senator Kerry announces his endorsement of O'Connor at a rally in Portsmouth.

Hello! 2 years ago, David O'Connor was here in Portsmouth with me when we won the New Hampshire primary. I've known David for over 20 years, and he has stuck by my side every step of the way. David doesn't give up when the going gets tough, he's a fighter. When many wrote off my campaign 2 years ago, because of flailing poll numbers in Iowa and New Hampshire, David doubled down putting his reputation on the line to get much-needed cash so that we were able to win not just in Iowa and New Hampshire, but the entire Democratic primary. He has stuck up for our union workers and has been one of the loudest and proudest voices of protecting employees' rights to collectively bargain with their employers. That is why I am proud to endorse David today because we need someone in Washington who will help fight for the common people and not the business interests.

January 5: Accept the endorsement of former Representative Norman D'Amours in Manchester.

January 6: Roundtable with Union and Business leaders in Dover focus on reconciliation and support for further collective bargaining.

January 8: Meet and greet with Seniors at an assited living facility in Manchester, call for a patients bill of rights.

January 9: Meet with representatives of medical workers and healthcare providers.

January 12: Attend a strategy meeting with Bill Shaheen discussing the roll out of advertising in key areas of the state.

January 15: Announce a Workers Bill of Rights, outlining the right to a living wage, the right to collectively bargain, among others.

January 16: Announce the endorsement of  Local 131 of theUnited Association Plumbers and Steamfitters.

January 19: Speak to Union workers at a meeting of the New Hampshire IBEW.

January 21: Begin a Barnstorm of Belknap county in a campaign RV targetting possible Millenberg supporters

January 23: Meet and Greet outside the Laconia Walmart Super Center

Hello folks, I'm Dave O'Connor and I'm running to be your next Congressman. I understand that Mr.Millenberg is the county treauser here, and I respect him. Though we don't agree on all the issues, he has stated on the campaign trail that he would like to begin means testing Social Security, and I'm going to be frank and say that's a ludicrious proposal. As a Democrat, I think we should be protecting our senior citizens, and one of the rights I believe every American has the right to a dingified retirement and when I'm in Congress I won't let Social Security be gutted by President Bush and Kyle Millenberg.

January 24: Meet and Greet with Norman D'Amours in New Hampton at the local courthouse, speak on support for Medicare and Medicaid.

January 25: Continue tour of Belknap speak in Gilford on the importance of agriculture for the advancement of New Hampshire and the nation.

January 26: Speak in Tilton in opposition to CAFTA, and support for a higher minimum wage in New Hampshire across the nation.

January 27: Meet with volunteers in Meredith at a luncheon before a townhall at Interlakes High School

Voter: I voted for Senator Kerry and Congressman Jeb Bradley, why should I vote for you?

O'Connor: Well Sir, the reason you should vote for me in November is because I am going to be a check on President Bush. I understand you voted for Senator Kerry, because you thought he was either better than President Bush or you thought President Bush had failed our nation. I agree with you, and I voted for Senator Kerry as well. (pause) The reason I voted for Senator Kerry is because I have known him for many years and I truly believe he would be a great President. I am going to represent you by being a safe, moderate, and honest Congressman, who is going to oppose the war in Iraq, support Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

January 29: Meet and greet in Gilmantion focusing on Social Security and Mr.Millenberg's support of means testing

January 30: End the Belknap county tour with a speech in Belmont.

Feburary 2: Meet with leaders of the IBEW in Concord

Feburary 3: Meet with Senators Lou D'Allesandro and Maggie Hassen courting their endorsements in Concord

Feburary 4: Meet with national Democratic notables in Boston, highlighting connections with the national Democratic party.

Feburary 5: Meet with minority leader Nancy Pelosi in Washington.

Feburary 6: Meet with Rahm Emmanuel in Washington and discuss potential DCCC backing for the O'Connor campaign.

Feburary 9: Return to New Hampshire

Feburary 10: Meet with local Democratic leaders in Dover.

Feburary 11: Begin airing the first ads of the campaign

Feburary 12: Meet with the editorial board of the Manchester Union Leader

Feburary 13: Speak to a group of SEIU workers in Londonderry on the minimum wage increase

Feburary 15: Announce support of a further investigation into AIG, call for regulation on the insurnace industry.

