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Author Topic: East of the Merrimack (Gameplay Thread)  (Read 1518 times)
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« Reply #25 on: January 04, 2021, 09:21:14 PM »

David O'Connor Schedule - June 2005

June 1: Officially file the papers to run for Congress in Dover
June 2: First campaign speech in Dover near the O'Connor home
June 4: Meet with officials from the State AFL-CIO and leaders in the State House and State Senate.
June 7: Meet with representatives from the Communication Workers of America and promise to revitalize the technology sector in New Hampshire.
June 9: Announce opposition to CAFTA in Portsmouth at a meeting with UNITE HERE workers
I am here today to tell you that I am opposing the Central American Free Trade Agreement. I think that this CAFTA agreement unfairly puts a burden on textile workers here in New Hampshire and I believe that we need more protection and a bigger say for the workers that would be displaced by this legislation. I am not against trade that is good for the workers and people of New Hampshire, but I will oppose legislation that will kill jobs in New Hampshire. I think that with changes this legislation could be acceptable, but I will oppose it until it protects New Hampshire textile and needle trade workers.
June 10: Meet and Greet at a senior home in Manchester
June 12: townhall Q&A at a VFW hall in Portsmouth
June 13: Meet with the editorial board of the Manchester Union Leader (Pursue Endorsement)
June 15: Boston fundraiser with allies throughout New England
June 16: Meet with Senator Kerry in Boston, request public support.
June 18: Fly to Washington and meet with Senators Bradley and Gregg, stressing bipartisanship.
June 20: Begin purchasing print space and recording for newspaper and radio ads in papers and radio stations throughout the state.
June 21: Meet with senior campaign staff and discuss campaign strategy
June 23: Launch an internet campaign to register new volunteers and garner small dollar donations
June 24: Open the campaign's first major office in Dover, a similar opening in Rochester later in the day.

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Midturn Update: June 1st-October 1st 2005


Tom Griffith: Hello, good morning, and welcome back to WMUR New Hampshire broadcasting from Manchester. It's a fine 74 degrees and sunny in Manchester today, not a cloud in the sky.

Jennifer Vaughn: It's a fine August Day in the Granite State, it's certainly been a fine summer. With several more warm and sunny days to go. What else is going on in east New Hampshire lately Tom?

Tom Griffith: Well the race for Congress has certainly heated up early. Several candidates have hit the trail early, gathering support, getting acquainted with voters, courting endorsements. Once again our state is at the center of the national debate. Democrats like David O'Connor and Jennifer Annika are making waves, and Belknap County Treasurer Kyle Millenberg has already stirred up some controversy with his attacks on what he calls an out of touch national party. Several Republican candidates are on the move, Manchester's own Tyler Medford is one, and Chester Attorney Jabez Parsons has emerged as a potential Republican stand bearer. But it was businessman Buck Wilton who sparked the most controversy with a comment that we needed to "teach the Arabs a lesson" after 9/11. The Islamic Society of Manchester co-signed a letter with various Lebanese, Iraqi, and Arab Catholic Churches calling the comment "a gross generalization and unfairly bigoted comment." 

Jennifer Vaughn: So far it doesn't seem like there's much outrage from other constituencies. But today we have anti government populist Francis McGuinty, who has spent a lot of time telling folks the old Reagan adage that government is the problem, not the solution. Today we have him here.

Francis McGuinty: Thank you for having me on Jennifer.

Tom Griffith: So Mr. McGuinty, ultimately for me the big question is always, why are you running for Congress? Why you? Why Francis?

Francis McGuinty: I am running because I am very passionate about the issues of the day, I have been trying to make a difference with activism for many years now and I believe that Congress is the best place from where to bring change for District 1. It is, in my opinion, the root of all evil, with irresponsible politicians and the establishment handing out the fiscal health of the nation in exchange for advantages with donors or a few hundreds of votes at the next election. I want to earn the honor of representing these great people in Washington and in their name I will shake the system up and bring their voices to the table. I will fight for every penny from their taxes to be spent responsibly and for every bill proposed to the floor of Congress to have a positive impact on this district.

Jennifer Vaughn: You've talked a lot Francis, if I may, about how government is inefficient, and about how it spends and taxes too much. What is then, the proper size and scope of the federal government?

Francis McGuinty: The proper size and scope of the federal government is big enough to be able to help and small enough to not block growth or become unsustainable. The latter has become the reality, unfortunately. It is unsustainable to have a deficit of hundreds of billions of dollars year after year after year. Eventually we will not be able to pay for it anymore and the next generations will suffer trying to piece together the resources to survive the massive amount of debt. Let me make something clear, I do not want to take away vital functions of the government of which lives of people are at stake. I want to cut needless pork and redundant agencies that do absolutely nothing and only serve to block the development of the economy and the private sector. We need a smaller, more effective government and that is what I will try to accomplish in Congress.

Tom Griffith: You've called for balancing the budget, like you have right now, you've been very consistent on calling for reducing spending. Now, we currently have a deficit of about 350 billion dollars. How do we balance that, how do we get back to a surplus?

Francis McGuinty: This is such a great question. Not by raising taxes of course, as you obviously know I am a proud signer of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which means that I am committed not to have the citizens of this district pay anymore in taxes. I will do it by forcing the government to tighten its belt instead. I will first of all fight to ban earmarks and pork-barreling, the worst budgetary practices of Congress which cause at least in part those horrendous deficits of the government. Then, I want to cut wasteful and redundant spending, which is something all politicians say, I know, but I am not a politician. I am a small business owner who unlike the people in charge, know how to balance the books in order to get a surplus. There are countless of programs worth hundreds of billions that are fraudulent, useless or blatant overreaches. For example, we would save millions by cutting the B.J. Stupak Olympic Scholarship Program, which is a narcissistic program of a Michigan congressman that only ends up benefitting a Michigan university.

Tom Griffith: Certainly a strong commitment to fiscal issues, to reducing taxes, reducing spending. Taking the government out of the affairs of business. But many Americans, including here in New Hampshire are talking about more than dollars and cents. They're talking about very contentious issues, cultural issues. Where do you stand on abortion?

Francis McGuinty: Abortion is a very disturbing and dividing issue. As a proud Christian, I can only disapprove of the practice as a private person, but I wish not to do any harm and further galvanize segments of the society against each other. As a Congressman I will focus on our common goals and desires and seek to unite the people of New Hampshire to the best of my abilities. In the House, I will fight to protect the Hyde Amendment and the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act and I support parental consent for minors wishing to go through this procedure.

Jennifer Vaughn: Thank you for coming on Francis. See you again on the trail.

Francis McGuinty: See you then!

Tom Griffith: Well we'll certainly be seeing him again. Now, we've got more than that today, onto the latest in sports, where the Red Sox, in search of a division win, fall to the Devil Rays. More after the break.

A Simple Mid Turn update. Keep on going, turn doesn't end until this weekend.

[1] Wikimedia Commons, media logo used under Fair Use
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Jabez Parsons for Congress
August Schedule

August 1st- Town Hall meeting in Ossipee
August 2nd- Website launch with developers and designers in Manchester
Manchester is a city that speaks to the vitality and ingenuity of New Hampshirites. The story of our state is one of innovation, improvement, and development, and I am proud to see Manchester blossoming into the type of 21st century, next-generation city that our nation needs more of. I encourage you all to visit our website and to check out the sort of great work that developers and designers are doing right here in the Granite State.
August 3rd- Fundraiser in Manchester
August 4th- Calls to early supporters, thanking them for support and updating them on the race
August 5th-9th- Meetings with State Senate colleagues
August 10th- Door to door campaigning with staff in Manchester
August 11th- Town hall meeting at Lakes Region Community College in Laconia
August 12th- Town hall in Brentwood
August 13th- Fundraiser at Abenaqui Country Club in Rye
August 14th- Town hall in Rye
August 15th- Meeting with the Chamber Collaborative of Greater Portsmouth to discuss issues facing small businesses.
August 16th- Town hall in Durham
August 17th-22nd- Working with State Senate colleagues
August 23rd- Interview with the Carriage Towne News

Experts from Sen. Parsons Interview the Carriage Towne News

Q: Sen. Parsons, your recent op-ed in the Union Leader made much of your expressed desire to see greater bipartisanship in Congress. How would you, if elected, help to promote bipartisanship?

