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November 28, 2020, 03:01:50 PM
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Author Topic: OH-Survey USA: DeWine leads Cordray and Kucinich in the GE, Dem primary TIED  (Read 3867 times)
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« on: April 06, 2018, 12:31:13 PM »

I know you're trolling but lmao at Kucinich being fresh and new. But I'll use this as a chance to raise a point that I don't think gets brought up enough. A governor race and a senate and presidential race are three different ballgames. Bernie Sanders is a viable candidate for president because he is what the country needs going forward into the 2020s. Over the last 40 years, we've been in an era of Reaganomics that initially took power to combat the economic challenges in the late 1970's of high inflation. Around this time, the New Deal era had worn off, and a more socially oriented form of liberalism had emerged, largely because the middle class was actually thriving, as those issues became more important because the Baby Boomers became a higher portion of the electorate. This created a backlash, and the religious right infiltrated the GOP. And starting from the mid 70s and onward, what did they do? Push wedge issues like abortion, immigration, gay marriage, and school prayer in an attempt to divide the country up, thus creating the current levels of polarization. Meanwhile, the policies that the GOP (and to a lesser extent the now-defunct DLC wing of the Democratic party) have implemented have been a disaster for the middle class, with decreasing equality exchanged for faster economic growth. Eventually, the dam began to leek, starting in 2008 with the election of Obama and the election of Trump was another crack in the dam. However, both continued the failed status quo ideas of 1980 and onward (with some exceptions in Obama's case). Eventually, the dam will burst, bringing people together and someone with fundamentally alternative ideas to the status quo will acquire power. Right now, Bernie Sanders fits that bill the best in this country.

Now getting back on topic, this sort of transformation that the country needs just isn't possible at the state level, partially because you just can't run up deficits in a state like you can in a country. A GOP dominated state legislature like the one in Ohio will pass single payer over their dead body. Unlike Kucinich, Cordray has won statewide and has longtime executive experience working against GOP obstruction in DC and is pro-gun when his GOP opponent has an F rating from the NRA and IIRC has appeal to the SW part of the state. As for Senate races, there's more ideological flexibility in terms of viable candidates since a Senator does not have individual final say in decisions and thus has less personally responsibility than a governor or president. This is why Jerry Brown is a great governor of California but would be a mediocre senator. The opposite is likely true of someone like Kirsten Gillibrand for example.
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