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Author Topic: UK General Election 2019 - Manifesto Thread  (Read 1085 times)
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« on: June 29, 2019, 11:04:34 am »


Each party leader has until 11:59 PM on Wednesday, July 3 to publish the manifesto of their respective party. All that manifesto needs to contain is the five key pledges of the party, with the following basic template:

Five Pledge Party Manifesto:
1 - Pledge one
2 - Pledge two
3 - Pledge three
4 - Pledge four
5 - Pledge five

If you want to add a foreword or a slogan ("the many, not the few", "strong and stable", "take back control") go ahead, but five manifesto points is the limit. Any more will result in complaints of being "too wonkish" and any fewer will result in complaints of "being too thin on policy". You don't want to have to answer "Where's the beef" charged in Turn One.
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« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2019, 07:37:55 pm »

Labour: Together with Pride

Creating an Economy that works for All

Appoint a Minister for Mutuals under the Department for Business,
who will oversee a strengthened Inclusive Economy Unit to introduce
reforms to laws governing cooperative enterprises, which suffer from
too much red-tape.

Support legislation that creates a British “Marcora Law”, like that in Italy,
that allows employee buyouts of closing or bankrupt companies.

Increase the minimum wage to £10.50 to make up for the failure of
successive Governments to raise it with inflation and create a real living

Raise the minimum apprenticeship wage to £6.80 an hour to ensure
that apprentices are not just used for cheap labour.

Introduce a bold reform to vacation time, that would see workers
receive an additional four weeks vacation time, that would be
non-mandatory and unpaid, on top of the current requirement. If
workers decide to not take these four weeks, each week will be
“bought out” by the company for 2% of their annual income. This will
see workers receive an extra 2% of their annual income for each of the
four weeks they did not take at the end of the year.

Implement twelve paid Absence Days a year for workers. These are
only for short term illnesses that last for one or two days.

Learning From the Best

Move away from a curriculum based on memorisation and
examination, to focus more on coursework and vocational training.
Reducing the number of national exams and ending requirements
for annual testing for pre-GCSE students, instead giving teachers
the option to hold an exam if they feel it would be beneficial.

Create a real alternative to sixth form and college for less academic
students, by creating T-Levels, a qualification of the same value
as an A-Level for vocational education. Look at creating new
institutions to focus on post-16 vocational training.

Establish a school digitalisation task force. This task force will
create a larger strategy on how to incorporate digitalisation to
schools, files, and homework as well as daily life.

 Replace PSHE with a new “Life Skills” curriculum.

 Remove tax-free charity status from private schools to end the
subsidisation of education for a wealthy minority, and redirect that
money to state schools.

Require that all teachers have a masters degree, and ensure this is
affordable for all.

Tighten teacher selection, improve teacher training, and raise teacher

 Teachers should be offered regular health assessments by school
health practitioners.

Ensure that teachers are being offered regular training opportunities
and courses on new technology, topics, or techniques that they might find
useful in the classroom.

 Reform the national curriculum to give teachers far greater
autonomy and independence to teach to the needs of their students.

An Inclusive Nation

Fight all legislation that would harm or disparage immigrants.
Abolish the strict minimum income threshold for non-EU spouses
and children and other anti-family reunification policies.

Repeal unjust requirements on adult dependent relatives so
families can be together.

Create Right to Rent Consultative Panel which will monitor and
evaluate the unfair Right to Rent scheme.

 Expand the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme to
offer a new, safe home to 50,000 during the next Parliament.

Take in 3,000 unaccompanied refugee children and offer these
children indefinite leave to remain, so they are not deported at 18.

Offer asylum to LGBTQ+ individuals fleeing countries where they are
at risk of persecution or punishment.

Legislate to prohibit the cross-examination of a victim of domestic
or sexual abuse by their alleged attacker in any court proceedings.

Protect legal aid funding and ensure that all who need it receive it.