Parsons: First, you can make sure we have Representatives who aren't afraid to buck the party line. If I am your Representative in Congress, I can confidently state that what I see as right and wrong, what I consider good or bad legislation, will not be derived from marching orders handed down by the party leadership. Other people in Washington have this attitude, and I would actively seek those members out and try to work with them to promote the culture of cooperation that is central to functioning government. I would also actively seek out Democratic members to work with me on some of my top priorities. For example, I think we can all agree that the tax code could benefit from some simplifaction, and I would be proud to lead the charge in finding support among the Democrats for common sense, fair-minded tax reform.

Q: What New Hampshire specific policies would you pursue in Congress?

Parsons: Well, for starters, I will fight hard to keep Portsmouth Naval Shipyard a vital part of our nation's preparedness and naval development infrastructure. I would also try to promote trade legislation that will open up new markets for New Hampshire's many products, and legislation to help transition New Hampshire based businesses into the modern and globally integrated economy

August 24th- Meet and Greet at the Raymond VFW
August 25th- Town hall in Milton
August 26th- Meet and Greet in Dover, followed by town hall
August 27th- Meetings with General Court leadership to discuss upcoming legislation
August 28th- Fundraising barbeque at the family farm in Chester
August 29th- Town hall at the American Legion in Kensington
August 30th- Meetings with constituents in Chester
August 31st- Meetings with State Senate leadership to discuss the upcoming legislative session

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Francis McGuinty - September 2005

September 1st-7th - Manchester

What those people in Washington do not understand is that they are not spending their own money from an infinite inheritance. No, they are spending our money without asking us how to do it and putting it on us to pay back their fiscal mayhem once they get bored with Congress and become lobbyists or whatever these people do. That great institution has gone completely awry, with our Representatives only listening to special interests which pay them instead of their constituents. Next year, this is our chance to say no more, and send in someone different, not just another future lobbyist!

September 8th-11th - Derry
September 12th-15th - Dover
September 16th-18th - Rochester
September 19th-20th - Salem
September 21st-22nd - Londonderry
September 23rd-30th - Return to Barrington to improve the online campaign, reach out to current field operations and expand them, fundraise  
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Michael Ashdown for Congress
Schedule for July-August 2005

July 1: Form exploratory committee for Congressional run

July 14: Announce candidacy

"Hello and welcome everyone!

For the last six years, we've had a President who has bungled everything from the economy to the Iraq War. he has shown no care for our environment, and has enabled the worst elements of the far-right to gain a foothold in government.

During this entire time, he has been enabled by a Congress that has refused to act as a check on his power. We've had a Congress that has signed off on the PATRIOT Act, a gross violation of the Fourth Amendment. We've had a Congress that sent our bravest men and women off to war on a flase pretense.

I served this nation in Afghanistan and Iraq. What I saw was horrifying. Not only were we sent off to war without due diligence, but we didn't even get any damn flak jackets when we were sent over!

It's time we moved past the failed politics of the Bush era. Of Democrats who failed to oppose what he did. That is why today I am declaring my candidacy for Congress in New Hampshire's First District!

July 15-25: Build volunteer network and coordinate with other Democratic-leaning veterans to develop support base

July 26: Rally in Portsmouth

July 27: Fundraiser in Portsmouth

July 28-August 6: Town halls in Bedford, Merrimack, Goffstown and Manchester.

August 7-15: Build online campaign. part of the strategy of the entire campaign is to push online donations as much as possible.

August 16-18: Rallies in Dover, Rochester and Portsmouth

August 19-21: Fundraiser and town hall in Laconia, rallies in Tuftonboro and and Ossipee

August 22-31: Continue building volunteer base.
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October Schedule - Wilson for New Hampshire
Logo made myself, background image from Wikimedia Commons

October 1: Town hall at Manchester Memorial High School
October 3: Attend dinner with State Senate Democratic leadership
October 6: Host a local fundraising dinner with small business leaders at Wilson's home in NH
October 9-12: Help deliver yard signs, make phone calls, knock on doors
October 15: Meet with retirees at St. Francis Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
October 20: Tour a local hospital, speak with nurses and doctors along with patients to talk about the need to properly fund and expand medicare
October 22: Participate in a drive-thru food drive in Manchester
October 25: Rally voters outside at a public park in Laconia, focusing on Washington dysfunction highlighting "Washington should work more like New Hampshire, not the other way around!"
October 27: Meet patients at a VA hospital, speak about the impact of the Iraq War, highlighting his experience as a part of a military family and the need to end the Iraq War ASAP
October 31: Trick-or-treat with wife and family around neighborhood in Manchester

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Bill Fiske - Democrat for Congress
A voice for your community in Washington
July-August 2005 Schedule

2 July: Visit Rochester, meet and greet voters, including registering those who show interest in the campaign to be contacted further.
4 July: Give remarks at the Conway Independence Day parade.
7 July:
11 July: Town Hall at Dover High School:
Fighting for quality public education has been a passion of mine for 20 years. My first involvement in politics was as a member of my local school board. My 3 kids have gone through New Hampshire public schools from 1st grade to 12th grade, and I understand how important it is for parents to know their children are properly developing intellectually and socially in a good school, but more importantly, how vital it is for the kids themselves. Education is the great leveller; the single greatest tool we have to increase social mobility. As your congressman, I will fight for the most important reform that has been missing from the the current administration’s education policy: more funding. It is no good to set ambitious targets for improving school standards if there is no means by which to do it. And effective, targeted funding, focusing on schools in the communities which need federal dollars the most. I’ll work to scale back standardised testing which turns education into a chore, and give teachers, who know their children best, the freedom to implement a curriculum which inspires a life-long love of learning.
15 July: Open a new bike trail in Conway, and participate in a charity race to celebrate its inauguration.
18 July: Fundraiser in Manchester.
22-23 July: Barnstorm Dover, visiting local businesses and canvassing residents.
27 July: Visit Lake Winnipesuakee, give speech about the importance of the tourism industry to the district.
31 July: Host a party for local Democrats in Carroll County at house in Conway, discuss fundraising and strategy, as well as gauging support.

3 August: Visit distillery in Tamworth, offer praise for start-ups in New Hampshire. Promise to fight corporate interests in Washington to offer support for small businesses ahead of large corporations.
7 August: Help a community-led beach litter-pick in Rye and promise to support increased protections for scenic areas.
9 August: Meet and greet in Derry.
14 August: Visit organic family farm in Jackson:
I am the voice for rural New Hampshire in this election. I’ve lived half my life around ordinary, hard-working folks like the wonderful Cobb family here, and I understand both the challenges and immense joys of rural and small town life. To protect this way of life that so many enjoy in this district, and to ensure it continues to thrive well into the 21st Century, we need a strong, dynamic rural economy, with innovative ideas like sustainable and organic agriculture.
19 August: Fundraiser in Laconia.
22 August: Town Hall in Ossipee.
25 August: Interview with New Hampshire Public Radio:
You’ve been quite an outspoken opponent of the war in Iraq. Why’s that?
You know, I think what’s so tragic about this war is how inevitable the situation we now find ourselves in is. One of my first political involvements was marching against the Vietnam War, and it’s maddening to see how we’ve allowed history to repeat itself in this way. Quite frankly, this administration has failed our brave men and women in uniform and their families, and it’s time to bring them back home and out of harm’s way in pursuit of a very poorly thought-out goal which is bringing great distress to the Iraqi people.
29 August: Town hall in Brentwood.
30 August: Comments on Hurricane Katrina:
First and foremost, my sincerest sympathies to all those who have been affected by this terrible tragedy, whether they have lost their homes or their loved ones. As we start to see more frequent and extreme weather events such as this, I think it underscores the urgent need for action on climate change and transitioning away from our dependence on fossil fuels.
Do you have any comment on the response to the hurricane?
There is no doubt that the authorities have failed the people of Louisiana and Mississippi, and there needs to be a urgent inquiry into what went wrong, and I think it has underscored the sad fact that racial disparities still play ahuge part in how receptive the government is to your needs in the United States. I don’t want to play politics with this tragedy, but I think people can see for themselves what the response says about President Bush and his administration; it’s been clear for a while that they are not exactly very concerned with the plight of the most vulnerable in our society.
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David O'ConnorSchedule - June 2005

