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July 21, 2024, 05:37:46 AM
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Author Topic: Candidate favorability by preference  (Read 289 times)
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« on: October 25, 2019, 12:31:58 PM »

Interesting chart.

Some things that jumped out at me:

Biden is beloved by everyone except supporters of Gabbard, Yang, Williamson, and Sanders.  Hmm, what do those four candidates have in common?

The 8 Joe Sestak supporters seem like an agreeable bunch.  They like all the other candidates more than they like Sestak.

Biden, Beto, and Buttigieg supporters generally like everyone.

In contrast, Gabbard supporters despise everyone who isn't Gabbard.  Especially Biden, at -79% approval.  Even poor Bernie, who made Gabbard the centeral figure of his campaign in 2016 and still has Gabbard as a fellow in the "Sanders Institute", has -30% approval from Gabbard supporters.

Sanders supporters dislike everyone who isn't Sanders, Warren, or Yang.
Williamson supporters dislike everyone who isn't Williamson, Sanders, Warren, or... Buttigieg.
Yang supporters dislike everyone who isn't Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, or Booker
But the Williamson and Yang supporters also don't like each other.

Gabbard and Williamson are the two most-hated candidates in the race by a country mile.  On the contrary, the other joke candidate, Andrew Yang, is generally well-received.  Even Gabbard supporters hate Yang less than they do the other candidates.  It seems only Delaney supporters truly dislike him.

Biden gets +26% approval from Warren supporters, but -27% from Sanders supporters.  Given that these two candidates have basically the same policies, something other than policy must be explaining that 53% approval rating gap.  I wonder what it could be?  What a mystery.
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