Protecting our NHS

Invest 50 billion over 5 years into the NHS
Oppose any and all privatisation of the NHS and begin to reduce
private influence in our NHS.

Formulate a ten-year funding plan, in coordination with our service’s
top executives and experts, based on projected costs over the next

Require that NHS trusts deliver an annual report to the Department
of Health on their use of private services.

Cap the amount of private profit that can be made from our health

Set up a global recruitment drive to ensure that our NHS continues to
be fully staffed and explore options to increase the number
of medical professionals trained in the UK.

Require NHS boards to create local improvement strategies, and
that NHS England has a national strategy.

Rescuing Forgotten Communities

Introduce a de-industrialisation impact fund to help communities that
have deteriorated due to the loss of industry.

Support a Blue New Deal initiative which works to revitalise
coastal towns.

Introduce Community Development Funding, a targeted grant provided
to local government to help in the redevelopment of destitute and
deprived areas.

Introduce new regulations to prevent the sale and purchase of homes
using funds that originate from corrupt or criminal foreign dealings
through Unexplained Wealth Orders.

Empower local authorities to clear blighted and derelict buildings and
build new council homes in their place.

Build 300,000 councils homes every year to address the urgent need for
new housing across the country.

Refurbish existing council homes to meet modern standards in regards
to safety, the environment and quality of life.

Introduce a “Housing First” policy on homelessness, which prioritises
giving rough sleepers a place to live to help address long term issues, and
give those without a home first priority on social housing waiting

OOC Note: I didn't do this alone, I got a lot of help from friends of mine from the UK, and I couldn't have done this without them.
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« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2019, 01:48:16 am »


The Brexit Party Stands in Opposition to UKIP's Cult of Personality and Drift to the Far Right
Nigel Farage has taken UKIP down an unsustainable path. The Party is based entirely around Mr. Farage and his will. Brexiteers need a party that will be able to stand the test of time beyond a single man's political career and Idealogical leanings.
In addition, the UKIP party is one increasingly associated with the far right of Britain. The Brexit Party is one that will allow all those opposed to remaining in the EU to vote for a party without knowing their vote will be going towards supporting one man's ideology and beliefs.

Staunchly Opposing A Second Referendum
Some in the ruling class of Westminster have forgotten the 17.4 million Britons who made their voices known by voting to oppose the EU in June 2016. We haven't. We will make sure that those votes are not disrespected in Westminster. We will uphold the integrity of the elections where voters made it known they wanted independence from the EU.

Becoming a home for all Brexiteers
The Brexit Party is a party which supporters of an exit from the European Union can vote for knowing they are not throwing their support behind Nigel Farage's Far Right Brexit Party. We know that many people who voted for Brexit also cast ballots for Labor in previous elections and would again based on polling, likely knowing they'd have to sacrifice their ideology to support UKIP and being unable to do it and having to support a Remainer MP in the Process. We're here to give these people a home as well.

A More Fair Britain
Our Country Should look after its own and we would do so by ensuring that the economy of Britain is Strong and Fair. We plan to lower tax rates to ensure a low cost of living for Britons while cracking down on Corporate Tax dodging to ensure they handle their fair share rather than dumping it on every day working people. In addition, The Brexit Party Will ensure small businesses are given an opportunity to succeed by:
- Cutting business rates by 20 percent for
the 1.5 million British businesses operating
from premises with a rateable value of less
than £50,000
- Making HM Revenue and Customs investigate
big businesses or public sector bodies that
repeatedly make late payments to smaller
customers. Fines proportionate to the amount
of delayed payments will be levied, and will
escalate for repeat offenders

Coastal Town Recovery
The Brexit Party is fully committed to reversing the decline in Britain's coastal towns. We will not forget those who live in the vital coastal communities of Britain. We will create both coastal towns taskforce and a Coastal Economic Zone to incentivize entrepreneurship in and visitation to these crucial areas. In addition, any small business in an Economic Zone that qualifies for the tax cut mentioned in the pledge above will receive a 50% cut rather than a 20% one. All of this combined with the exit of Britain from the EU will hopefully revitalize the Local tourist and Fishing economies of Britain's Coasts
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« Reply #3 on: June 30, 2019, 04:11:12 pm »
« Edited: June 30, 2019, 05:28:29 pm by Hacked by Koreans. »

2019: UKIP Manifesto: Britain First, Last, and Always.

