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January 25, 2021, 11:35:45 PM

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Author Topic: Every third party which won a state in a presidential election  (Read 375 times)
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Thurmond's support was interesting as he did extremely well in the states he won and got absolutely crushed everywhere else. His best state that he didn't win was Georgia, where he only got 20%. This was likely because many upper south politicians wanted to still maintain an influence within the national party.
Also here is how I think Thurmond-like voters went in every election after.
1952 and 1956- Mostly Stevenson, though some definitely supported Eisenhower. (Including Strom himself.)
1960- Kennedy or unpledged
1964 Goldwater
1968 Wallace (Though Strom himself supported Nixon)
1972 Nixon
1976 Hard to say. The suburbs in the deep south favored Ford, but everything else favored Carter.
1980 Similar to 76 actually. Reagan won all but two southern states, but most were by only 1-3 percent.
1984 and 1988 GOP
1992 and 1996 GOP, but Clinton probably got a few.
I think we all know who won them after.

most of them are deceased now
Yeah, they'd have to be in their 90's by now at least. Of course, Strom himself managed to get just over the line and turn 100, while still in office (though leaving by that point)

IIRC there was some discussion of Thurmond voters on this forum during the 2008 election. The answer to the question of "where are they now" is "mostly dead" because the youngest Thurmond voters are 92 (remember that the voting age was 21 back then).
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