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Author Topic: Save The Chimps  (Read 182 times)
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« on: July 29, 2018, 12:24:39 am »

Help save Chimps by recycling electronics with rare earth minerals!

Here's the problem. Most cell phones and other electronics are made using rare minerals found in the Congo basin, especially tantalum or coltan, but also tin, tungsten, and gold. This region is also where a lot of chimpanzees, gorillas, and other endangered species live. In addition, violent conflicts have killed millions of people trying to fight over these minerals. They log the forests, destroying habitats, and facilitate easier access for poachers, illegal miners, and hunters who want to sell chimp and gorilla meat (disgusting!) While the people mining these minerals are doing so for money, it is not a sustainable way to make a living, and could lead to the extinction of some of the most intelligent and joyful creatures on our planet.

Chimpanzees aren't just our closest relative (98% of our DNA is shared). They also have been documented to pass down culture and traditions among different chimp groups. Chimps in different regions of Africa use different kinds of tools, greet each other in different ways, and have different traditions than chimps from other regions. They are a species with distinct cultures! They are empathetic, capable of altruism, and many different emotions. Unfortunately, their numbers have dwindled from over a million a hundred years ago to less than 300,000. They need our help!

With how common mobile phones and electronics have become to society - and for pretty much all of us - I think everyone here can connect the dots on how this is bad for chimps. I'm not asking people to stop using them obviously, but recycling old phones and electronics can go a long way toward reducing the demand for the minerals needed to create new ones. About 20% of coltan comes from recycled sources, but millions of phones are dumped each year. That number could be much higher.

And it couldn't be easier to recycle them. There are loads of great charities that will do it for you to contribute to causes like helping chimps, providing healthcare in the developing world, linking up soldiers with their families. If you'd rather get some sweet cash, you can do that too. And if you're super lazy, just take them to Best Buy and say you want to recycle. They will take pretty much anything! Just delete your info in the settings and you're all set.

Mail Your Phone to a Zoo to Help Chimps and Gorillas

Get free shipping to donate your phone to support healthcare in the developing world

Donate your phone to help soldiers keep in touch with their families

Trade in your phone online for some sweet cash!

Drop your phone in a local bucket for some sweet cash!

Take your phone to Best Buy!

This little guy needs our help!

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