A Vision Beyond Brexit.
The United Kingdom Independence Party stands alone in this election as the only party that can both achieve Brexit and bring Britain into a new era of independence and sovereignty. Unlike the Liberal Democrats or the Conservatives, UKIP has historically stood for Britain's interests over Brussels. Unlike the Labor Party, we offer not a return to the tired socialist stagnation of 'seventies Britain but rather a pass to prosperity. Unlike the regionalists who seek to breakup Britain, UKIP seeks to better Britain rather than break it up. And unlike the Brexit breakaway group, UKIP has the actual ability to deliver on it's promise.

The British people recognize what Westminster does not; that our politics are broken. As the driving force beyond the movement which manifested Brexit as the ballot-box, UKIP offers a bold agenda to return Britain to her rightful status as a sovereign and independent actor on the world stage. The UKIP provides an alternative to the status quo to all British voters, whether they be ex Tories, former Liberals, Labour refugees, or members of no party all. We seek to bring in the disaffected, the disgusted, and the marginalized - many of whom have never voted before Brexit at all - to form a united front to bring Britain out of Europe and into the future.

A Party of Principles, Not Personalities.

Unlike the Brexit Party, which has become a home to fringe far-right figures united around an agenda of trolling and snarky irony, the United Kingdom Independence Party actually can bring about Brexit, and we have the record to prove it. Many of Nuttal's claims, from UKIP being a "personality cult" to his claiming to have been a survivor of the Hillsborough disaster, are both regrettable and likewise embarrassing. The United Kingdom Independence firmly disavows the support of any parasitic elements within the broader Brexit movement, such as street toughs like Tommy Robinson or ex members of the National Front. This party is a home for those who seek to better Britain; anyone seeking a home for hate need not apply. The claims made by Mr. Nuttall are merely the verbalized symptoms of a serial liar.

Our Agenda.
We voted. We won. And we'll deliver.

Those calling for a second referendum are simply anti-democratic elements who are out of touch with the working class. The United Kingdom Independence Party firmly commits ourselves against any such attempt by the political class to enforce their will on the British people. Likewise, UKIP condemns such a proposed "re-vote" as an attack on the integrity of our elections, which could pose a serious and dangerous precedent.

UKIP will not support anything less than Brexit; it is the policy of this party that "Brexit means Brexit," deal or no deal. Unlike the other major parties represented in parliament, only UKIP alone represents those who truly desire an independent United Kingdom. But we have a vision beyond Brexit, the only such party to offer a plan that is based around the reality that the United Kingdom will be leaving the European Union.

So how do we do that?

  • Reject Article 50 and repeal the European Communities Act of 1972, meaning Brexit will be executed under our laws and not theirs.
  • If Europe seeks a deal, then Europe must come to our table rather and deal with us on our own terms.
  • Prevent British armed forces from any and all participation in the EU Defense scheme.
  • Implement legislation cancelling all future EU elections in the UK; MEPs from Britain hold no legitimate reason to continue on in Brussels, and all UKIP MEPs will in the future vote against all legislation within the European Parliament that strengthens Brussels control over Europe until the process of Brexit is entirely completed.

A Vote for UKIP is a vote for responsible immigration policies.
The rise of Jihadist terrorism within Europe and inside the United Kingdom, from Nice to Manchester, from Paris to Cologne, are the results of the EU's open borders policies. The United Kingdom Independence Party is wholly committed to bringing British borders under British control, to ensure that those who seek to do harm to the British people are kept out while those who seek to better Britain are allowed in. We are not afraid of any allegations that will undoubtedly be unfurled against UKIP during this election - we are a party that welcomes all people who want British control of British laws, and will continue to fight against the globalist establishment and their media propagandist fellow travelers.

