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Quote from: GeorgiaModerate on August 11, 2022, 05:35:13 PM

Fox News, Aug. 6-9, 1002 RV (change from mid-July)

Approve 42 (+2)
Disapprove 58 (-1)

Strongly approve 19 (+3)
Strongly disapprove 40 (-1)

GCB: D 41 (nc), R 41 (-3)

From R+3 to EVEN. Trends are real.

Something to watch is the Civiqs tracking poll, quite possibly the one that's been the most bearish on Biden since he got elected (they already had him in the negative by Feb 2021), has seen improvement for him as well

He was down to -28 (30/58) in approval in mid-July, and has now rebounded to 36/54 (-18)

Mr.Barkari Sellers:
This is nothing new with Civiq we know it's a 303 map anyways

Mr.Barkari Sellers:
There should be noted the reason why Ds are OVERPERFORMING the low Approvals because Trump has the same low Approvals in Civiq polls that's why Ds are replicating the blue wall because of Trump low Approvals not just Biden Approvals, that's why the GCB isore favorable that Approvals to Biden.

It doesn't make sense if Kelly 54/40, Warnock 49/46, Fetterman and Ryan up 5.5 and Beasley and Demings are tied or leading and Franken and Trudy Val competetive any other way otherwise the D's will be losing so we can get a map that buck Biden low Approvals

As noted before we can get a 235/210 R H and D S 51/60 seats, 50 percent chance Divided Govt 40 percent chance of Secularist yand only 10 percent chance

Also there are 150M Females and 150M Men Females vote just as strongly for D's as Minorities Blks 15 percent and Latino and Arab 26 percent by 2045, when we turn 65 the Generation X thru Z elderly not old Fatal heart attacks aren't inevitable Arabs and Latinos are gonna be the majority

That's why Bailey, Cox and Mastriano all won the primaries and Ryan and Fetterman are leading and D's got clobbered in the OH and PA primaries females are voting R in the primaries and voting D in GE

Mr.Barkari Sellers:
Another note about D's can't win red states they only can win blue states it's noted on MTP that College grads are more likely to vote than HS Grads, the Rural vote is obviously Red America only HS Diploma and blue America is urban college Grad that's why we can win Red states in 22 because there is a decline of WC voters Red America

That's why Beshear won in 2019 because the decline of HS Grades, so we can't win red state mantra is rebutted we can win red states in 22, that's why Ryan, BEASLEY, Demings, Franken and Trudy Val can all win with College Grad vote and rural vote declining it was on MTP

In 22 GA was a red state turned blue and in 2017 AZ was a red state turned blue but IA and WVA has turned red because more Rural HS Diploma than College Grads but in TX, MO, OH, NC and FL increase of College and Grad school Graduation

I already predicted FL, TX and Oh and NC going blue in Nov not August, just like in 2008/12 when College Grads beat HS Grads with Obama and Biden

We won 41 seats in Nov not August in 2018


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