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How about posters spreading misinformation about a pandemic, like that masks don't work?

Show me proof that masks work.

I don't care what the CDC says.  The CDC says Obama's party and BLM demonstrations/riots aren't superspreader events, but Sturgis is.  So show me studies that verify the efficacy of masks.  Statements by Dr. Fauci aren't studies.

Wise people accept statistical evidence. Does the abuse of children result in a higher likelihood of children becoming criminals? The correlation is so strong that one cannot deny it.

Does smoking contribute to early death from lung cancer and heart disease? The statistical evidence so suggests.

Does unprotected sex with complete strangers contribute to the spreading of HIV? We all saw the story. 

If I must choose between the well-contemplated statements of people well trained (by well-established criteria) in medical science about vaccines, masks, and social distancing and ideological hacks I will go with the people well trained in medicine who recognize both the difficulty of what they call for and the means of spreading a lethal disease. So it was with AIDS and so it is with COVID-19. The ideological criticism of the medical story about AIDS came at the time from the Left; the ideological criticism of the medical story about COVID-19 came from the Right. I may be old to remember both, but I'd say that I am fair. Using a condom during sex not for pregnancy and wearing a mask when the SARS-2 virus was or is running amok were good ideas at their appointed times.

Oh, by the way -- I do not smoke.


Show me the statistical evidence.

Statistical evidence for what? That unprotected sex spread HIV? That SARS-2 is communicable by breathing air from infected people? That smoking contributes to untimely death from cancer and heart disease?



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