  • Hire 4,000 new staff at the Border Agency.
  • Establish a Migrant Control Commission to regulate the influx of new arrivals.
  • Implement an Australian style "points system" and work-permit plan.
  • Maintain our current arrangement with the Republic of Ireland; otherwise repeal and replace all agreements which threaten British control over British borders.
  • Continue efforts to curtail terrorism from both foreign and domestic radicals of all stripes.

Quality Healthcare for All Citizens.
Though there are a number of hangups within the NHS, the United Kingdom Independence Party is resolutely in favor of retaining and reforming the NHS to ensure that all citizens and residents of the United Kingdom are receiving quality care.

  • Eliminate the Medical School cap to ensure that 10,000 new GPs can be hired by the NHS.
  • Hire 25,000 more nurses and a further 5,000 midwifes to ensure the best maternity care for new mothers and newborn infants.
  • Spend an additional eleven billion pounds on the NHS, particularly in regards to hiring additional staff and medical experts.

A Foreign Policy that puts Britain First.
The failures of Labour in Iraq and the Tories in Libya shows that further British intervention in overseas conflicts will result in only further influxes of displaced migrants. A UKIP government will fight for British sovereignty alone, and will not use our military offensively against other nations who do not cow to the agenda of Brussels. A vote for UKIP is a vote for both strength and peace.

  • Withdrawal British forces from the European Defense Pact.
  • Reject neo-conservatism and embrace the truth: Britain cannot bomb people into democracy.
  • Stand up to Russian interference in British domestic squabbles while continuing to reach out to Moscow in the pursuit of better relations and greater cooperation on security concerns. A Britain that is respected abroad is a Britain that is strong and safe.
  • Retain British territory integrity from the Falklands to Gibraltar.

Jobs and Opportunity for Britain.
The Great Recession was a serious setback for working families, many of whom are still struggling to make ends meet over a decade after the financial crisis. We are committed to lowering the tax burden on working class people and on job creators, and will similarly address Britain's ballooning debt.

  • Create a Coastal Enterprise Zone to continue economic development in particularly blighted and forgotten communities. Through tax cuts, repeal of over burdensome regulation, and austere spending directed at British foreign aid and defense programs, these programs and many more can be funded fully.
  • Raise the personal allowance to 13,500 pounds, ensuring that all British citizens will have the ability to meet their own needs before being forced to pay their taxes.
  • Close all loopholes used by corporations to dodge paying their fair share in taxes.
  • Oppose any "divorce settlement" with Europe; not a single pound will be surrendered to Brussels in exchange for Brexit.
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« Reply #4 on: June 30, 2019, 07:04:33 pm »

Change UK Manifesto:
Time for Change in Britain!


British politics is broken today. The old political parties have drifted to the ideological extremes and proved unable to govern competently, compassionately and in the national interest, neglecting to stand up and fight for the people of Britain in order to dance to the tune of extreme right or extreme left-wing politics. Change UK was born from the belief that our broken politics needed to change and that you deserved to have a proper alternative, and in joining forces we have decided to take a stand against the Coalition of Chaos so real, meaningful and positive change comes to Britain.

Time for Change is the basis of our call, as we believe Britain needs Hope, not Fear.

The present government, our weak Prime Minister and the incompetent Brexiteers have failed to lead and failed to govern. By acting through fear they have divided our communities, by putting their narrow self-interest before the country they have led us to chaos, by embracing extremism they have left Mainstream Britain behind. And the present opposition, divided, confused and under pressure, has also failed to stand up to Nigel Farage and the politics of hate.