July 1: Meet with the leadership of the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters in Dover. (Pursue Endorsement)
July 2: Announce opposition to the war in Iraq, in a lunch with reporters in Manchester.
July 3: March with anti war demostraters at the University of New Hampshire-Manchester
July 4: Serve as Grand Marshal of the Dover city 4th of July parade.
July 7: Meet with Campaign Chairman Bill Shaheen and discuss a potential early media campaign to boost name recognition.
July 9: Meeting with the state AFL-CIO, announce support of a $7.25/hour minimum wage nationwide.
July 10: Meet with Senator Kennedy and continue courting his endorsement.
July 11: Meet with top Kerry staffers in the state and court their support.
July 13-30: Begin a listening tour in Dover, spend the rest of July on a tour of New Hamsphire municipalities focusing on small group setting and targetting traditionally Republican groups.

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August-October Schedule for Kyle Millenberg
August 1-7: Treasurer Duties
August 8: Sign Wave with supporters in Gilford
August 9-13: Barnstorming in Gilford and Alton
August 14: Campaign Rally in Dover
Excerpt from Speech: Look folks, I can't stress enough how vital it is that we get a Democratic Majority in the house. If we fail in this mission, then we're going to have another grueling two years of Bush cronies calling the shots. But the way we beat them is not by rattling off policy positions that some think tank told us to have! It's not by collecting money from as many execs as possible. We d it by showing our ability to be competent, decent public servants. I've done that as treasurer and I can bring that same kind of leadership to congress. I'm resorting to the same shady campaign tactics the Bush cronies use, nor will I ever. I would hope my opponents would do the same, ;et's wait and see but the bottom line is, we need experienced outsiders in congress. And that's exactly who I am.
August 15-21: Treasurer Duties
August 21-25: Door-knocking in Laconia
August 25: Suspend campaigning for the rest of week in the wake of Hurricane Katrina
August 28th Statement on Hurricane Katrina
We're beginning to see the true toll of the damage coming from Hurricane Katrine. Hundreds, if not thousands of people have died from this viscous hurricane. My prayers are with the people of Louisiana and all who are affected. Congress must not allow this kind of damage to happen again. They must pass a federal infrastructure bill. The livelihoods of all American citizens are depending on such a bill as we have seen most recently. I will resume campaigning next week, I hope to see you on the trail. Thank you.
August 29-September 4: Treasurer Duties
September 5-8: Barnstorming in Wolfeboro
September 9: Fundraiser in Wolfeboro Falls
September 10: Sign wave in Wolfeboro Falls with supporters
September 11: Attend 9/11  annual remembrance ceremony outside police headquarters in Portsmouth
September 12-18: Treasurer Duties
September 19: Town Hall in Durham
September 20-25: Barnstorming in Durham
September 26-October 2: Treasurer Duties
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Jabez Parsons for Congress
September/October Schedule

September 1st- Fundraising dinner in Manchester
September 2nd-8th- Working with State Senators to prepare for the upcoming session
September 9th- State Senate session
September 10th- Meetings with fellow State Senators
September 11th- Attend 9/11 memorial service at Chester Congregational Baptist Church
September 12th- Co-host dinner for Rockingham County first responders with a bipartisan group of State lawmakers
September 13th- Speak to the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce
September 14th- Town hall at Oyster River High School (Durham)
September 15th-17th- Meeting with State Senate leadership
September 18th- Meetings with New Hampshire Republican Party to discuss legislation for next session
September 19th- Fundraising dinner at the family farm in Chester
September 20th- Constituency work in Chester
September 21st- Town Hall at Manchester West High School
Q: It's become quite clear in recent weeks that the federal government's response to Hurricane Katrina, which recently devastated the gulf coast, was inadequate and poorly managed. What would you do in Congress to prevent tragedies like this from happening again?
Well, I think Michael Brown, the FEMA Director, leaving was a good start. Clearly our emergency response services at the federal level need an overhaul. To that end, I would be happy to work with members of either party and preferably both parties, to pass an act to really overhaul FEMA, increasing transparency and accountability within that organization, and making sure that our government is prepared to handle any sort of natural disaster that hits our country, whenever or wherever it hits.
September 22nd-23rd- Law work at home, and Partners Meeting in Concord
September 24th- Host annual New Hampshire District Judicial and Legal Picnic (with Jabez's famous American sing-along, which always manages to animate Judge Sherman Horton)
September 25th- Duck hunting with sons and retired Justice Horton
September 26th- Fundraiser at Garwoods Restaurant in Wolfeboro
September 27th-29th- Legal affairs (representing clients) in Boston
Septemeber 30th- Dinner with Executive Councilor Raymond Burton at the family farm

October 1st- Town hall at Auburn Village School
October 2nd- Town hall at Pinkerton Academy
October 3rd-7th- Meetings with State Senators to discuss legislation for the next session
October 8th- Meeting with Gov. Lynch as part of a delegation of State Legislature Republicans
October 9th- Deacon's Meeting at Chester Congregational Baptist Church
October 10th- Fundraiser at Exeter Inn in Exeter, New Hampshire
October 11th- Town hall at Exeter High School
October 12th- Speech to Exeter Republican Party at the Exeter Inn, celebrating the founding of the Republican Party in New Hampshire
Exerpt from the Speech Commemorating the Meeting of October 12th, 1853 at Major Blake's Hotel  in Exeter
One hundred and fifty-two years ago today, one Amos Tuck, a lawyer of Exeter and a Congressman for the 1st District of New Hampshire, called a meeting of civically-minded opponents of slavery in New Hampshire not far from here, just down Front Street a way, at what was then known as Major Blake's Hotel. From that meeting, ladies and gentlemen sprang a new party, determined to give voice to the cause of liberty for all, an end to that most pernicious practice of slavery. This party, ladies and gentlemen, is the one we today are members of, the Republican Party, born of the lofty hopes of a determined group of old Yankees to bring forth unto our nation what President Lincoln would call "a new birth of freedom", to wash away but to never forget that evil stain of slavery that for so long marred our nation...
We here, in New Hampshire, shall never forget that we are the party of Tuck and Lincoln, men who stood for freedom and liberty and fought for it no matter the cost. We gather here not only to mark the occasion of the founding of the party we are all dedicated members of, but to recommit ourselves to the values this party stands for; equality before the law, a society of opportunity and success for all those willing to work for it, a healthy culture of debate and discussion, and liberty and justice for all. Liberty and justice, let those be today our watchwords, as over one hundred and fifty years ago they were for men like Tuck and Lincoln.
October 13th- Town Hall at Kennett High School, North Conway
October 14th- Help out at the Chester library for Candy Apple Making Day
October 15th-17th- Meetings with State Legislative leaders to plan for the next session
October 18th- Fundraising dinner at the Common Man Merrimack
October 19th-23rd- Work on home and farm, preparing for winter and doing routine repairs
October 24th- Take hazardous waste to the transfer station on Hazardous Waste Day
October 25th- Town hall in Merrimack
October 26th- Door knocking with Volunteers in Seabrook
October 27th- Dinner for campaign staff and volunteers at the family farm in Chester
October 28th- Town hall in Nottingham
October 29th- Tour Parkland Medical Center with State Legislative Delegation
October 30th- Law firm work
October 31st- Hand out candy at Chester Library
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Bill Fiske - Democrat for Congress
A voice for your community in Washington
September 2005 Schedule