Feburary 16-21: Recover from the flu at home

Feburary 22: Rally with Senator Kerry in Dover

Feburary 24: Meet with Senators Chris Dodd and Joe Lieberman in Connecticut to discuss an endorsement

Feburary 25: Meet with Planned Parenthood and other women's organizations in Concord

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« Reply #76 on: February 17, 2021, 08:35:22 AM »

Lauren Winters for Congress
January 2006

January 1st: Celebrate New Year's at home in Durham.
January 3rd: Meet with Professional Firefighters of New Hampshire in Concord and thank them for endorsement.
January 6th: Town hall and meet and greet in Manchester.
January 7th-8th: Barnstorm Manchester.
January 10th: Phonebank with supporters in Rochester.
January 13th: Town hall and meet and greet in Dover.
January 14th-15th: Barnstorm Dover and Rochester.
January 21st-22nd: Voter registration drive at UNH.
January 23rd-24th: Barnstorm Laconia, Wolfeboro, Ossipee, and Conway.
January 24th: Speak at meeting of SNHU chapter of the College Democrats in Manchester.
January 25th: Voter registration drive at SNHU.
January 27th: Campaign event with State Senator Iris Estabrook in Portsmouth.
January 28th-29th: Barnstorm Durham, Portsmouth, Hampton, and Exeter.
January 31th: Meet with State Senator Maggie Hassan in Concord, discuss healthcare and environmental policy and possible endorsement.
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« Reply #77 on: February 18, 2021, 06:26:26 PM »

Turn IV: May 1st 2006-September 1st


Tom Griffith: Hello, good morning, and welcome back to WMUR New Hampshire broadcasting from Manchester. It's a temperate May morning, we've got some wind going on here, some clouds in the sky, make sure to wear a sweater if you go out, the wind makes the chill chillier! Red Sox fans rejoice, as they defeat the Orioles, hopefully on their way to competitive Autumn Baseball. But the season is really just beginning. For automobile fans, good news, as Fiat announces Alfa Romeo will be returning to the United States, if you can afford it! We've got more stories coming to you today on spring events in the Granite State, but first, we've also got analysis on the race for Congress here in east New Hampshire.

Jennifer Vaughn: Well the campaign is really heating up, State Senator Maggie Hassan delivering the last shake up with an endorsement for Durham Mayor Lauren Winters. David O'Connor, Bill Fiske, Kyle Millenberg have all been in the press lately with their aggressive campaigning. Dr. Jennifer Annika on the other hand, has made news for the skiing accident that has kept her off the trail as of late.

Tom Griffith: On the Republican side things are no less heated. Jabez Parsons and Benjamin Smith are fighting for conservative votes, while Tyler Medford and Francis McGuinty are rising among those looking for an alternative to the usual goings on of politics. That race is no less close. The UNH Survey center has also supplied numbers to that effect, and in the Democratic primary, here they are.

Republican Primary Poll
Sample Size: 543
MoE: +/- 4.3%
Jabez Parsons-23%
Benjamin Smith-21%
Francis McGuinty-20%
Tyler Medford-18%

Democratic Primary Poll
Sample Size: 525
MoE: +/- 4.4%
David O’Connor-20%
Bill Fiske-17%
Kyle Millenberg-15%
Jennifer Annika-15%
Lauren Winters-14%

Tom Griffith: A very competitive race, still with a lot of voters undecided, and remember there's that big margin of error, so who's to say what the make up of things really is.

Jennifer Vaughn: Anything else shaking up the race Tom?

Tom Griffith: Well Senator Chris Dodd has gotten behind O'Connor, the Human Rights Campaign, a homosexual rights advocacy group has endorsed Fiske, and there's a lot others, this race is a real exciting one. We'll cover it all after the break, including the next televised congressional debate!

News over the Duration of the Turn

  • Al Qaeda in Iraq Leader Abu Musab Al Zarqawi is killed in a US air raid
  • North Korea tests long range missile Taepodong–2, reportedly a failure
  • Henry Paulson sworn in as new Treasury Secretary
  • Comair Flight 5191, carrying 50 people, crashes shortly after takeoff from Blue Grass Airport in Lexington, Kentucky

Welcome to the Fourth Turn of East of the Merrimack. This turn starts on May First and ends on September First. It will last in RL time for about 2-3 weeks. For this time you are free to post schedules for that period. There will be a debate this turn. I will still accept turn three schedules. Turn three was great, though I notice people are often cramming in the last few days. Do we not need as much time? I will keep the same week framework though this time because of the debate. The next turn will be brief but very exciting! Keep going!

