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« on: July 26, 2015, 05:27:25 PM »
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Today, Congressman John G. Schmitz of California announced his run for president. His spoke to a crowd announcing his candidacy here's his speech.

  "Today is a great day to be an American!! I'm here in Bakersfield California, to announce that I'm running for President as an Independent Candidate. Americans are sick and tired of our weak foreign and domestic policy of the communist Richard Nixon who's doing nothing about the communists who are foreign and domestic, he's established new federal agencies and destroyed our way of life. Richard Nixon, The Democrats, Republicans and George Wallace are all blatantly communist and want to destroy the American way of life, they've destroyed our heritage by allowing blacks to be in our schools, allowing evolution and other ungodly things being talked in our public schools and have let the communists win on every front. Americans, like me are sick and tired of this communist craziness that these failed individuals have let happen, they killed our boys and let the communists win, at least if our boys die for freedom for all men let us win the war. That's why if President I will declare war against every communist nation, party religion and army and they will die, Americans want change and with your help this change back to our Constitutional Republic will happen. Thank You all for coming out, may God Bless you and the United States of America."
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Schmitz for President '72 Campaign
Campaign Schedule for January 2-8, 1972

January 2, 1972

3:00 PM- Announcement Speech in Bakersfield, California
7:00 PM- Meet and Greet in Anaheim, Califronia

January 3, 1972

9:00 AM- Town Hall at American Independence Party Headquarters in Jackson Mississippi
11:00 AM- Meet and Greet in Blue Mountain, Mississippi
1:00 PM- Fundrasier at Sons of Confederate Veterans Hall in Biloxi, Mississippi
3:00 PM- Speech in front of Confederate War Heroes Monument in Laurel, Mississippi
   "The anti-heritage government in Washington threatens our way of life and our beliefs. They support putting blacks into our schools, we have seen time and again that blacks are evil and want to stop our constitutional rights to not have blacks in our school. George Wallace was weak in Alabama he finally let them win, with a Schmitz Presidency we'll kick them out of all public schools and they'll have to work in factories instead."

January 4, 1972

9:00 AM-1:00 PM- Barnstorming in Northern Alabama
3:00-5:00- Barnstorming in Southern Alabama
7:00 Speech at Montgomery Convention Center to a crowd of 5,500 People
 "The government isn't supposed to take away our Christian Beliefs. If I'm elected our President, I'll make the offical religion Christian and Judaism, The Langague English and the National Book The Holy Bible. Children will be taught creationism and have gun safety class for 2 hours everyday. Richard Nixon on the other hand is a communist who supports Maos China and Stalins Russia. He's a murder who will kill our families."

January 5, 1972

9:00 AM- Recieve endorsement of South Carolina Sheriffs Association in Columbia
10:00 AM- Host a Town Hall at the Sheriffs Association in Columbia focusing on crime and gun related issues.
1:00- Meet and Greet in Charleston, South Carolina
3:30- Meet and Greet in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
5:00- Meeting with Senator Storm Thurmond in Charleston

January 6, 1972

10:00 AM- Meet and Greet at The American Legion in Salt Lake City, Utah
12:00 Noon- Meeting with The Quorum of 12 in Salt Lake City, Utah
3:00 PM- Town Hall in Provo Utah at The Provo Mormon Temple to a crowd of 10,000
  "I'm a firm believer in God Almighty, God supports America even in our toughest hour. Our toughest hour is now we must stand together and defeat communism and socialism at home and abroad, We must stand as one Judeo-Christian nation and defeat this horrible Atheist machine."

6:30 PM- Meeting with Deseret News
8:00 PM- Rally at American Fork, Utah City Hall

January 7, 1972

All Day- Legislative Duties in Washington DC
6-10 PM- Meeting with John Birch Society National Leaders

January 8, 1972

10:00 AM-1:00 PM- Legislative Duties in Washington DC

3:00 PM-4:00 PM- Town Hall at Daughters of the American Revolution National Headquarters in Washington, DC
8-9 PM- Fundraiser at Steakhouse in Washington DC: The Price for Entrance was $15,000

The Weeks Total:
42,578 Voters Meet
398 Babies Kissed
$876,459 Dollars Raised
Many endorsements including every Sheriff in South Carolina
Meet survivors of Communist tragedies and black violence.

