Full 1960-2012 election coverage on this link if you rather watch that election

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Old School Republican:

If you rather watch old elections then today's , this link has all the elections from 1960-2012

I've watched 1960, 1968, and part of 1980.  It would have been more interesting if I didn't already know who was going to win and most of the states that the candidates won.

Terry the Fat Shark:
This is a Godsend

Old School Republican:
Quote from: Senator dfwlibertylover on November 08, 2016, 02:19:59 PM

This is a Godsend

Yup I rather watch these then today's

El muerdago es mortal si te lo comes:
Watching '76, '80, and '92.

Amazing how slanted the media are to one perceived side after '76, it truly is like an apocalypse.

Also amazing that apparently '48 had low turnout and it didn't hurt the Democrats and that may have been why Dewey lost...oh how times change.

Also amazing how in '76, there were theories even then about the top of the ticket's polling power... oh how things are the same.


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