Britain deserves better. You deserve better. That is why a new political alternative is necessary to give hope to those who have lost their trust in politics, to fight for change across the nation, to secure a second referendum and stop Brexit, to reform our broken politics, to protect the environment, to keep Britain safe and strong, to fight poverty and injustice through a social market economy, to renew our public services and to protect the union through a Federal United Kingdom.

The millions of people who feel let down by current politics, who are tired of mindless tribalism, who want to see radical change in this country, and who do not feel represented by the older parties can't wait any longer. It is time for change, for hope and for renewal in the UK, and it is our commitment to deliver it.

Send the broken old parties a message, vote Change UK.

Rt. Hon. Anna Soubry MP

Manifesto Pledges:

1. Time to Stop Brexit

By any objective measure Brexit has been an umtimigated disaster, and the politics of fear and hate of the Coalition of Chaos have left Britain more divided than ever and in course for a disastrous and unacceptable no-deal scenario. Change UK believes the only way out of the present deadlock is to ask the people directly in a People's Vote, and will fight to secure that referendum, to reject and block a no-deal Brexit at every opportunity and revoke Article 50 if needed be, and to unequivocally campaign to Remain in the European Union so Britain continues to enjoy its benefits and promote reform with a seat in the table.

2. Time for a Prosperous Nation

Inequality, poverty and a lack of decent jobs remains a great problem for ordinary Britons, and the old parties have failed to offer radical and effective solutions to these issues. We believe in remaining in the EU to enjoy the economic benefits of the Single Market, we believe in transforming our present Economy of Despair into a Social Market Economy which promotes fairness, balance and stability, investing in public services, fosters individual freedom, removes the barriers of poverty and fights for well-paid, secure work; an economy in which well-regulated private enterprise can reward aspiration and drive economic progress the government has the responsibility to ensure the proper use of the taxpayer's money.

3. Time to Protect the Environment

The legacy of the Coalition of Chaos when it comes to protecting our Environment has been one of sheer neglect and dangerous self-denial. Britain needs strong pro-environment leadership that takes the lead at home and abroad to safeguard our planet. We stand in favor of sustainable development, stronger international cooperation, reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2030, transitioning away from new petrol/diesel cars, phase out non-essential single-use plastics by 2025 and support a diverse renewable energy base for the UK. The time to act is now, and Britain can't risk the enormous environmental damage that Brexit or another Farage-controlled government could cause.

4. Time to Reform a Broken Political System

Despite the highly positive introduction of proportional representation in the UK the behavior of the old parties in Westminster has forced people to lose faith in politics, and the blind passion of the Coalition of Chaos for a destructive no-deal Brexit has put the Union at immense risk. Now more than ever we need to renew hope in politics and preserve the Union, which is why we support reforming the House of Lords into a fully elected body, giving 16-year olds the right to vote, devolving more power and representation to local communities and pursing radical constitutional reform to preserve the Union via the institution of a federal United Kingdom via referendums. Politics is in need for reform, and we plan to deliver.

5. Time to keep Britain safe

Our great country is one we can rightly be proud of, and it is the first duty of government to defend the people. Be through Brexit, isolation policies or large-scale defence and police cuts the old parties have left the UK and its citizens less safe and more in danger, and it is time we reverse the damage they have caused. We will support maintaining our nuclear deterrent, reversing defence and police cuts, increasing international development spending, standing up with NATO, and working on a collective basis with our European partners and the global community to tackle inequality, poverty, climate change, security and other crucial issues. Britain can and must provide positive, forward-thinking leadership in the world.

1.) Original Image:
BBC One, Party Election Broadcasts: Change UK - The Independent Group, modified.
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« Reply #5 on: July 02, 2019, 01:32:20 am »
« Edited: July 02, 2019, 02:44:34 pm by Councilor Suburban New Jersey Conservative »

Liberal Democrat Manifesto

1. A Second Brexit Referendum

The Liberal Democrats believe that the United Kingdom should hold a second Brexit referendum. We believe that now that Britons are aware of the risks of leaving the European Union, they can now make a better decision. Our party promises that the results of this second referendum will the final say on the question of leaving or rejoining the European Union.