[1] Wikimedia Commons, media logo used under Fair Use

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« Reply #78 on: February 18, 2021, 09:40:04 PM »
« Edited: February 18, 2021, 09:44:40 PM by KaiserDave »

Endorsements List

Francis McGuinty:
The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance
Citizens Against Government Waste
Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire
Gun Owners of New Hampshire
U.S. Representative from TX-14 Ron Paul
Free State Project
Jabez Parsons:
U.S. Senator from Virginia John Warner
U.S. Senator from Indiana Richard Lugar
Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta
Bill Zeliff, Former U.S. Representative from NH-1
Charles Massahos*, Sheriff of Rockingham County
Scott Priestley*, Treasurer of Rockingham County
New Hampshire Lodging and Restaurant Association (Republican Endorsement)
Former U.S. Solicitor General Charles Fried
Former State House Speaker Gene G. Chandler
State House Speaker W. Douglas Scamman
Tyler Medford:
The Log Cabin Republicans of New Hampshire
U.S. Senator from Vermont Jim Jeffords
New Hampshire Young Republicans
Ted Gatsas, State Senator
U.S. Senator from Maine Olympia Snowe
Ret. Colonel Scott Brown
UNH College Republicans
NH Firearms Coalition
Benjamin Smith:
Americans for Tax Reform
Former Secretary of Commerce Peter G. Peterson
The Heritage Foundation
Tom DeLay, U.S. Representative for TX-22
Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker of the House
Executive Councillor Raymond Wieczorek
Former U.S. Senator Bob Smith
U.S. Senator from Mississippi Trent Lott

David O'Connor:
IBEW Local 104
U.S. Senator from Massachusetts John Kerry
Attorney and 2004 Kerry New Hampshire Campaign Chair Bill Shaheen
Norman D'Amours, Former U.S. Representative from NH-1
UA Local 131 Plumbers & Steamfitters
U.S. Senator from Connecticut Chris Dodd
U.S. Representative from Massachusetts's 8th District Stephen Lynch
State Senator Lou D'Allesandro
SEIU Local 1984
Jennifer Annika:
Emily's List
New Hampshire Nurses's Association
State Senator Brian Wilson
New Hampshire Public Interest Research Group
Bill Fiske:
National Education Association-New Hampshire
Mayor of Portsmouth Steve Marchand
Business and Industry Association
New Hampshire Lodging and Restaurant Association (Democratic Endorsement)
Human Rights Campaign
Former Senator Warren Rudman
Kyle Millenberg:
Belknap County Democratic Party (Each Local Committee voted to endorse, County Committee does not endorse)
Dean 2004 Campaign Manager Joe Trippi
United Steelworkers Laconia
State Senator David Gottesman
Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean (Privately)
Former Minority Leader Dick Gephardt
IBEW Local 1837
Lauren Winters:
U.S. Representative from Vermont Bernie Sanders
Professional Firefighters of New Hampshire
Iris Estabrook, State Senator
State Senator Maggie Hassan
Granite State Progress
New Hampshire Citizens Alliance

If there is anything you believe to be missing, or things I should include that you should have to start, just tell me.

*Can't find the names for the people who held these offices in 2006, so using the modern names for convenience's sake and as a placeholder
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« Reply #79 on: February 19, 2021, 08:23:31 PM »

Lauren Winters for Congress
February 2006 - April 2006

February 3rd: Town hall in Hooksett.
February 4th-5th: Barnstorm Hooksett and other towns surrounding Manchester.
February 7th: Moderate second debate for Durham town administrator candidates.
February 10th: Phonebank with supporters in Dover.
February 11th: Barnstorm Dover.
February 16th: Speak at meeting of UNH College Democrats.
February 17th-19th: Barnstorm Epping, Deerfield, Derry, Londonderry, Kingston, Seabrook, Hampton, and Rye.
February 24th-26th: Barnstorm Rochester and Portsmouth.
February 27th: Speak at meeting of UNH College Feminists.

March 3rd: Town hall in Durham.
March 4th: Barnstorm Durham, Madbury, Lee, Newmarket, Newfields, and Exeter.
March 7th: Help administer Durham town elections.
March 8th-20th: Oversee town council transition period.
March 21st: Term as town administrator expires, successor sworn in.
March 23rd: Rally outside Wapack National Wildlife Refuge calling for more stringent protections for public lands and increased funding for the EPA and Department of the Interior.
March 24th: Town hall in Laconia.
March 25th-26th: Barnstorm Belknap County, disseminate campaign flyers.
March 29th: Town hall in Conway.
March 30th-31st: Barnstorm Carroll County, disseminate campaign flyers.