2 September: Canvass in Jackson
6 September: Speak to seniors in Manchester
9 September: Visit the farmer’s market in Portsmouth. Talk to vendors and suppliers about the importance of small business and locally sourced produce, pledging to support family-owned farms over agribusiness.
11 September: Deliver remarks at the annual 9/11 memorial service in Schouler Park, North Conway:
Today we gather to remember the innocent people and the heroic first responders who lost their lives on that terrible day, the moms and dads and sisters and brothers who left for work on what they thought was just an ordinary Tuesday, and never came back home. Four years have now passed, but the pain endures, and they remain in our hearts, as they will forever. And on this anniversary, I think it is important to renew our commitment to that which the terrorists sought to take away from us: our cherished American civil liberties.
14 September: Town Hall in Rochester
16 September: Campaign and recruit volunteers on the campus of the University of New Hampshire in Durham, emphasising my environmentalism, support for reducing the burden of college tuition, anti-war stance, and liberal social positions.
19 September: Meet with the state branch of the Sierra Club, to highlight my environmental record and push for an endorsement.
22 September: Town Hall in Conway:
Do you believe that marriage is between a man and a woman?
I appreciate that some folks might feel a little uncomfortable with this stance, but I support marriage equality for same-sex couples. I know many wonderful, loving gay and lesbian couples, and I think it’s desperately unfair to deny them the opportunity to affirm that love through the institution of marriage. If a church feels that that goes against their beliefs, it should be their right to refuse to sanction same-sex marriages, but at the same time, I feel that it’s a violation of religious liberty to not allow churches such as my own, the United Church of Christ, which recently affirmed its support for marriage equality, to perform them if they wish to. I think it’s time that we in New Hampshire followed our friends and neighbours in Massachusetts and legalised same-sex marriages. I will also oppose any efforts to pass a federal amendment outlawing same-sex marriage, which would be a gross violation of states’ rights.
24 September: Visit the Amoskeag Hydropower Plant in New Hampshire and affirm my support for federal funding for renewable energy.
28 September: Attend a conference for New Hampshire Democrats in local government, lobby fellow attendees for support.
30 September: Go boating on Lake Winnipesaukee
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Michael Ashdown for Congress
Schedule for September 2005

September 1-4: Rallies in Hooksett, Raymond, New Market and Durham. The focus of the rallies is on ending the Iraq War, a federal minimum wage of $8 an hour ("$7.25 an hour ia just not good enough") and infrasturcture investment, drawing on his experience as an engineer.

September 5-6: Prepare for National Guard call-up

September 7-30: National Guard service with 160th Engineer Detachment
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Turn II: October 1st 2005-January 1st 2006


Tom Griffith: Hello, good morning, and welcome back to WMUR New Hampshire broadcasting from Manchester. It's a surprisingly warm October day, a bit of wind, but with no rain expected. In the news today, we have more reports from the disaster site in Louisiana, commentary on Governor Lynch's budget conference, talk on what we can expect from the ski season, and the Red Sox crush the Yankees 10-1, tying for the AL East, and sending both teams to the playoffs. And a courageous story on congressional candidate and National Guardsman Michael Ashdown being deployed to New Orleans. But for now the latest in the race for Congress in east New Hampshire.

Jennifer Vaughn: Definitely a lot of news, with a very competitive race expected. First we have a new candidate entering the field, Republican David McLeod of Portsmouth. We're going to have another one of those Republican candidates with us in a moment. That would be Councilor Ben Smith. We've also got a poll, and some early endorsements isn't that right Tom?

Tom Griffith: Yes, we've gotten a poll. The University of New Hampshire partnered with Braun Research to bring us this poll of both primaries, with a field of registered voters reached by telephone and mailer. Let's pull up the graphic.

Republican Primary Poll
Sample Size: 546
MoE: +/- 4.2%
Jabez Parsons-13%
Francis McGuinty-9%
Buck Wilton-8%
Benjamin Smith-8%
Tyler Medford-6%
David McLeod-4%
Anna Hammond-3%
Ethel Beavers-2%

Democratic Primary Poll
Sample Size: 502
MoE: +/- 4.7%
David O’Connor-15%
Kyle Millenberg-10%
Lauren Winters-8%
Bill Fiske-7%
Jennifer Annika-6%
Brian Wilson-5%
Michael Ashdown-5%

Tom Griffith: Lots of undecided voters, many voters who aren't at all familiar with the race occurring at all! But certainly a wide open race. We're perhaps looking at Jabez Parsons and David O'Connor as early leaders, but it's really anyone's game.

Jennifer Vaughn: With the primary just below a year away, anything can happen Tom. If sure New Hampshire election watchers will be in for quite the treat.

Tom Griffith: Well, the campaign is certainly heating up. People are picking sides, making their positions known. The Log Cabin Republicans of New Hampshire, a group of gay Republicans, released a statement, here is a portion.

We're proud to support Senator Tyler Medford for the open seat in the U.S. Congress. Not only is he fighting for an open, inclusive Grand Old Party, but he'll stand up for low taxes, limited government, and a balanced budget. We're encouraging all of our proud donors and supporters to back his bid for Congress.

Senator Medford made some headlines with his loud and proud support for civil partnerships for same-sex couples, a position not shared by many statewide Republicans.

Jennifer Vaughn: The Log Cabin Republicans weren't the only interest group to make an endorsement. The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, an anti tax, anti government, group concerned with personal liberty issued a statement supporting small government activist Francis McGuinty. Out of Washington, Virginia Senator John Warner was asked by a New Hampshire reporter after a meeting with Jabez Parsons if he had any comment on the primary. Senator Warner said, "Mr. Parsons is eminently qualified, and I hope he wins."

Tom Griffith: On the Democratic side we've had a bit more action. Emily's List made a splash with a statement declaring Jennifer Annika, a Doctor from Dover with a history of political activity "the best candidate for Congress in New Hampshire's First District." Perhaps causing a bit of tension with Lauren Winters, the other female Democrat in the race. IBEW Local 104, a union of electrical workers, endorsed Massachusetts transplant David O'Connor, after meeting with representatives from his campaign including Bill Shaheen.

Jennifer Vaughn: This race is really heating up. Why are so many groups and individuals remaining on the sidelines?

Tom Griffith: Well people don't quite know the candidates yet, not everyone has been put in the hot seat. Things are just getting started and people haven't spoken on every issue. Heck we haven't even had a debate, though there will be one for each party before the year is up. Now, as our time wraps up, we're finding some time for Executive Councilor Benjamin Smith. Hello Ben.

Benjamin Smith: Hello Tom! Happy to be on the program.

Tom Griffith: So, I'm asking everyone, first, the big question. Why you, why are you running for Congress?

Benjamin Smith: I am running to provide a reasonable, conservative voice to the people of New Hampshire. I believe first and foremost in small government, I believe in low taxes and I believe in job creation. I want to go to Washington and lower your taxes and create new jobs here in New Hampshire.

Tom Griffith: There's definitely appetite for a small government conservative, pro jobs conservative in the state party. I see you're bringing up taxes and spending, it begs the question, how do we get back to a balanced budget?

Benjamin Smith: I believe we need to consider some cuts to entitlements. Democratic administrations have refused to address the issues that Social Security and Medicare are becoming financially insolvent. I believe we need to privatize these programs at least partially to free up some funding for the federal government, and I commended President Bush's efforts on this front.

Tom Griffith: That's definitely a question lots of people shy away from, I'm happy you're giving us a candid answer. Here's another big issue, where people want a straight answer. Iraq. What is the future of American forces in Iraq?

Benjamin Smith: I think we need to take a long hard look at Iraq. I believe we need to everything in our power to ensure that the democracy that we have set up survives. I absolutely believe that we can pull some troops out of Iraq, but we must keep a significant amount to ensure that Iraq does in fact transition to democracy.

Tom Griffith: Alright then, I'll ask you this, what issue do you believe is most important in the U.S. right now?

