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June 24, 2024, 11:57:04 AM
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Author Topic: The Dance of Death - Gameplay Thread (1215)  (Read 13928 times)
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Whereby the terms of the Emperor Otto IV's reconciliation to Holy Church are agreed thus:

I The Emperor Otto shall enter Rome alone and on foot for a papal audience, be shriven clean and do penance at the hands of the Holy Father.

II The Emperor will yield up the Imperial crown, the German and the Italian kingdoms back into the Pope's hands. He shall receive them all back again upon all customary conditions, after a vow no longer to interfere in Italian affairs against the Pope's word.

III The Emperor Otto shall receive the ancient Tuscan lands and honours appertaining to the House of Welf, to hold in fief from the Holy See. King Frederick and his cousins, including the future Empress Beatrice, shall receive their ancestral rights in Swabia, to hold from the Emperor Otto.

IV The Emperor Otto shall pay to Holy Church a feudal relief worthy of empire.

V The Emperor Otto shall exchange with King Frederick the Kiss of Peace and marry his kinswoman Beatrice without delay.

VI The Emperor Otto shall pledge to depart speedily upon Crusade, first in Spain, and subsequently in the Holy Land.

VII The Emperor Otto shall support the declared intention his uncle of England to release the Pope's beloved daughter in Christ Eleanor, Duchess of Brittany, to her rightful domain, and allow her Breton vassals liberty of which crown, England or France, to pay homage, or whether to stand wholly independent.

VIII Agnes of the Palatinate shall be betrothed and in time married to the Pope's kinsman Rinaldo di Jenne.

IX The Emperor Otto shall lead his forces out of Italy in good order, bound for Spain, and without intimidation or politicking among the princes of northern Italy. In Spain the Emperor is to respect the rights of all existing Christian sovereigns, especially the Papacy's beloved son the King of Aragon.

X The Emperor Otto shall understand that if he agrees to all of these terms wholly and faithfully, we shall be as amiable as we have ever been, and the Papacy will support his reforms and rights as a sovereign under God.

XI The Emperor Otto will vow to respect the existing rights of the Electors and other princes and bishops, and to consult them upon great matters. This clause is advised by the Pope in good faith as the best way to achieving the reforms desired by the Emperor.

XII The Emperor will support the King of Denmark in godly and just wars against the heathen, but not against his fellow Christians of Scandinavia. Nor shall the Emperor grant aid, comfort or sympathy to the false Bishop of Bremen.

XIII The King of Sicily or his nominee will be rewarded for his part in assisting this peaceful state of affairs by becoming Papal Vicar in Lombardy.

x Innocenzo

x Otto IV
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