April 6th-8th: Barnstorm Manchester area, disseminate campaign flyers.
April 11th: Visit nursing home in Manchester, call for increasing Medicare benefits.
April 14th-15th: Barnstorm Rochester and Dover, disseminate campaign flyers.
April 16th: Attend church, take break from campaigning on Easter.
April 20th: Phonebank with supporters in Manchester.
April 21-23rd: Barnstorm Portsmouth and Seacoast region, disseminate campaign flyers.
April 24th-28th: Work with campaign staff on drafts for radio and YouTube ads.
April 29th: Co-host fundraiser for League of Conservation Voters in Concord.
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« Reply #80 on: February 21, 2021, 08:30:53 PM »

Debate Rules and Regulations

Welcome to the second debate of East of the Merrimack. Debates in this game will be important in delineating differences between candidates, and forcing you to take tough positions. It will give you a chance to attack your opponents, and show why you're the best candidate. This opens up potential endorsements and other sources of support. Debates will be judged on the cohesiveness of your answers (not, cohesiveness is not grammar, people don't always speak in good grammar), and rhetorical skill. There will also be a randomized element for scoring. There will be an opening statement, two general questions, and a personalized question. You are also invited to post another written statement, rebutting the views of others or attacking other candidates. If you are posting your debate responses before everyone else and you want to wait to see what others do, you can post a response to what others have posted after you. But do not edit it after you post it (I will notice). Naturally there will also be a closing statement. Answers should be of reasonable lengths. Not four sentences, and also not two paragraphs. Responses are due on March 6th. I look forward to the joy this will bring!

University of New Hampshire PBS Republican Debate

Russel Morgan: Welcome to the Chamber of Commerce Republican Debate here at the Strand Dover. I'm Russel Morgan of the New Hampshire PBS, I'm joined by Ms. Evelyn Henry, senior at UNH and from the UNH political science department, and Wesley Jones of the Union Leader. Today we're moderating the second Republican debate for Congress in New Hampshire's First District. Let's begin.

1. An Opening Statement

2. What is your view on abortion and Roe vs. Wade?

3. How should America get to energy independence?

Personalized Questions:
To Tyler Medford: You've said that gun regulations are unacceptable, why is that?
To Francis McGuinty: You're the only candidate from background not in elected politics, do you want to elaborate on what that means?
To Jabez Parsons: What do you think is the biggest national security threat to the United States?
To Benjamin Smith: You've travelled out of state to various big dollar fundraisers, some have raised concerns this leaves you out of touch with the voters. What do you say to that?

4. Rebuttal Period

5. Closing Statement

WENH Democratic Debate

Tim Black: Welcome to the WENH Democratic debate, televised by WENH. I'm here with Edmund Williams from the New Hampshire Gazette. Let's begin.

1. An Opening Statement

2. Should President Bush be impeached?

3. How would you bring more jobs to New Hampshire?

Personalized Questions:

To Jennifer Annika: What will you do to bring federal dollars to New Hampshire?
To David O'Connor: What is the biggest threat to the American middle class today?
To Kyle Millenberg: Rumor has it, DNC Chair Howard Dean thinks you'd be the best nominee. Why do you think this is?
To Bill Fiske: You've gotten endorsed by the largest Teachers Union in New Hampshire. What's your plan for education?
Lauren Winters: You've made a few statements indicating potential support for a Canadian style single payer system? Care to elaborate?

4. Rebuttal Period

5. Closing Statement

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« Reply #81 on: February 22, 2021, 12:15:59 AM »

Tyler Medford - Fighting For New Hampshire!
May 2005 - September 2006

May 2nd, 2006: Goes On Local Television
Question: Can you remind voters why you are running for Congress?
"I'm running to serve the people of New Hampshire and the United States as a whole. Congress right now is not working and both sides are not working together as they should be. I will be an independent voice that will work for everyone of all parties, not just Republicans and Conservatives of my party. I will fight hard for our state and what the voters wish to see."

