HB 20-24: Census Act of 2019

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October 04, 2023, 10:12:38 PM
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  HB 20-24: Census Act of 2019
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Author Topic: HB 20-24: Census Act of 2019  (Read 1184 times)
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Census Act of 2019
To Provide Guidelines and Procedures for the Federal Census
Section 1. Overview
1. This bill shall be titled the “Census Act of 2019”, or simply the “Census Act”.
2. The following federal laws are hereby repealed:
a. F.L. 13-51: The Fixing Deregistration Act
b. F.L. 17-01: The Close the Regional Change Loophole Act of 2019
c. F.L. 17-06: The Region Moving Grace Period Act
3. All subsequent federal census legislation that is passed shall be considered as amending this act, and shall be added accordingly on the wiki page for this act.

Section 2. The Census
1. The Cabinet member assigned the portfolio of Census Administrator shall maintain a census document listing all registered voters in Atlasia. For each voter, the census shall list:
a. Their permanent Atlas Forum username
b. The federal and regional political parties they are registered with
c. The state they are registered in
d. The region they reside in
e. Whether or not the voter voted or attempted to vote in each of the last three federal elections.
f. If, according to the provisions of this act, a voter is presently ineligible to move regions, the date by which they shall become eligible to move regions
2. The Census shall be made publicly available to view by all Atlasian citizens.
3. The Census Administrator shall publicly update the census regularly; they are recommended to do so once per week.
4. At least ninety-six hours prior to the start of any federal election, the Census Administrator shall post a public census update indicating the registered voter roll exactly as it stood one hundred and sixty-eight hours prior to the start of the election, so that all citizens shall have access to the accurate list of voters with eligible registrations for the election.
5. Following a federal election, the Census Administrator shall, with all appropriate haste, post an update in which they clearly indicate the voters who have been automatically deregistered according to the provisions of this act, as well as update the census document to reflect these deregistrations.

Section 3. Registration
1. The Census Administrator shall manage a thread on the Atlas Fantasy Elections board titled “New Register Thread”. All voluntary registrations and registration changes must be made in this thread.
2. To register, a poster must post in this thread indicating the state in which they wish to register and their party affiliation of choice.
3. To change their registration, a poster must indicate which state and/or political party they wish to change to.
4. In the event of a misspelling or a poster referring to their party or state of choice in an indirect manner, if the intent of the registration is clear, the Census Administrator shall act accordingly.
5. All valid new registrations or changes to registration shall be reflected on or prior to the first non-election census update occurring at least twelve hours after the registration, and on all subsequent census updates thereafter until the registration is modified or removed. A new registration shall only be reflected on an election census update if said registration was made in time to be eligible for the election in question.
6.Any registered voter may, subject to the provisions of this act, choose to deregister from Atlasia. If valid, the voter’s registration shall be removed on or prior to the first census update occurring at least twelve hours after the deregistration.
7. No voter may alter their state of registration or deregister during the “protected period”, which shall begin one hundred and sixty-eight hours prior to any regularly scheduled federal election and conclude upon the conclusion of the voting period. All attempts to do so during this period shall be invalid.
8.In order to be eligible to register, a poster’s Atlas Forum account must have been registered for at least one hundred and sixty-eight hours and must have accumulated at least fifteen posts.
9. If a poster attempts to register without having met one or more of the requirements, but is able to reach all requirements within one week of the registration attempt, then that poster’s registration shall take effect at that point. If a poster has not met all requirements within one week, then the registration attempt is void.
10. Changes to a voter's region of registration shall take effect twenty-four (24) hours after their posting in the New Register Thread; and the voter may reverse the change at any time before this period has elapsed. Having made such a reversal, no voter shall change their region of registration until three hundred sixty (360) hours have elapsed.

Section 4. Moving
1. For a voter to change their state of registration, the voter must request such a change outside of a protected period and must not have changed their state of registration within the last twenty-four hours.
2. If a voter has been registered in more than one region over the previous one hundred and eighty days, they cannot register outside the region they were most recently registered in.

Section 5. Deregistration.
1. A voter may be deregistered by the following methods:
a. If the voter voluntarily chooses to deregister in the New Register Thread outside of a protected period;
b. If the voter is deregistered through a duel or other method of mutually-agreed potential deregistration agreement as established by law;
c. If the voter is permanently banned from the Atlas Forum, and this fact is confirmed by forum moderators; or
d. If the voter does not cast a ballot, valid or invalid, in three consecutive regularly scheduled federal elections.
2. If a voter deregisters voluntarily, they may not register again until three hundred and thirty-six[/b]  hours have passed.

Section 6. Party Organization
1. If the membership of an organized political party, by vote of a quorum, which shall be a majority of all members of that party, decides that it wishes to change the name of that party, then the Registrar General shall, upon notification of the results by an officer of the party in question, change the official party membership of all members registered within that party to the new name approved by the party membership. (Continuation of F.L. 15-05§2.1)
2. No formal organized political party may use the registration "Independent", nor may any party change its name to one occupied by an existing party (Continuation of F.L. 15-05§2.2)
3. Two or more parties may, with the approval of each of their chairs, reach a merger agreement between them which clearly indicates the name, leadership, and (provisional or permanent) bylaws of the resultant party. If the membership of each of the parties within the agreement, by vote of a quorum, which shall be a majority of all members of that party, decides to approve the agreement within 30 days of each other, then the Registrar General shall, upon notification of the results by an officer of the party in question, change the official party membership of all remaining members registered within that party to the name of the resultant party specified within the agreement. (Continuation of F.L. 15-05§2.4)
4. The name of the resultant party must adhere to Clause 2 of this section, except that the resultant party may use the name of a party within the agreement.
5. A party may revoke its assent to the agreement, provided at least one of the parties within the agreement has not yet given it, by a declaration of the chair, a second vote by the quorum, which shall be a majority of all members of the party, or by any other method specified by the party bylaws.
6. Outside of the cases described in this section, the Census Administrator may not change a voter’s party registration unless the change is requested by the voter.
7. No provision of this section shall be construed to preclude any individual from choosing to revert to their previous registration if it is altered by one or more provisions of this Act. (Continuation of F.L. 15-05§2.5)
8. The majority of the party membership shall have the supreme power within a party, subject to federal law, and may remove or elect a chair or adopt, modify, or revoke party bylaws at any time. If no such majority action is taken, the governance of the party, subject to federal law, shall be dictated by the bylaws. In the absence of relevant bylaws, the party chair, subject to federal law and the supreme power of a majority, shall have absolute authority to govern the party.
9. Should a party not have bylaws detailing the procedure for selecting a party chair, any party member may declare themselves chair provided the chairmanship is vacant.
10. In the absence of an official chair, the party member with the longest continuous registration in said party shall be considered acting chair, however the chairmanship shall be considered vacant for the purposes of subsection 6.9.

Section 7. Instantaneity
1. All valid registrations, registration changes, and deregistrations shall be considered to take place as soon as the requisite conditions and/or requests are made, irrespective of when said changes are factored into the census document.

Section 8. Effective Date
1. All censuses conducted by the Census Administrator between June 9, 2016 and passage of this Act are retroactively granted legitimacy under this act.
2. This act shall take effect upon passage by both houses of Congress and signature of the President of Atlasia.

People's Regional Senate
Passed 5-0 in the Atlasian Senate Assembled,

House of Representatives
Passed 7-0-0-2 in the Atlasian House Assembled

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