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A few weeks from now, there’s a good chance that those saying that Europe did so much better then the US at controlling the virus are going to look like Ron DeSantis bragging about how Florida responded better New York.

Spain has gone from averaging 300 cases/day a month ago to 2000 cases/day, and it looks like its second wave has just started growing.  Belgium, which already had the highest death rate in the world, has grown from 100 cases/day to 600 in the same time frame.  Even Germany has seen their cases double in the past two weeks.

Lockdowns do not prevent the spread of the virus, they just delay it.

Fair enough.
Lockdowns aren’t a strategy, they are a way of bringing cases down to the point you CAN have a good strategy.
If you are in a US or Italy situation, no amount of contact tracing will solve the issue.
I still would argue France and Germany did better than us, but Italy, Spain, and the UK are more debatable. However, combined those countries are doing better than us NOW.

Imho Vietnam is a good example of how we should have done things early on (although even they are going to have a wave soon)

If your idea of what needs to be done to control the pandemic is completely detached from any sort of empirical reality (you hold up Vietnam's response, while admitting they are going to have a wave soon; and you still praise European countries who have had comparatively more deaths that the U.S. despite even harsher lockdowns) then the "mask's off" that driving Americans into quarantine was always more about ideology to you than actual science.  

1. I said European countries are doing better right NOW. Funny how you couldn’t read the one word in all-caps. I guess I should have bolded it as well. They did worse in March, although some of that was just due to bad luck and lack of knowledge of the virus. They all still should have banned flights from China early on and enforced masks everywhere back when there were only a few hundred cases.
2. Vietnam is a developing country and I do think developing countries will have a much more difficult time controlling Covid, and they have thus far been successful. Also, a Vietnamese “wave” would be wonderful to have now in the US. Maybe you should look at their numbers thus far.
3. You want to talk about ideology?
You are the one who refuses to admit he was wrong before about certain things. You are the walking definition of an ideological hack these days. You take things out of context, you twist studies to fit your beliefs, and you are selectively illiterate whenever it’s convenient.
I oftentimes buck my own party, I even spoke out against BLM protests over virus concerns. But of course, anyone who even wants to admit this virus is dangerous is an ideological hack.

We are all goddamn tired of your “everything is okay” shtick. It may have been cute back in March but it sure as hell isn’t now that many people have seen firsthand just how bad this can be.

 I may be extreme in how I want to control the virus, but at least I have ideas that don’t involve burying my thick skull in the sand and pretending everything is alright.
You constantly talk about how keeping schools closed is bad for those in poverty while refusing to even talk about how a system which renders families unable to feed themselves at their house is an inherently flawed and dangerous system. You say masks are bad yet don’t want lockdowns either. There are hundreds of innovative solutions we can come up with that don’t involve f**king around and doing nothing.
Stop with your bs and for gods sake, stop taking my words out of context and at least try to think for about five seconds before posting.

Not saying I disagree, but Jesus Christ man, calm the f**k down.

The Bakersfield ☄️ has been 🧯💨:
Quote from: Bandit3 the Worker on August 03, 2020, 02:33:28 PM

People are done listening to the "Lockdown! Lockdown! Lockdown!" types.

We wouldn’t have as big of a problem if people listened to them in the first place.

Progressive Pessimist:
Quote from: One of Those People on August 03, 2020, 07:02:32 PM

Quote from: Bandit3 the Worker on August 03, 2020, 02:33:28 PM

People are done listening to the "Lockdown! Lockdown! Lockdown!" types.

We wouldn’t have as big of a problem if people listened to them in the first place.

In fairness the bigger problem was state and local governments getting impatient and lifting the lock-downs themselves even in spite of the risks.

You can more accurately blame ordinary people for not abiding by mask-wearing or social distancing protocols though. That was the next fail-safe.

Even those who supported the initial lockdowns were looking for safe ways in which to relax it. Opening golf courses and tennis courts might be politically incorrect when basketball courts are closed... but two of those ar comparatively safe and the other isn't.

Big Business has called many of the shots, especially on customer behavior. It took until July, but Wal*Mart where I live finally started enforcing mask rules. If you came without one, you get one. 


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