Benjamin Smith: I believe that the most important issue is taxation. My utmost belief is that you should keep more of your money and businesses should keep more of theirs, so that they are encouraged to give more of it to you. I believe that if your employer pays less, they will be incentivized to give you more, and I also believe that many of you are being hard-pressed to make ends meet and you need a break, and I want to give you that break.

Tom Griffith: Well that's all the time we have, thank you Councilor Smith.

Benjamin Smith: My pleasure Tom.

Jennifer Vaughn: Alright, thank you Tom, and now we'll head to a break. When we get back we have many more stories for you. See you then!

News over the Duration of the Turn

  • After John Roberts is confirmed as Chief Justice. President Bush nominates Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court for Judge O'Connor's seat, she goes on to withdraw her name from consideration after backlash. Judge Samuel Alito is nominated for the seat
  • U.S. Forces Deaths in Iraq reach 2,000. Secretary Rumsfeld announces troop drawdowns after Iraqi elections
  • Vice Presidential adviser Scooter Libby resigns after indictment for obstruction of justice and perjury

Welcome to the Second Turn of East of the Merrimack. This turn starts on October 1st and stops on January First. It will last in RL time for two weeks or perhaps longer if the debate makes requires more time (as it probably will). For this time you are free to post schedules for that period. There will be a debate this turn. I will post the rules and how we will organize it soon. I will still accept turn one schedules. Turn one was great, keep up the good work! And remember to use the pre 2010 map of the district for your campaigning. Not the modern one. Have fun!

[1] Wikimedia Commons, media logo used under Fair Use
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Endorsements List

Francis McGuinty:
The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance
Jabez Parsons:
U.S. Senator from Virginia John Warner
Tyler Medford:
The Log Cabin Republicans of New Hampshire
U.S. Senator from Vermont Jim Jeffords

David O'Connor:
IBEW Local 104
Jennifer Annika:
Emily's List

If there is anything you believe to be missing, or things I should include that you should have to start, just tell me.
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Tyler Medford - Fighting For New Hampshire!
October 2005 - January 2006

October 2nd, 2005: Goes On Local Television
"Politics and integrity is critical. We need to return to the era of Tip O'Neill and Ronald Reagan bipartisan efforts. We need to work together as Democrats and Republicans, as Americans. Washington is currently corrupt and is not working for the people, and spending money on ridiculous programs. Earmarks are used like bribes. I will change all of this and will proudly represent the great people of New Hampshire"

October 5th, 2005: Large Fundraiser in Manchester, NH, Raises 20k

October 8th, 2005: Town Hall in Manchester, NH, met with rousing applause

October 10th, 2005: Marches Columbus Day Parade, Takes Questions From Reporters & Locals
Question: "What is your stance on the war in Iraq?"
"As a veteran, I support our troops and the great men and women who serve in the U.S. army and the military. I'm proud of my experience and will support our country even if I disagree with some of the decisions by our leaders, including the Bush Administration, who I voted for twice. Our position in Iraq should be focused on stopping terrorism and we should aim to withdraw forces from Iraq by 2010."

"I'm a religious conservative and disagree with your stance on Civil Unions? Why do you support it?"
"I understand the concern and the position you take on this very important issue. Personally, I don't support Gay Marriage or anything of that sort. However, I do believe as a proud christian that Civil Unions is a good middle ground and would be a good thing for everyone. This is what I believe and I hope that this answered your question, sir."

October 12th, 2005: Meets with Raymond Wieczorek, former Machester Mayor and then Executive Councilor

October 16th, 2005: Meets with Sierra Club, Environmental Group
Our meeting with the Sierra Club went extremely well today. We spoke about why I as a conservative supports environmental protection, it is conservative to conserve the environment.

October 19th, 2005: Town Hall in Dover, NH

October 24th, 2005: Fundraiser in Manchester, NH, raises 15k

October 27th, 2005: Meets with Bill Zeliff, Former New Hampshire Representative

November 1st, 2005: Meets With Constituents on State Budget
"Today, my staff and I met with the great people that I serve as a state Senator from the great state of New Hampshire. We spoke about many critical issues including the State Budget, Tax Reform, Environmental Reform, and much more. We met with both Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, because that is what our country is made of."

November 6th, 2005: Fundraiser in Nashua, NH, raises 16k

November 13th, 2005: Goes to shooting range with NRA members in district
"Today, I had a great time. We spoke about the importance of the Second Amendments and the right to bear arms in the New Hampshire and in the United States of America." I stand against gun reform, which is unnecessary and would only cause harm. I stand with the NRA and all responsible gun owners in our great state."

November 20th, 2005: Successful Town Hall in Manchester, NH

November 24th, 2005: Thanksgiving Festivities, Meets with Constituents
I had a great time today on Thanksgiving, which is a great day for our country and my favorite holiday. We met with the great people in our state and I enjoyed the voters who I met with. I am proud to serve our great state and am thankful to every proud New Hampshirite.

November 29th, 2005: Fundraiser in Hampton, NH, raises 25k

December 3rd, 2005: Meets with Local News Network & Answers Questions About Critical Issues
Question: "Please explain your stance on guns and possible reforms."
"I stand against all reforms and regulations to guns. This would harm our state and would disadvantage responsible gun owners, which the vast vast majority of New Hampshirites, who own and carry guns are. I will fight for every Americans right to guns and will fight hard for the people in our state."

December 7th, 2005: Meets with Carl R. Johnson, President Pro Tempore of the Senate

December 12th, 2005: Meets once again with John E. Sununu, Senator & Former Rep. From District
"Once again, I had a great meeting my friend, John Sununu. I am a proud supporter of the Senator and am looking forward to working with him, going forward. He is a great man and a patriot who works for our great state of New Hampshire."

December 15th, 2005: Town Hall in Manchester, NH

December 20th, 2005: Meets with Log Cabin Republicans, thanks them for endorsement
"I met once again with the Log Cabin Republicans. We had a great meeting and I am proud to get their endorsement this election season. This are proud American patriots and am a honored.

December 25th, 2005: Christmas, Spends Time With Family

December 30th, 2005: New Years Fundraiser, Raises Record 50k
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Lauren Winters for Congress
October 2005

October 1st: Give speech at Manchester Community College announcing support for increasing the federal minimum wage to $8.50 per hour and making public two-year community colleges tuition-free for low-income, first-time students.

Quote from: Lauren Winters, Manchester Community College, October 1st, 2005
I've listened to people from Laconia to Portsmouth, and many of them have told me that the current system is broken. I've met countless parents who work multiple minimum wage jobs just to make sure there's enough food on the table for their children. I've spoken with college graduates the same age as me who are still paying off their student debt. Our current leaders in Washington say that we all just need to stop complaining and pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. They say that this is how America has always been, and that this is how America is supposed to work. They want you to think that everything is fine and there's nothing you can do to make a difference. But we will prove them wrong! We will make our voices heard in the halls of power and let them feel the power of the people. When I'm in Congress, I will not follow in the footsteps of my predecessors. I will fight to raise the minimum wage to $8.50 an hour. I will fight to make public community college tuition free. I will fight for a more equitable healthcare system. I will fight to end the war in Iraq. But most of all, I will do my part to speak out on behalf of people like you. You are the future of our community and of our great nation. Thank you! Thank you, and may God bless America.

October 5th: Meet with New Hampshire AFL-CIO in Hooksett and reiterate opposition to CAFTA-DR and support for raising the minimum wage to $8.50.
October 7th-9th: Barnstorm Manchester area.
October 13th: Dinner with State Senator Iris Estabrook in Portsmouth, discuss policy and possible endorsement.
October 15th: Co-host fundraiser for NARAL in Concord, pledging to oppose any future restrictions on abortion or contraception.

Quote from: Lauren Winters, Concord, October 15th, 2005
If I have the honor of serving as the first congresswoman from New Hampshire, I promise to always stand up for a woman's right to control her own body. I also hope to reform the healthcare system to minimize out-of-pocket expenses and improve coverage in poorer areas of our state.