May 5th, 2006: Fundraiser in Manchester, raises 80k (new record)

May 9th, 2006: Town Hall with voters in Manchester

May 12th, 2006: Meets with Sierra Club, urges environmental reform
"My meeting today went very well with the Sierra Club. We agree on so many issues and the importance of our environment and protecting it. I will work for them and push for reform in Congress."

May 16th, 2006: Visits Northwood and Deerfield, meets with voters and community members in those areas.

May 21st, 2006: Meets with Senator Judd Gregg in Nashua

May 24th, 2006: Visits state parks and other green areas

May 28th, 2006: Meets with NH Firearms Coalition
"As I've said many times in this campaign, the 2nd amendment is crucial and we must do everything to keep it and secure it from all threats. I am against most types of gun reform that is proposed and view guns as a very important part of New Hampshire."

May 31st, 2006: Town Hall in Dover

June 4th, 2006: Meets with Fmr Gov. Benson in Manchester, NH

June 8th, 2006: Fundraiser in Nashua, raises 60k

June 11th, 2006: Meets with Opioid Survivors in Manchester (district), talks about Opioids and the danger they face.
"Opioids are a cancer on our society and a huge threat to New Hampshire, that is specific to our state. It has taken so many lives and hurt so many others. We need to work together to fix this issue and to stop our great citizens from taking those drugs."

June 15th, 2006: Town Hall in Manchester

June 20th, 2006: Meets with ME Senator Susan Collins

June 24th, 2006: Meets with independent voters in Manchester
"Today, I met with independent voters in Manchester to talk about their main issues and what their beliefs are. We spoke about the issues that they are facing and other important topics. I am proud to represent independents and all other citizens of our great state."

June 27th, 2006:  Fundraiser in Portsmouth

July 1st, 2006: Visits NH historical sites in Manchester

July 4th, 2006: Attends Independence Day Parade in Manchester, meets with voters and other officials
"Today is a great day for our country. It is July 4th, which is a special day where we celebrate our nation and its great history."

July 8th, 2006: Town Hall in Dover

July 11th, 2006: Meets again with Log Cabin Republicans, discusses key issues

July 16th, 2006: Attends Sunday Church, talks about Family Values
"As a proud father and a proud American, I view family values as the bedrock of our society and something that is very important. I am a proud conservative that believes in a small government presence in American lives, which is part of the reason why I believe in civil unions for gay couples, as we should rights to everyone and should not interfere in our citizens lives."

July 20th, 2006: Meets with Fisherman in Portsmouth

July 26th, 2006: Visits small towns of Exeter, Stratham, and Newfields in district

July 30th, 2006: Meets with NH-2 Rep. Bass

August 2nd, 2006: Town Hall in Manchester

August 4th, 2006: Fundraiser in Dover

August 8th, 2006: Meets with youth and new voters in Manchester and other nearby towns (including UNH College Republicans)
"I met today with our nations future leaders. These great citizens are new voters in our state and will influence our nation for decades in the future. They are inspiring and smart as hell. I am proud to have the UNH College Republicans' endorsement and look forward to working with youth and our nation's next generation."

August 12th, 2006: Meets with voters in North Hampton and other nearby small towns including Hampton Beach, Rye, and Acorn Acres.

August 17th, 2006: Tours farms in district and what needs to be done to help those farms

August 21st, 2006: Town Hall in Salem

August 23rd, 2006: Goes back onto Local Television to urge all citizens to vote
"I urge all citizens of our great state to vote in the primary elections in a few weeks in September. This election is crucial and we need to elect somebody who represent the voters in Congress, which I will do. Please vote."

August 28th, 2006: Large Rally in Manchester with lots of supporters and volunteers to discuss final plan for last few week before primary.
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« Reply #82 on: February 22, 2021, 09:33:15 AM »

Tyler Medford Debate Answers

Opening Statement:
Hello, New Hampshire. I am running for the U.S. House to serve the people and bring back dignity and integrity to Washington. Currently, D.C. is not working for the people and I will try to fix that. We need politicians that serve the people and not special interests. I have proven through my record that I will do so and will try really hard to serve our great citizens of New Hampshire. I am excited for the opportunity and look forward to what is to come. Thank you!

What is your view on abortion and Roe vs. Wade?
This is a hard issue and it is very complicated. Personally, I'd prefer for people to not have abortions and in most cases people should not be getting abortions. However, there are exemptions including cases of rape and incest, danger to the mother or child, or teenage pregnancies. Other than these cases, people shouldn't be getting an abortion but there are circumstances that I just listed where people should have the choice to get an abortion.