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Mr. W. Cleon Skousen
Author of The Naked Communist and The 5,000 Year Leap

 "Congressman Schmitz is the only candidate that will stand against communism, he's a member of The John Birch Society which stands for limited government, and against communist enemies foreign and domestic and will bring us back to our Founding Principles."
Mr. Skousen will barnstorm the week of January 3-8 in Utah

General John K. Singlaub
General in the U.S. Armed Forces

  "John is a man, I know who will stand for everything our country needs, freedom, higher military budget, anti- communism and defeating Stalin, Mao, and Kim il Sung. We need principled conservatives like John and I will make sure he wins."
General Singlaub will barnstorm the week of January 4-8 on military bases talking to soldiers about his candidacy and convincing them to vote for him.

Thomas J Anderson
Author and Activist

  "We need people that will fight and Wallace and his pro-black agenda we will if we elect John defeat the Washington machine and make America a non-communist Christian nation op once again, that's why I support John Schmitz for President."
Mr. Anderson is barnstorming across the south from January 5-8

South Carolina Sheriffs Association
Every Sheriff In South Carolina

  "Earlier this week, the every Sheriff in South Carolina meet and decided to endorse unamiously Congressman Schmitz for President. Congressman Schmitz is the only candidate who will fight for gun rights so South Carolinans can protect themselves and crime related issues like what's happening down here with the blacks and how we can stop it. That being said we have Democratic Sheriffs, Black Sheriffs, Republican Sheriffs and even George Wallaces former South Carolina State Manager, but we've decided unamiously to endorse the best candidate for the office, Congressman John G. Schmitz."
Every sheriff in South Carolina this week will be holding town halls and talking to voters about Congressman Schmitz
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Statement on Nixons Remarks

 "I am completely disgusted with Dicks Remarks, they were uncalled for were a very legitimate candidacy and we want debate on the issues, he is a communist beacuse if he wasn't he would bomb every communist nation, but no, know we must fight them with rainbows and unicorns. God Help Us. And I am not a embarrassment to the party as much as you are, I will make sure Articles of Impeachment are given to you when I get back to Congress, next week. Dick is an embarrassment to our great nation and should Apolgize immediately, those comments were uncalled for."

The Congressman also made a remark on General Singlaubs endorsement of his candidacy "God, this man doesn't like the people threatening his power, General Singlaub has the right to support his candidate of his choosing and we will be bringing this to court."
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Schmitz for President '72
Campaign Staff

Campaign Manager: Zell Miller(D-GA)
Defense Strategist: Former General John Singlaub(R-VA)
Crime and Race Relation Strategist: Former KKK Leader Maximillian Laub(AIP-MS)*
Founding Principles Strategist: Cleon Skousen(R-UT)
Economic Strategist: Paul Decant(L-CA)*
Chief Lawyer: Mark Jones(D-IL)*
Chief Financial Officer: Patrick Mount-Batten(AIP-ND)*

Director of Grassroots Groups
Veterans Grassroots Outreach Officers:
Sgt. Jacob Finely USM(AIP-NC)* United States Marine Corps- Southern Region
Lt. Col Richard Townshend USAF(D-MT)* United States Air Force- Midwestern Region
Chief Esnign John Troph USN(R-MA)* United States Navy- Northern Region
Gen. John Patterson USA (IND-VA)* United States Army- Mideastern Region

Jewish Voters Grassroots Outreach Officers:
Rabbi Shmuel Soitzer(D-CA) Conservative Judaism- Pacific Region*
Rebbe Shlomo Halberstam(R-NY) Ultra Orthodox- Northeast Region
Rabbi Rebekah Katz(R-OH) Reform Judaism- Mideastern Region*
Cantor Yaakov Ben-David(AIP-KS) Orthodox Judaism- Midwestern Region*

Oriential Voters Outreach
Ben Chan Rin(R-NH) Chinese- Northeast Region*
Hioro Quin(D-SC) Japanese- Southern Region*
Hao Fa(I-MN) Vietnamese- Middle American Region*
Peter Cao(AIP-CA) Korean- Pacific Region*

More to Come Soon!!!
* Stars denote fictional
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Scmitz for President '72

Today, Congressman Scmitz delievered a speech to a crowd of 6,000 in front of the USS Norfolk, talking about his military experience and how he's the only candidate who cares about the military and doesn't want to make it communist like Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and George Wallace. He also talked about a new bill he introduced on the House Floor this morning.

