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These threads need to be merged. Or at least have the one with a poll be moved to Individual Discussion.

NOVA Green:
Can we merge the International General Discussion thread:


with the US General Discussion thread:


Both essentially involve the current situation within Iran as a result of the recent US killing of one of the most powerful Iranian Generals, who was also tight with the Political Formations within the Country....

Corona-virus megathread ?

Or a sub-forum to contain the infection from spreading.






and a new one. They are appearing in new areas where we were not predicting any Corona-virus to exist:


Just put the coronavirus threads together.


Can we move the dumb tweets on COVID-19, and I am not disputing their dumbness by any means, from this thread:


and place them in this thread:


I have noticed people just going into the Master Sticky thread and dumping really dumb tweets on a daily basis, and derailing the thread from actual discussion of the science around Corona-virus.
So people are not getting any meaningful answers to their questions, no discussion of vaccine development or antibody testing etc.

It's the same old Atlas - "Trump Tweet", "Oh I'm offended", "How could he say that?" over and over and over and over and over again on a daily basis.

These posts offer no scientific or intellectual value to the discussion. It's all simply a partisan act which does not further the conversation and makes the thread difficult to flow. For example, Jim posted some stats on the Corona-virus in the thread and Badger labels him a scoundrel. Badger is not offering any scientific knowledge or merit to the discussion. Negativism of any individual should not be the basis of this forum when people present data. Maybe that is a common tactic in the legal world, but it's not that way with science.

If people want to read dumb tweets from what Trump allegedly said, that is great and they are free to express, but at least they will have their own sticky thread to do it in.

And then we can actually discuss the virus itself.


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