How should America get to energy independence?
We need an all of the above energy strategy. We need to emphasize green technologies and new jobs. We also need to protect our public lands that are beautiful and important to our great state of New Hampshire. This is a conservative position in reality. It is conservative to conserve public lands and keeping our green parks and other spaces safe. 

Personalized Question: You've said that gun regulations are unacceptable, why is that?
Thank you for the question. I am not saying that gun regulations are never acceptable. However, in most cases they going too far and don't make sense for our state. Politicians in Washington often think that those gun regulations would solve all forms of gun violence, which isn't the case. Those are mental health issues that people have and the guns are not the cause or the solution. I am open to some forms of gun regulations, but only if it is proven that will solve those issues, and the gun regulation must not be too extreme.

Rebuttal Period, To Benjamin Smith:
You've travelled out of state to various big dollar fundraisers, some have raised concerns this leaves you out of touch with the voters. Why do you do this? The purpose of running for public office is to serve to people, and not special interests and rich donors. I haven't taken large donations from out of state, because they don't share our views and don't care about our great state. I don't understand this and think that this does leave you out of touch with the voters. I am in touch with the voters and what they want to see in Washington. I will work for my constituents in New Hampshire, and them alone. I urge everyone to vote for the candidate that will serve you and what you want to see. I believe that I am this person and will make you proud in Washington.

Closing Statement
As we close this campaign, I urge everyone to vote. Even if you are not going to vote for me, still vote. As Americans, it is our civic duty that everyone must do. As your next Representative, I will serve our people and work for them alone and not for special interests in Washington. I will work hard and have proven through my record that I will do this. Please vote and have a great night everyone!
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« Reply #83 on: February 28, 2021, 11:48:43 PM »

Annika for Us
May - August Campaign Schedule

May 1st - 11th: Rest, Physical Therapy due to Skiing Accident
May 12th: 1st event since accident, town hall in Portsmouth
May 13th - 17th: Rest
May 18th - 25th: Barnstorm Manchester
May 26th - 31st: Attend annual "Doctors of America" Convention in New York City

June 1st - 2nd: Put up Yard Signs with Campaign Staff in Hampton
June 3rd - 8th: Barnstorm Dover
June 9th: Hand out Campaign Fliers at the University of Southern New Hampshire
June 10th - 19th: Barnstorm Durham
June 20th: Rest
June 21st - 27th: Barnstorm Rochester
June 28th: Town Hall at Rochester City Hall
June 29th - 30th: Attend "Democratic Candidate Convention" in Manchester

July 1st - 15th: Barnstorm Manchester
July 16th - 19th: Rest
July 20th - 28th: Return to Dover to work at Medical Practice
July 29th - 31st: Barnstorm Dover

August 1st - 5th: Barnstorm Exeter
August 6th: Hold Town Hall at Exeter Recreational Center
August 7th: Bus Trip up to Conway, NH
August 8th - 16th: Spend the week in Conway, hold multiple events and go skiing
August 17th: Bus Trip back to Manchester
August 18th - 29th: Barnstorm Manchester
August 30th: Rally with nurses at local park in Manchester
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« Reply #84 on: March 01, 2021, 04:00:41 PM »