October 18th: Moderate debate for Durham town administrator candidates.
October 20th: Meet with New Hampshire chapter of the Sierra Club in Concord and announce support for a ban on drilling in the National Arctic Wildlife Refuge and increasing funding for the EPA and Interior Department.
October 21st: Campaign rally in Dover.
October 22nd-23rd: Barnstorm Durham, Lee, Madbury, Dover, Rollinsford, and Somersworth.
October 28th: Campaign rally in Rochester with father Mark and younger sister Sarah, emphasizing opposition to CAFTA-DR and support for gradually raising the federal minimum wage to $8.50.
October 29th-30th: Barnstorm Rochester, Barrington, Strafford, Barnstead, Alton, New Durham, and Farmington.
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Debate Rules and Regulations

Welcome to the first debate of East of the Merrimack. Debates in this game will be important in delineating differences between candidates, and forcing you to take tough positions. It will give you a chance to attack your opponents, and show why you're the best candidate. This opens up potential endorsements and other sources of support. Debates will be judged on the cohesiveness of your answers (not, cohesiveness is not grammar, people don't always speak in good grammar), and rhetorical skill. There will also be a randomized element for scoring. There will be an opening statement, two general questions, and a personalized question. You are also invited to post another written statement, rebutting the views of others or attacking other candidates. If you are posting your debate responses before everyone else and you want to wait to see what others do, you can post a response to what others have posted after you. But do not edit it after you post it (I will notice). Naturally there will also be a closing statement. Answers should be of reasonable lengths. Not four sentences, and also not two paragraphs. Responses are due on the 29th. I look forward to the joy this will bring!

Chamber of Commerce Republican Debate

Russel Morgan: Welcome to the Chamber of Commerce Republican Debate here at the Strand Dover. I'm Russel Morgan of the New Hampshire PBS, I'm joined by Mr. Hank Jackson of the Chamber, and Anne Baxter of the Foster's Daily Democrat. Today we're moderating the first Republican debate for Congress in New Hampshire's First District. Let's begin.

1. An Opening Statement

2. What is your view on the American presence in Iraq?

3. What is the first bill you would introduced if elected?

Personalized Questions:
To Tyler Medford: You've attracted attention for your support for civil partnerships for gay couples. This is a position that remains unpopular with many Republican voters. Could you justify this position?
To Francis McGuinty and Jabez Parsons: You have both spoken a lot about reducing the deficit, specifically by eliminating earmarks. But in 2005, total Earmark spending only made up approximately 8.5% of the budget deficit. Many conservative fiscal experts and Councillor Smith have said it will take comprehensive entitlement reform to balance the budget. Do you agree?
To Buck Wilton: You have criticized the American presence in Iraq. What do you make of the American presence in Afghanistan?
To Benjamin Smith: Do you support raising the retirement age? And if so, to what?
To David McLeod and Anna Hammond: What would you consider when voting on legislation concerning taxation?

4. Rebuttal Period

5. Closing Statement

WENH Democratic Debate

Tim Black: Welcome to the WENH Democratic debate, televised by WENH and PBS. I'm here with Harold Galster from the Union Leader. Let's begin.

1. An Opening Statement

2. How would you reform the American healthcare system?

3. What is the biggest issue facing Granite staters today?

Personalized Questions:
To Brian Wilson: Why does New Hampshire need a small businessmen in Congress?
To Michael Ashdown: As a veteran, what do you have to say about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?
To Jennifer Annika: Why does New Hampshire need a Doctor in Congress?
To David O'Connor: You moved to New Hampshire only around two years ago. Why should New Hampshire voters trust you to represent them?
To Kyle Millenberg: You worked to reform the Treasurer's office in Belknap county? What financial reforms would you implement nationally?
To Bill Fiske: Do you think the Central American Free Trade Agreement will be good for New Hampshire jobs?
Lauren Winters: You've gotten attention from environmental groups for coming out against drilling in the ANWR. What should be America's energy independence strategy if not new drilling in Alaska? How would you fight for lower fuel costs for Granite staters?

4. Rebuttal Period

5. Closing Statement

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Annika for Us
October 2005 - January 2006

November 1st - 11th - Barnstorm Rochester
November 12th - 23rd - Barnstorm Manchester
November 24th - Roundtable with Veterans
November 25th - Meet with Local Healthcare Workers in Manchester
November 26th - Tour Medical Facility Production Plant
November 27th - 30th - Barnstorm Dover

December 1st - Interview with WBUB-LP Portsmouth
Susan Bonds: Hello everybody, this is WBUB-LP! I'm Susan Bonds, your host for today's show. Today is a very special episode of our radio show, because we have a very special guest today. Someone I have known for many years now, a dear friend Dr. Jennifer Annika. Hi Jennifer, how are you?
Annika: Hi Susan! It's so great to be on your show, I'm so happy to be here, and hopefully we can catch up after the show.
Bonds: Of course! Okay, let's get right into it. A few days ago you were endorsed by Emily's List, an organization that focuses specifically on electing women to serve in political positions. Did this come as a shock to you, what were you thinking, and what does this mean to you?
Annika: Thank you for the question, Susan. It's true that this endorsement from Emily's List is spectacular, I am so honored and happy about the fact that they have trusted me with their endorsement. I was actually sitting on the couch with my husband, going over some polling data, and other campaign stuff, you know, as candidates do. Both Jennifer and Susan laugh Then the phone started to ring, and so when I went to pick it up I saw that it was from Ellen Malcolm, the President of Emily's List. Immediately, I got butterflies in my stomach. I picked up the phone, and me and Ellen were talking about the future of women and politics, the state of our country, and all this other stuff. When she told me that she has spoken to the Emily's List Board and they had to decided to endorse me, I almost dropped the phone. Jennifer and Susan laugh loudly I was just so honored, it almost brought me to tears, because I thought back to some of the things that my mother had told me when I was growing up, when it wasn't normal for women to be in politics. Just to think how far we have come as a nation astonishes me, and makes me so, so proud because I know that we have so much more potential. I am going to work so hard in the U.S. Congress for the people of New Hampshire, and for the people of the United States, not because it's going to be easy, but because it's a challenge that we must take on.
Bonds: Wow, that's a lot to take in. Next, recently some polling numbers came out from WMUR-TV that had you polling in 5th place, right behind Bill Fiske, what are your thoughts on this?
Annika: Well, it is very, very early in this race. I believe the Undecided vote was leading in that poll with about 44% of the vote, so obviously there is a lot of ground for everyone to make. I'm looking forward to a good race, and I think that there's a lot of potential for our team to expand our bases and really connect with the people here in New Hampshire. I've lived in New Hampshire all my life, and I'm actually so excited that I've gotten to go across this state and meet with so many people that believe in the same vision that I have been fighting for for years.
Bonds: What're your thoughts on the recent increases in hurricanes across the US, and do you believe there is any correlation to Climate Change on this issue?
Annika: Listen, over the past few years, millions of people have been displaced from their homes, out of jobs, and their lives completely destroyed. You can't tell me that there is no correlation between our climate becoming increasingly warmer, and our tides rising and climate change. I may not be a climate scientist, but I am a doctor, and I know that when something isn't working, it is your obligation to work your hardest to fix it. If I am elected, I'm going to work to create a bi-partisan bill that will work to address our climate crisis -- yes it is a crisis -- and take real solutions back to the people of New Hampshire.
Bonds: Great stuff, great stuff. Listen Jennifer, it looks like we're about to run out of time here, so I wanted to thank you for coming on today. We are so glad to have you, and it was great to hear your voice again! Best of luck to you and your campaign.
Annika: You too Susan! Thank you so much!
December 2nd - 9th - Barnstorm Dover
December 10th - Tour Medical Hospitals
December 11th - Meet with local nurses in Dover

December 12th - Attend a meeting of Nurses United in Dover
December 13th - 24th - Barnstorm Portsmouth
December 25th - Celebrate Christmas with family in Dover
December 26th - 27th - Rest
December 28th - 31st - Return to Clinic in Dover

