2020 GE Official Precinct Results Sources by State

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I have Oneida County, NY now. Only missing one!

My map is complete. I will post it tomorrow morning after I do a few last minute touch-ups and export the files.

Quote from: reagente on March 02, 2021, 02:57:01 PM


Texas released all of the 2020 data in one consolidated file

I have reconciled the Legislative Council data to the 2020 Census Geography (VTD).

Alben Barkley:
New York updates results again, net gain for Biden:

https://twitter.com/redistrict/status/1378732535585341447?s=21var scriptTag = document.getElementsByTagName('script');scriptTag = scriptTag[scriptTag.length-1];atlas_tweetCheckLoad(scriptTag.parentNode, "tw_0_14513708301138705810", "tw_2_961386887373754912", "https://twitter.com/redistrict/status/1378732535585341447?s=21");

Tender Branson:
Only Banana Republics amend their election results repeatedly 6 months after election day.

NY = Banana Republic.


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