2. Defending the NHS

The Liberal Democratic Party pledges to defend the National Healthcare System from attacks and we will also strengthen it. Our party pledges to increase funding for the NHS by 100 billion pounds. We also pledge to build 500 new hospitals across Britain

3. Free Trade is Fair Trade

The Liberal Democratic Party pledges to keep free trade open to all of our trading partners. We also will refuse to impose tariffs or other trade restrictions on major exporters like China and Japan. Even if the United Kingdom were to leave the European Union, the Liberal Democrats pledge to keep free trade open with the European Union.

4. Investing in Education

The Liberal Democratic Party believes that education is the future of this nation. We pledge to invest 100 billion pounds into the public school system. We will increase funding for higher education by 25%. We also pledge to built 500 new schools across this nation, especially in the rural areas of Wales and Scotland.

5. Protecting Unions

The Liberal Democratic Party remains committed to the labor movement. We pledge to protect labor unions and their rich legacy. Our party pledges to defend collective bargaining and closed shops. We will fight any attempt to create free riders, including any right-to-work laws, that may be imposed. We will protect the rights of this country’s working class from the greedy corporations.
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« Reply #6 on: July 02, 2019, 05:13:52 am »

Green party: For the Common Good

Action on Climate Change

The climate is changing and presents an existential threat to humanity. We need to acton on this now. The Green Party has developed the New Energy Plan, which will not only kickstart Britain's Hydrogen industry, but ensure an expansion of our wind and solar farms. The Plan will also create training programs for workers in fossil fuel industries to be retrained for jobs in the renewable energy sector. The Green Party will pass a Biodiversity Protection Act to protect our wildlife, and a propaer Environmental Protection Act to cut down on emmissions, and will ensure a carbon-neutral economy by 2030

Politcal Reform

The Green Party pledges to introduce the Additional Member System, similar to the kind used to elect the Scottish, Welsh and London Assemblies. Such a system will ensure that each party receives the representation in parliament that is denied under the current system. A Parliamentary Transparency Act will also be championed by the Greens to ensure that all actions, votes and donations for MPs publicly accessible. As always, the Green Party stands for making the House of Lords an elected body and federalising the United Kingdom


We cannot ignore the fact that nearly 30% of voters, as well as those under the age of 18 were not represented in the referendum. The Green Party favours a second referendum, and allowing 16 year olds to vote in it. Regardless of the result of such a referendum, the Green Party pledges to stand by the result as the final word on Britain's status on the European Union

Expanding the NHS

It is not simply enough to defend the NHS. It must be further expanded. The Green Party will fight for a massive expansion in funding to the NHS as well as the establishment of high-quality hospitals all around the nation. The Green Party will enact laws that will make any efforts to privatise such a critical service illegal. Finally, the Green party will commit to raised wages for all hospital staff. Let it be known that we stand with our doctors and nurses, and not against them.

Information Highway

The Green Party will ensure internet access to all parts of the United Kingdom by establishing a National Broadband Service responsible to the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. This will ensure high internet speeds and eas of access to all parts of the country, creating an ease of communication and far greater opportunities for learning.
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« Reply #7 on: July 02, 2019, 07:19:23 pm »
« Edited: July 02, 2019, 07:23:09 pm by YPestis25 »

Conservative Party Manifesto: Our Best Days Are Ahead

I . Respecting the Will of the People and Delivering Brexit

The people have voted and their will must be respected. A dangerous precedent will be set if this nation undertakes to hold a second referendum. The citizens of this United Kingdom have entrusted their government with the monumental task of negotiating an agreement with the European Union, and only the Tories are up to the task.

