ATTENTION: Motion to End Debate (Motion Suspended)


Unconditional Surrender Truman:
Alright, folks, here's where things stand:

         All proposals entered before this Convention have accordingly been brought to the floor, debated, and put to a vote;

         There are no further proposals currently on the floor;

         Debate has virtually ceased for the past 48 hours;

In light of this state of affairs, it is my opinion as Presiding Officer of this Convention that there is nothing left to say in the way of substantial additions or alterations to the proposed Constitution. I therefore motion to end all debate and proceed to a final vote.

If there are no objections in 24 hours, we will prepare the final draft of the proposed Constitution and move for a final vote on the entire document. I urge all delegates to consult the "Committee on Style" thread and propose all grammatical/stylistic changes as may be needed.

Adam Griffin:
I am going to have a couple of things that can hopefully be discussed (I already posted about two of them in the Style thread) as I continue to read through the current document and attempt to ensure there are no loose ends. Additionally, it may be necessary for us to vote/approve wording/spelling corrections as amendments to the document, if we are to be technical (for instance, specifying the actual article numbers and (hopefully) eliminating all of these redundant 18th century capitalizations).

Unconditional Surrender Truman:
In accordance with the wishes of the delegates, this motion has been suspended until further notice.


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