January 1st - Put up Yard Signs with Campaign Staff
January 2nd - Pass out Campaign Mailers with Campaign Staff
January 3rd - Town Hall in Dover
January 4th - 9th - Barnstorm Union

January 10th - Campaign Rally at Southern New Hampshire University
January 11th - Attend New Hampshire DNC Luncheon
January 12th - 14th - Rest
January 15th - Rally with anti-Iraq War protesters in Manchester
January 16th - Fundraiser w/ Campaign Donors
January 17th - Host a Meet & Greet at the DeKalb Family Home in Raymond
January 18th - 23rd - Barnstorm Derry
January 24th - Meet w/ Hospital Workers at Dover Municipal Hospital
January 25th - Meet with Small Business Leaders
January 26th - Meet with Veterans at local café in Dover
January 27th - 28th - Rest
January 29th - Sign Wave w/ Campaign Supporters in Epping
January 30th - Meet with College Students at Saint Anselm College in Manchester
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Turn 1: June 1st to September 30th

June 1-8: Councilor duties

June 9-13: Rockingham County, NH

June 9: Set up campaign headquarters in Portsmouth
June 10: Door knock in Portsmouth and distribute campaign literature
June 11: Meet with Rockingham County Republican Party to seek support for camapign
June 12: Door knock in Derry and distribute campaign literature
June 13: Door knock in Brentwood and distribute campaign literature

June 14-17: Fly to Washington, DC to attend fundraisers and seek support for campaign from prominent donors

June 18-21: Manchester County, NH

June 18: Set up regional campaign outreach center in Manchester
June 19: Host town hall in Manchester
June 20: Door knock in Manchester and distribute campaign literature
June 21: Meet with Manchester County Republican Party to seek support for campaign

June 22-27: Strafford County, NH

June 22: Set up regional campaign outreach center in Dover
June 23: Door knock in Dover and distribute campaign literature
June 24: Host town hall in Dover
June 25: Door knock in Rochester
June 26: Host town hall in Rochester
June 27: Meet with Strafford County Republican Party to seek support for campaign.

June 27-July 1: Caroll County, NH

June 27: Set up regional outreach center in Conway
June 28: Door knock in Conway and distribute campaign literature
June 29: Town hall in Conway
June 30: Meet with Caroll County Republican Party to seek support for campaign

July 1-4: Fly to San Francisco to attend fundraiser and seek support for campaign from donors

July 5-10: Councilor duties

July 6-8: Make calls to major Republican donors, especially those who attended the fundraisers in DC and San Francisco

July 9-10: Disseminate campaign literature from regional outreach centers, being mailed to all registered Democrats and independents in the respective counties

July 11-24: Rockingham County, NH

July 11-14: Host rallies in Portsmouth
July 15-19: Host rallies in Derry
July 20-24: Host rallies in Brentwood

July 25-29: Manchester County, NH

July 25-29: Host rallies in Manchester

July 30-August 7: Strafford County, NH

July 30-August 3: Host rallies in Dover
August 3-7: Host rallies in Rochester

August 8-11: Caroll County, NH

August 8-11: Host rallies in Conway

August 11-20: Councilor duties

August 21-24: Fly to Great Falls, VA to attend fundraisers and seek support for campaign

August 25-27: Make calls to elected figures in the national Republican Party to seek support for campaign

August 28: Disseminate campaign literature

August 29: Issue statement about Hurricane Katrina and cease campaigning

August 30-September 5: Rockingham County, NH

August 30-September 2: Door knock in Portsmouth and distribute campaign literature
September 2-5: Door knock in Derry and distribute campaign literature

September 5-10: Manchester County, NH

September 5-10: Door knock in Manchester and distribute campaign literature

September 11: Attend a 9/11 remembrance event in Manchester, and give a speech about the importance of tolerating diversity and the dangers of spreading hateful rhetoric.

September 12-20: Strafford County, NH

September 12-16: Door knock in Rochester and distribute campaign literature
September 16-20: Door knock in Dover and distribute campaign literature

September 21-25: Caroll County, NH

September 21-25: Door knock in Conway and distribute campaign literate

September 25-30: Councilor duties
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October Schedule for Kyle Millenberg
(Had this ready pre-debate post, am writing question answers currently)
October 3: Meet with local artists at the Seacoast Repertory Theater, pledge my support for additional congressional arts funding.
October 4: Fundraiser at a supporter's residence in Portsmouth
October 5-6: Barnstorming in Portsmouth
October 7: Meet with State Senator Maggie Hassan, court endorsement
October 8-14: Treasurer Duties
October 15: Pass out campaign fliers and register people to vote at a booth outside of the home opener of the Manchester Monarchs
October 16: Fundraiser at local supporter's residence
October 17-20: Manchester barnstorming
October 21: Meet with factory workers in Manchester, promise to fight for higher wages and to protect their jobs from bad trade deals.
October 22: Meet with students at The University of Manchester
October 23: Phonebank with supporters at local campaign headquarters
October 24-30: Treasurer Duties
October 31: Pass out candy and Campaign Fliers to local trick o'treaters in Laconia
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Brian Wilson Debate Answers

An Opening Statement
Good evening everyone. I want to start by thanking WENH, PBS, and the New Hampshire Union Leader for hosting us tonight, and I wanna thank my fellow candidates for being here tonight. Every 2 years, leaders in Washington and the media tell you that this is the most important election of your lifetime. But, this year is different. This election is the most important midterm for New Hampshire in a lifetime. We face crisis in Iraq, a President who doesn't truly represent New Hampshire values. Leaders in Washington have, for too long, looked at everything they do with the mindset of "we win, you lose". When I'm elected to Congress, we're gonna shake things up. I will not be the puppet of Democratic leadership. I am running to be YOUR Representative, New Hampshire. I am NOT running to represent more of the same in Washington. I think it's about time we have someone that puts New Hampshire first. Thank you.

How would you reform the American healthcare system?
I know what it's like to not have been able to make enough money one month. I've had to have the difficult conversation thousands of New Hampshires have every month. They have to make the decision on whether they should start splitting their pills, whether they should skip a needed doctor's appointment, making difficult decisions about their own healthcare simply because they can not afford it. That is not a decision Americans should have to make. Health care is not for the privileged few, it's imperative that we put a plan in place to cover the estimated over 47 million Americans that are uninsured. I would prefer to see a partnership between the private sector and the federal government. A plan that prioritizes simplicity, cost, and consumer choice. If you have insurance through your employer and you like your plan, you've got every right to keep that plan. I'd like to see businesses be required to offer insurance to employees or contribute to a government fund that would help people that are, in fact, uninsured. The only way we can do that is through a tax subsidy for small businesses to help them afford the cost of coverage for employees. Thank you for the question.

What is the biggest issue facing Granite staters today?
I believe that the biggest issue facing Granite staters today is healthcare, which was mentioned earlier, taxes, and the Iraq War. Every election cycle politicians talk about taxes. One side accuses the other of wanting to raise taxes on the rich or the poor. There are simply too many loopholes for big business and wealthy individuals. As a small businessman myself, there is simply no loophole or option for owners like myself. My priority is to close the loopholes and hold the wealthy accountable. You have to pay your fair share. We also have to lower taxes for our lower and middle class citizens. They are the backbone of our economy. They are the backbone of New Hampshire. They ought to be rewarded for their hard work, not punished. Now, moving on to Iraq. Iraq affects all Americans. My brother went to serve his nation and he wasn't able to come home. I was there with my family when the military officials knocked on our door to give us the terrible news. It's a gut-punch. Too many Granite Staters have had that message brought to them that a loved one isn't coming home. We demand answers from our leaders. In Congress, I will fight to bring justice to the lives lost in Iraq and hold President Bush accountable.