Her Majesty’s Government must delivered an equitable departure from the European Union, not just for those who voted for the United Kingdom to exit the European Union, but for those who voted to remain. This decision is one of the most important of our history and must be carried out by the party with a history of sound government. Entrusting the decision making of this process to another untested Leave party, or even worse a party which seeks to undo the will of the people would be disastrous.

II . Continued British Strength Abroad and a Renewed Commonwealth

Brexit, despite its challenges, has presented the United Kingdom with a series of bountiful opportunities abroad. British sovereignty, authority, and influence abroad has been vigorously maintained by this government, and will continue to be expanded in the next parliament. Our departure from the European Union has given us the chance to seek and secure not just closer ties with the Commonwealth of Nations but also with the Anglosphere as a whole. These are opportunities that a Conservative government will pursue with vigour.

III . A Modern and Thriving Economy

While the past years have seen renewed strength since Conservatives have taken the reigns of government, much work remains to be done. Private investment must be encouraged in struggling regions and communities through tax abatements and business must be given the breadth it needs in order to best succeed. With continued sound Conservative policies, economic growth will assuredly continue apace, and we will build an economy that works for every citizen of our nation.

IV . A Restored Social and Political Contract

It is imperative that the United Kingdom remain United, and it remains the Conservative policy to oppose independence referenda in any constituent part of the United Kingdom or her overseas territories. Our nation is greater than the simple sum of its parts.

It is also critical that now, in times of financial well being that Her Majesty’s Government undertakes steps to ensure the continuation of the social programs which service not just those most in need but all of us. The efforts which the Conservative ministry and its coalition partners have taken on this problem have made significant progress in ensuring that these programs remain viable far into the future, and reelecting the government to another term will secure these gains for years to come.

V . Security at Home

The modern age comes with challenges and opportunities. Chief among the former is the subject of national security. In the new term, a Conservative led government will invest new resources into developing new and improved cyber security techniques. Our government will be protected from any and all foreign threats.

Moreover, policies designed to combat domestic terrorism will continue, and in places where these policies are lacking, will be augmented to guarantee that every British citizen from Dover to Orkney can live their lives with the expectation of safety.
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« Reply #8 on: July 02, 2019, 07:57:30 pm »

Plaid's Platform Highlights

I: Invest in Wales

II: Expand Welsh Language Classes

III: More Freedom for Wales

IV: Welsh TV Channel in Welsh

V: Welsh Independence

VI: Brexit Referendum

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« Reply #9 on: July 03, 2019, 09:16:08 am »

Scottish National Party Manifesto: A voice for Scotland

An Independent Scotland

A vote for the SNP is a vote for a referendum on independence. Our demands for self determination have been brushed aside many times by the major parties in Westminster. A victory for the SNP is the only way to send a strong message to Westminster that Scotland wants a choice on Independence.

The SNP campaigns vigorously for independence and Scottish self-determination. We are the only party with a detailed plan for an independent Scotland that is fair, prosperous and more equal.

Keeping Scotland in the European Union

Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union, there is no mandate for a hard Blue-KIP Brexit in Scotland. A vote for the SNP is the best way to send a message to Westminster that Scotland has to remain in the EU. 80,000 Scottish jobs rely on Scotland's membership of the Single Market. A leaked Government memo revealed that the Tories see Scotland's oil industry as a low priority, and our fishing industry as a medium priority. Only the SNP will stand up for Scotland's jobs in the face of a far right Brexit.

Ending Austerity and Supporting our Public Services

The Tories have implemented savage cuts to our public services and programs helping the vulnerable. The Tories have cut Scottish government spending by £2.9 billion in real terms since they took power. This has resulted in a huge increase in inequality, the biggest since Thatcher. A vote for the SNP will send a strong message that Scotland opposes austerity. Our plan is to invest £118 billion into our economy to stimulate the economy and restore our public services to top quality.

Fighting Inequality and Poverty

The SNP is committed to fighting against inequality and poverty. Our MPs will vigorously oppose cuts to benefits, end the freeze on increases in benefit rates and support the scrapping of the two child cap on tax credits. We will also protect the Triple Lock on pensions and increase the minimum wage to a living wage so that people can support themselves. A vote for the SNP is a vote to rid Scotland of poverty.