Annika for Us
Debate Answers
Credit to C-SPAN for the Photo

Opening Statement
Hello. My name is Jennifer Annika, I have been a doctor in Dover, New Hampshire for over a decade, and I am running to serve you in the U.S. Congress. Now, I'll let you in on a secret, I'm not a politician. I've worked on a a few political campaigns, but other than that, I have no idea how political insiders work. However, this has not deterred me from my task of taking on these Washington Insiders. I am a Democrat, but that means nothing when it comes to defending the people of New Hampshire. I will be a bipartisan fighter for real change in Washington, and taking the power out of the hands of the corrupt and putting it into the hands of the voters. I hope that you listen to what I have to say tonight, and help me go to Washington to fight for you and your family.
Question #1
This is a very interesting question. My answer is very simple, and may not be decisive but I don't know. I believe that there need to have an independent investigation into the President to see if he has committed any wrongdoing, and if we arrive at that point then I would examine the evidence, and make an informed decision. However, I will not commit to a yes or no unless there is proof that the President has committed crimes, or did anything with malice intent. Impeaching a President is a big decision for a Congress to make, and I think we need to be 100% sure that something has gone wrong if we arrive that point, otherwise the Congress would have failed at its duty.
Question #2
New Hampshire, along with many other states across the country, have began to feel the effects of a economic recession in these past months and years. People have been losing their jobs, and I have seen it first hand at my medical practice. People aren't able to come in to see what's wrong with them because they lost their Health Insurance because they lost their job. This is unacceptable. I have had to open my doors every other Saturday for free checkups because people can't come in anymore because they were fired. Washington has got to get, and excuse my language, their sh**t together. I refuse to stand by and watch people be demonized by power hungry, corrupt politicians that have no other motive than to help themselves become more powerful. I will work across party lines to bring jobs to New Hampshire through new employment programs, and other means to get real results for our citizens.
Personal Question
We all know that New Hampshire has needed more support from the Federal Government for years. Yet, time and time again we are overlooked by Washington, and it is a national disgrace. Every state in this union has the right to flourish, but New Hampshire has been denied that right for too long. It is my goal to go to Washington and push for spending ideas that will actually benefit New Hampshire families, and not give money away to those at the top of the economic food chain. We have to work towards real, meaningful change if we want to get anything accomplished for the citizens of our great state. Our motto is "Live Free or Die" and we have a duty to our people to ensure that they can live free. Live free of the worry of wondering they'll be able to eat tomorrow, get the live saving medicine they need, afford their rent, and so much more. We must do something.
Closing Statement
I want to thank my fellow candidates for joining me on the stage tonight, and to New Hampshire for listening to my ideas and opinions. We are on a mission. A mission to ensure that New Hampshire is represented fairly in the Congress, and that we are able to stop useless spending and redirect those federal dollars back into your pockets. We have to be bold, and we have to do it now. We cannot take our situation for granted. 2006 is the year to towards progressive ideas like more access to Healthcare, repealing the Bush Tax Cuts and putting money back into the pockets of the people, and so much more. I ask you to join me in this journey, because without you, we won't see anything get done and we will end up right back where we are now. Join me, and together we will show Washington just how serious New Hampshire is about change. Thank you.
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Bill Fiske - Democrat for Congress
A voice for your community in Washington
May-June 2006 Schedule

2 May: Town Hall in Newmarket
5 May: Take part in a debate at the University of New Hampshire, arguing for raising the minimum wage:
We need to take action to safeguard the dignity of work and curb the increasingly grotesque levels of inequality in this country. Republicans claim that welfare should be cut to encourage people to work, but what’s the point if work doesn’t pay? The truth is that, in 2006, $5.25 an hour is nowhere near enough to pay for the basic standard of living that every American deserves, let alone raise a family. I believe a number closer to $8 strikes a fairer balance between these considerations and the needs of businesses.
7 May: Town Hall in Londonderry
10 May: Canvass in Meredith
12 May: Visit refugee resettlement site in Laconia
16 May: Accept endorsement from the Human Rights Campaign:
It is a great honour to accept this endorsement. Gay and lesbian people are of equal worth to anyone else, and that means that they ought to have the same rights in employment protections and marriage as everyone else. My message to those who continue to oppose progress in these fields is simple: stop playing politics with real people’s lives.
18 May: Rally in Manchester
21 May: Accept endorsement from the Business and Industry Association
First of all, my deepest gratitude for this very kind endorsement. As your representative, the many wonderful businesses of New Hampshire will always be at the front of my mind, as ultimately businesses are not mere organisations, but represent the livelihoods, hopes and dreams of countless real people. A particular priority for me will be removing red tape and increasing targeted funding to encourage innovation by businesses, especially small businesses.
24 May: Canvass in Portsmouth
28 May: Fundraiser in Manchester
30 May: Town Hall in Raymond