Why does New Hampshire need a small businessman in Congress?
New Hampshire needs a small businessman because I will be their champion. When the founding fathers wrote Article II, creating the United States Congress, it was not meant for incredibly wealthy people, corrupted by special interests to go to Congress for their own special interest. It was created so that people, regular people, could go to Congress and represent their fellow Americans, their brothers and sisters, their neighbors. I've had to go through the tax code, I want to make it fair. Like I said earlier, my brother gave his life to this country, I will be a champion for Granite State vets. I will be a fighter for Granite Staters in Congress, someone the Granite State needs.


Wilson Campaign Summary - October-January

As the campaign begins to turn into full swing, Wilson will begin advertising his connections to popular Governor Lynch, his accomplishments in the State Senate, and his experience as a small businessman.

Frequent stops will include other small businesses, retirement homes, and city hotspots. Mr. Wilson will mainly be courting college students and retirees. By attending town halls at major colleges and universities in the district, Wilson will begin to establish a connection to young New Hampsherites.

Wilson plans to take a one week break from the campaign between Christmas and New Years, celebrating the holidays with his family and mourning the anniversary of the death of his late brother.

Wilson also plans on more passionately courting the endorsement of Governor Lynch, who may just be Wilson's key to winning the primary.
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Kyle Millenberg Debate Answers

Opening Statement:

Good evening, I want to thank WENH for hosting this debate and thank the moderators and my fellow candidates for being here. New Hampshire, it's time for a change. For the last six years we've seen George Bush and his cronies sell out the working people of this country at all costs. They passed a tax cut that gave all of the benefits to the top 1%. They've stripped away and expanded the surveillance state. They've passed free trade agreements that have shipped countless manufacturing jobs overseas. We've had enough! We've lost elections in 2002 and 2004 trying to pander by taking all of the same positions. It's time the Democratic wing of the Democratic party took back the reins. When I'm elected, I won't bow down to party pressure, I'll stand up to the cronies, Every. Single. Day. Thank you.

Q: How Would you reform the American Healthcare system?

We've seen years of progress of healthcare reform be stripped away over the last 6 years with bailouts for big pharma. The first thing we need to do is implement cost sharing programs. You offer free and subsidized healthcare for those living at a certain poverty level. We can pay for this by returning the top income tax bracket to the pre-Bush rate. We also need to require states to set up healthcare exchanges where consumers can view different plan options and select the best care for them. If we get this done as a start, we can move on to creating a public option provided by the government to keep the healthcare companies competitive and lower costs for all Americans. We can do this with a Democratic congress that listens to the people, not wealthy corporations and that is exactly what I intend to do.

Q: What is the biggest issue facing Granite staters today?

As I've spoken about in the past, I believe our crumbling infrastructure is the number one issue facing our state. We're a state that relies on commerce and travel but our roads are becoming unusable, our sidewalks unwalkable. Earlier this year in March, we saw what happened during the floods. Because of this weak infrastructure, over 1,000 people had to flee their homes and we saw seven people die. The federal government absolutely has to put an end to this mess to makes sure something like this never happens to our state again.

Q: To Kyle Millenberg: You worked to reform the Treasurer's office in Belknap county? What financial reforms would you implement nationally?

The main reform I've put in place was better assessment of the county's construction loans. My predecessor took a laissez-faire approach in this regard and we saw thousands upon thousands of taxpayer dollars being wasted on projects that were never completed. I was fed up with this failure and I took him on and won in a deep red county 7 years ago. I believe in this same concept of oversight on the federal level. That's why I believe in expanding scrutiny at the federal reserve to the loans it provides. I support protecting our consumers from predatory credit card companies. I have the fiscal record to get these things done in a smart and efficient way that works for main street.

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Jennifer Annika Debate Answers
Credit to WikiMedia Commons for the Photo

Opening Statement
Good evening everybody. I first want to thank WENH for hosting this debate, and those of you who are moderating, as well as my fellow candidates on the stage. I want to start off the debate by telling you all a story. A story of a state that was based on a vision. The state of New Hampshire was founded in 1776, based on the principle of freedom, liberty, and prosperity. Our state has been at the forefront of major issues throughout our republic's history. New Hampshire has lead the charge on fighting for a fair education system, protecting the rights that we hold so dear, pushing for human and civil rights, and creating a state that we can all be proud to live in. Our state's motto is Live Free or Die. This wasn't just made the motto for no reason, it was a belief, a belief of a state that did not discriminate against you no matter your race, gender, or sexual orientation. I still believe that that New Hampshire is in the foreseeable future. Let us come together as one, and tell Washington D.C. that New Hampshire is a fighting state, and we're going to fight for our interests, because our interests are American Interests.

How would you reform the American Healthcare System?
See, I'm a doctor. I have seen the impact that our current Healthcare System has had on the patients that I work with every day, but also the doctors across New Hampshire. Last year, I spoke at the New Hampshire Medical Society Annual Convention in Concord. I met hundreds of doctors from Keene to Portsmouth, and all of them had the same message: This system is not working. Millions of people across our country cannot afford their Healthcare, and are rationing the medicine that their life depends on. To anybody with a conscious, this can not be acceptable in any form. I know what people need when it comes to medicine, and just how important it is for everyone in this country to have access to a good Healthcare Plan that could end up saving their lives. Congress ought' to come to my neck of the woods and see the state that some of these people are in. In fact, I invite President Bush to visit my clinic in Downtown Dover, anytime. I will show him what his policies have done to my clinic, and how I have to write prescriptions for people, and then see them walk out that door with no intention of ever filling that prescription, because they have to feed their three kids. This whole system in a sham, and we must completely tear it and down and reform it to actually benefit the people that it has falsely claimed to support. I will go to Washington, and draft a Healthcare Bill that will allow for a Public & Private Option that lets everyone get the Healthcare they deserve, no if's, and's, or but's.

What is the biggest issue facing Granite Staters today?
The biggest issue facing New Hampshire, hands down has got to be Healthcare. New Hampshire has 1.3 million people, and 1 out of every 8 person in the state cannot afford a basic Health Insurance Plan. Unacceptable, unacceptable, unacceptable. We have to bring affordable Health Insurance to New Hampshire, and to the rest of America. We can't do this if we don't have someone that knows the system in and out, and how to achieve goals that are actually realistic, and will incorporate ideas from both the left and the right. I will go to Washington D.C. and push back the establishment, partisan bickering that is far too common in D.C. and deliver real results for New Hampshire's Healthcare System, you have my word.

Why does New Hampshire need a Doctor in Congress?
Look, everyone has to know that there is a problem when thousands of people across our state can't afford their health insurance, or have lost their jobs, or have been victims of gun violence, and so many other issues. My job, as a doctor, is to fix things and make them healthy again. We must do the same thing with New Hampshire's economy, and the people's well being. I am a regular Granite Stater, and I have plenty of ideas on how to fix our state and our country. I will fix our state like I have fixed hundreds of patients that come through the door of my clinic. We have to stitch up, bandage, and heal these wounds that have been left in our state's economy and the morale of our people, because they have been looked over for years and years. We have to bring the attention back to New Hampshire, and it's what I'll do from day one.

Closing Statement
I want to once again thank all of my fellow candidates for joining me tonight on stage, the moderators, and the great state of New Hampshire for hearing our ideas tonight. I am running for Congress because I am not a established politician. I am a regular American. I go to work 8-5 everyday. I see people walk in and out of my clinic from all different backgrounds. I believe that America is like my clinic, people from all different walks of life coming together as one. However, in recent years, that common decency and understanding has been crumbling. I've seen it, you've seen it, everyone has seen it. Washington D.C. has contributed to a culture of toxicity that has infected America's streets, and public. I want to go to Washington D.C. because I know that I can work on this problem, and push for common sense solutions that will unify us based on what we believe in, not divide us based on what we disagree with. We can win this race, but I can't do it without your help. Thousands of people across Eastern New Hampshire are reaching out for a voice that will actually lead, not make false promises that are never delivered on. On primary day, I ask for your vote, because New Hampshire deserves better, and with the right leader, we will get better. Thank you.
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