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Southern Senator North Carolina Yankee:
This is being done on rather short notice and there is a lot of material that I have to go over so just know that there will be revisions/additions to things, but I figured I would get things stated publicly so that everyone is on the same page.

1. The Terms of Service: Like it not, love it or hate it. This forum is a resource that serves a purpose for Dave's business and therefore this site has rules to follow. These rules help to one protect the business from financial or legal liability and second of all, they help to preserve access to the site in schools and other entities that require rules to regulate content of various types lest they be blocked.

Atlasia exists on this site and thus regardless of what any constitution, law or statute or what not says, the Terms of Service is absolutely superior in every circumstance. In the best case Atlasia is a tolerated guest in someone else's house.

November 06 Revised TOS

If you disagree with this policy, you are more than welcome to try and convince Dave otherwise.

2. Conflicts of Interests:  I have successfully ran the Senate in multiple instances as a non-partisan administrator while also serving as Party Chair. I intend to bring the same division of roles to the role of Moderator. Do not ask, request, infer, intimidate, bully, blackmail, extort or otherwise try to manipulate my position(s) in this game to derive favoritism or abuse of the enforcement of the Terms of Service or utilization of mod powers. Such will not be tolerated and I can assure you it will not end well for you if you do.

I can assure you this game is better off having active, engaged participants as moderators. This is not to say anything negative about Gustaf who was active in the game for many years, but if he were to change boards or transfer I would desire a replacement from the left who is active to ensure balance. The reason we benefit from having moderators who are active and engaged in the game is so that we can achieve compliance with the Terms of Service without degrading the quality of discussion, debate and differences of opinion that make this game tolerable. It is kind of like community policing and community engagement. It is my hope to help, guide and advise you towards compliance in the least intrusive manner possible.

3. Copyright - I realize there are a lot of pictures on here but for the sake of the site and the sake of your own personal financial and legal liability, CITE YOUR PICS!!!!! Guidelines for this

4. Votes - Since this was a source of issue for my predecessor, I will say that I do not desire to delete anyone's votes. If an issue arises and barring changes in laws, I will do my best to ensure that the vote is counted before moderating but I am not the only board moderator here and I may not be able to wait 72 hours plus to act on something. So the first thing you can do is respect the voting booth by not posting anything violating the TOS in there. The second thing we can do is come up with a set of laws that will protect votes from moderator deletion.

5. Court Cases and other General Posting - Again this site has rules, if you don't like them I encourage you to seek they be changed with someone who can change them, and good luck with that by the way.

This is a political game, certain levels of criticism and attack within reasonable amounts and focused primarily on policy, competence and the like are necessary for the game to succeed. However, personal attacks, etc will not be tolerated under any circumstances. When it comes to the transgender players for instance, at the very least as a matter of personal respect, address people the way they request. If you have some moral objection to that, then I would encourage you to use their display name every time you reference them or their office name.

Just like with votes, I don't want to be deleting posts in a court case thread. However again, you can play a role in ensuring that it doesn't come to that. In any RL court room any behavior violating the TOS would lead you to be found in contempt. So to begin with respect the Courts enough to avoid personal attacks etc.

6. Consistency - My objective is to eventually have a process or policy that govens how most all moderator actions on this board are handled, that way if there are questions, concerns or issues that could involve inconsistent moderation, I can point to that list. However I am not yet at a stage where I can compose such accurately though I hope to be able to soon.

This game is driven by disagreement but it also a voluntary participation game that is very dependent on active engagement by members who can leave at any time. It is in our interest to respect others, first as people and then after that as players. The disagreements should be on matters of policy, competence and experience.

Unconditional Surrender Truman:
Good luck! Being a moderator is by all outward appearances a thankless job, but we'll be rooting for you.

Quote from: Unconditional Surrender Truman on November 15, 2019, 08:15:55 AM

Good luck! Being a moderator is by all outward appearances a thankless job, but we'll be rooting for you.

Yeah, anybody tries to pull "conflict of interests" card, just tell them to f**k themselves and carry on.

The Mod is dead. Long live the Mod!

Mod Yankee after big elections:

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