2 June: Open new summer camp facilities in Conway
4 June: Speech in Durham on the Iraq War
My message on this awful war is simple: a vote for Bill Fiske is a vote to end American involvement in Iraq. We need to efficiently transfer responsibility for Iraq’s security to the Iraqis themselves, while upholding our obligations to them through using diplomacy to push for greater democratisation. We then need to turn our attention to holding the Bush administration accountable for the terrible manner in which it has misled the American people, from manipulated intelligence to shameless corruption in handing out no-bid contracts to their buddies in big oil.
7 June: Rally in Manchester
9 June: Attend fundraiser for the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of New Hampshire
12 June: Town Hall in Hampton
15 June: Fundraiser in Portsmouth
17 June: Older voters’ forum in Exeter
My pledge to you today is this: I will always oppose any attempt to weaken Medicare or Social Security. The Bush administration's plan to privatise the latter is one of the most awful proposals of recent times, which would represent a wholesale betrayal by the government towards senior citizens and all Americans, to whom Social Security is a foundational part of the government’s obligations.
19 June: Take part in Juneteenth celebrations in Portsmouth.
22 June: Talk to patients and their families at the Memorial Hospital in Conway
24 June: Canvass in Rochester
28 June: Attend the New Hampshire Bar Association’s annual meeting, discuss support for the campaign with other politically active lawyers.
30 June: Accept endorsement from the New Hampshire Lodging and Restaurant Association:
As we enter another busy summer vacation season, we are reminded of the immense contribution of the hospitality industry to New Hampshire’s economy; it truly is the lifeblood of so many towns and areas, and an industry with tremendous growth potential. Coming from a resort town, no candidate appreciates this more than me, and I will always be a voice for Granite State hospitality in Washington, and put the small and family-run businesses which make up most of this industry above mega-corporations, for instance by clamping down on tax avoidance by them and using the money saved to give tax breaks and credits to small hospitality businesses.
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Kyle Millenberg Debate Answers

Opening Statement:

I want to thank WENH for hosting this debate and I want to thank my opponents for being here. My Campaign is about Eastern New Hampshire. I’m running because I want to fight for what’s best for our state. No matter your background, your income level, your ethnicity, your age, I promise to be a congressman for you. And to help our state, it’s time we put an end to the conservative extremism coming out of Washington. If we’re going to improve the lives of our citizens, it’s time we move on from the disaster George Bush has left us. We need to elect people who will fight for our community's values. I’m in touch with those values, I was born and raised here. I know that the people here need jobs, healthcare and a government that listens. If you share these simple goals, please, join me in this fight.

Question 2:

I mean let’s look at the facts. George Bush, he lied us into a war, he took advantage of his position of power to crack down on our civil liberties, he has failed to recognize warnings of threats against our nation, he’s committed numerous war crimes while in office, his administration leaked the identity of a member of our intelligence community for purely political reasons, he’s suggested bombing journalists who don’t agree with him, this is all impeachable conduct. If we retake the house of representatives in 2007 and we do not fully investigate every single dirty deed Bush has done these last six years, we will be failing the American people. If we win, it will be because we have a mandate to put a check on the president. As a legislative body, this is the most meaningful way we can put a check on him. This president deserves to have the book thrown at him, we’re not going to play by his rules anymore. We are going to review all the facts and if we can prove he committed a crime, it’s gotta happen.

Question 3:

As I’ve said before we need to fight for better trade deals for New Hampshire families. We can’t continue to ship jobs overseas like we have done over the last many years. We need to keep American businesses here. We need to have strong protections for our workers while also fostering a climate that attracts businesses. We can do this by investing in programs like job training, so we have a versatile workforce.The people need the good paying jobs they’ve lost and if I’m elected to congress, I’ll fight tooth and nail for them.

Personalized Question:

Well I think Governor Dean is someone who sees the importance of reaching out to local communities. He knows the effectiveness of grassroots support. When I supported him in 2004 I recognised these were some of the strongest assets of his campaign. I have emphasised these tactics as part of my campaign. As Treasurer, I’ve been an active member of my community. I’ve knocked on hundreds of doors to discuss the issues that are affecting people. I’ve gained the trust of my constituents. As public servants that should be our number one goal. And I see and Governor Dean sees that that’s the way we’re going to retake congress in the year 2006.

Closing Statement:

We deserve better than what we’re getting from Washington. I think we can all agree on that. We have a government that’s not honest. A government that doesn’t work for the people. A government that is corrupted by outside influence. But we can do better. We can get aid to the families that need them. We can work for a government of, by and for the people. The days of George Bush moving around D.C unchecked will soon be over. But only if we fight like hell this year. I’m the candidate in this race who has the local connections we need to win this race. I’m going to bring all sorts of people together who have been cast out by this winner-take-all economy. I’ve won several times in a deeply conservative county because I listen.I can win Republicans and Independents while not sacrificing my principles for the sake of fake bipartisanship. This is the kind of movement that will flip this seat and that’s why we’re going to win this December, I hope you’ll join me, thank you.
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