Creating Fair Jobs and Boosting Scotland's Economy

The SNP will double the Employment Allowance, incentivising businesses to increase employment. We will also stand with Unions and vote to repeal the Trade Union Act of 2016 which made collective action much harder. We also support a ban on zero-hours contracts which exploit workers with insecure employment. We will also work to protect jobs which rely on our membership of the European Union by stopping Brexit. Through investment and engagement, the SNP has safeguarded and created thousands of jobs. A vote for the SNP is a vote for more jobs, more secure jobs and jobs with fairer pay.

Image source: www.snp.org
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« Reply #10 on: July 04, 2019, 12:28:33 am »

Sinn Féin Manifesto:
One Vision, One Future, One Ireland


1. One Europe

Europe needs to change. In the last ten years, the administration of the bloc has been one disaster after another, as Brussels imposes policies of austerity, deregulation, and privatization that have compounded the damage done by the 2008 financial crisis. The rise of far-right parties and the erosion of the people's faith in democracy is the predictable result of these blunders.

Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom took a bad situation and made it worse. The Tory Brexit plan would keep everything that is broken in our relationship with Europe and give up all the benefits of membership in the bloc. Sinn Féin supports designated special status for the North within the European Union that would allow the North to remain part of the Customs Union and Single Market and preserve free movement across Ireland. The only other alternative to Brexit is unification.

2. One Ireland

Sinn Féin supports a referendum on Irish unity within the next five years. A half-decade of neglect and mismanagement from Westminster has proved what we knew all along: partition was wrong, it has failed, and our future lies in a free, democratic, and united Ireland.

The possibility of a Tory-led Brexit threatens to reinforce partition by once again drawing a hard border across Ireland. A vote for Sinn Féin in this election will strengthen the call to end partition and begin the peaceful and democratic reunification of Ireland.

3. Ending Austerity

Over the last seven years, the Tory-DUP coalition in Westminster has cut hundreds of millions from vital public services in the North, including devastating cuts to healthcare and education. While the poorest were left to fend for themselves, Andrea Leadsom and Arlene Foster passed massive tax breaks for the wealthy in their continued campaign to stack the deck in favor of the upper classes. Unlike the other parties, who have all been complicit in the Tory "Rich Man's Government," Sinn Féin believes that public services should be funded in full and that all people should have the support they need to maintain a decent standard of living. We will continue to defend those most in need and fight to end the Tory austerity program.

4. Restoring the Executive

Two years ago, the people endorsed Sinn Féin's call for an end to corruption and inequality. Since then, Sinn Féin has engaged in talks to restore the executive in the spirit of transparency and mutual respect. The blame for the breakdown in negotiations lays squarely at the feet of the Tory party and the DUP, who through their obstructionism and refusal to negotiate in good faith have chosen to impose undemocratic rule from Westminster against the wishes of the people.

Sinn Féin will work to fully implement the Good Friday Agreement and restore the executive on the basis of integrity, equality, and respect. We additionally call for passage of an Irish Language Act and legislation to establish marriage equality.

5. Fighting for Working People

Cuts to vital public services, a reckless approach to Brexit, and a blatant for the democratic process all serve to illustrate the contempt in which the Tory-DUP coalition holds the working people of the North. The Tory Brexit plan would be devastating to our economy, imposing costly tariffs and other barriers restricting trade with Europe. Simultaneously, they would end workers' rights protections found in the EU law, including rulings by the European Court of Justice protecting equal pay for women.

Sinn Féin will fight to ensure the North's continued access to EU markets, promote fair trade, and ensure continued protection of labor and worker's rights. We support an All-Ireland Bill of Rights and maintaining Common Agriculture Policy payments, and oppose any effort to re-establish a hard border across Ireland.

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