Why do Democrat voters hate Tulsi so much? (user search)

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June 12, 2024, 06:54:00 PM
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  Why do Democrat voters hate Tulsi so much? (search mode)
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Author Topic: Why do Democrat voters hate Tulsi so much?  (Read 6430 times)
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« on: August 23, 2020, 12:02:19 PM »
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Well, you can start with this chart, which shows that Tulsi Gabbard's supporters, unique among candidates, only like Tulsi Gabbard and HATE every single other 2020 candidate.  Including a net -79% favorability rating for Biden!

Alternatively, you can read this post I wrote very early in the primary.

Tulsi Gabbard.

Origin story

Born and raised by a notorious conservative bigot, she joined a cult where you eat the cult leader's toenails, and was active in the anti-gay movement.  Somehow she still got elected as a Democrat.

She was first known for being a right-wing useful idiot, teaming up with Breitbart to call Obama a pussy for not saying "radical Islamic terrorism."

Rise To Power

Somehow she climbed through the ranks of the DNC, before deciding to declare the entire primary "rigged" based on internet conspiracy theories, and throw her full support behind Bernie Sanders.  Throughout the primary she was one of the surrogates giving voice to conspiracy theories Bernie wasn't able to say himself.  She was frequently mentioned as his VP candidate.

The Calm Before The Storm

Tulsi became a favorite of Russian state media, Syrian state media, Alt-Right media, QAnon conspiracy theorists, white nationalists and the KKK.  Around this time she decided to define herself as an "anti-war" candidate by becoming the world's most vocal defender of the world's #1 genocidal maniac, Bashar al-Assad.

She went on alt-right and alt-left media networks like Jimmy Dore (who was being paid under the table by the Assad regime this whole time) to promote Russian-invented conspiracy theories and outright hoaxes about Syria, sh*t all over the Democratic Party and U.S. foreign policy, and continue repeating conspiracy theories about Bernie Sanders' 2016 loss.  A small army of foreign botnets promoted her all over social media.

The Storm

Tulsi declared she was running in 2020.  The only two notable things she's done are her scorched-earth attack on Kamala Harris (using false talking points widely propagated by alt-left media) and her declaration that the Democratic Party is rigging the 2020 primary just like they rigged the 2016 primary.

If you go on her website right now she has a push poll asking the following:
  • Did you know in 2016 DNC rigged the election against Bernie Sanders?
  • Do you believe the DNC and its corporate parents are taking the democratic process away from early state voters?
  • Do you believe boycotting the next debate is the best option to bring attention to what the DNC is doing?
  • Or do you believe it’s better to attend the next debate and bring attention to the corporate corruption during the debate?
and so on and so forth.

Since that post was written:

She was the only "Democrat" to abstain from impeaching Trump.  Peterson and Golden voted against, but they are both trying to save deep-red seats.  Tulsi had no excuse other than being a loon.

Tulsi is the only candidate to receive overwhelmingly favorable coverage from Russian propaganda outlets.

Hillary said "someone in this race is a favorite of the Russians", and Tulsi said HOW DARE YOU CALL ME A RUSSIAN SECRET AGENT and sued Hillary Clinton for $50,000,000.

Tulsi called the entire 2020 election rigged and threatened to "boycott" a debate she wasn't invited to anyway.  Then, by sheer luck, she did score an invite, and decided to attend after all.  https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/14/us/politics/tulsi-gabbard-debate.html
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