 "Today, I introduced HR 5246, which beacuse makes the Langague of America, English.(cheers) This bill is needed in the U.S., beacuse the vast majority of Americans use English as their main Langague it will also help immigrants learn English more easily and will make them better citizens in the future. This bill will not damage people's rights to speak different langagues of their choosing but with this, everybody will be able to communicate better. We all hate going to a restaurant and the Mexican waiter says something and you hate it and then you say "God dammit speak, English man or go back to your old country."(cheers)"

He also invited all candidates who support the gold standard to attend a rally that his campaign is putting on in Louisville Kentucky called "The Gold Standard is the Right Choice for America". Congressman Schmitz says that the gold standard will be the only topic discussed. The rally will be held on January 10, 1972
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Scmitz for President '72 Campaign
Campaign Schudele Week of January 9-15th, 1972

January 9, 1972

9:00- Meeting with families of killed victims in Baton Rogue, Louisana
11:00- Speech in front of the State Capitol Building about the attacks
    "You know, last week everybody called me foolish and dismissed my claims that their are problems with race happening in the South. But, look these Black folk are armed and dangerous they killed 4 people with no intent. This, is a national tragedy and they should be tried accordingly and be sentenced to death by guillotine."
1:00- Meet and greet at Kentucky Fried Chicken in New Orleans, Louisana
3:00- Fundraiser at Brennan's Resturant in New Orleans.
5:00- Town Hall in Monroe, Louisana
7:00- Town Hall in Shrevport, Louisiana

January 10, 1972

10:00 AM- "Gold Standard is the Right Choice for America" Rally in Louisville, Kentucky joined by Cleon Skousen, Thomas Anderson and John Birch Society Leaders.
1:00 PM- Meet and Greet in Pulaski County, Kentucky
2:00 PM- Town Hall in Frankfort, Kentucky
4:00 PM- Meeting with Harlan Sanders at Kentucky Fried Chicken HQ
6:00 PM- Rally in Covington, Kentucky
8:00 PM- Fundraiser in Bowling Green, Kentucky

January 11, 1972
8:00 AM- Rally with KKK Leaders and Supporters in Northern Alabama
  "You know what, I'm sick and tired of people not listening when I say that they are going to destroy our way of life and kill our families. No one listened especially Furher Nixon and Provost Wallace and Chairman Muskie. But no everything is rainbows and unicorns, and then 4 Americans are dead."
9:30 AM- Town Hall in Southaven, Mississippi
12:00- Rally in Clarksdale, Mississippi

4:00- Rally in Birmingham, Alabama
  "I just learned something a few days ago that most of probably didn't know, they in the black and communist supporting media, say we can't win the south beacuse of Provost Wallace, but you know what back when Provost Wallace first ran he said he was anti-segregation he actually received the endorsement of The NAACP , a pro-black organization."
7:00- Opening Alabama State Headquarters with Alabama State Director and AIP Alabama Party Director Joseph McDoughnual*.
9:00- Fundraiser in Biloxi, Mississippi

January 12, 1972

8:00 AM- Meeting with John Wayne
10:00 AM- Meeting with Governor Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan

12:00- Rally in Long Beach, Califronia
1:00- Town Hall in Los Angeles, California
3:00- Visit to California AIP Headquarters in Sacramento
5:00- Fundraiser at Redwoods Forest Resturant
7:00- Meet and Great at Richards Nixons Neighbors House in Santa Ana.

January 13, 1972

10:00 AM- Meeting with John Birch Society Leaders at HQ in Appleton, Wisconsin
12:00 Noon- Meet and Greet in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1:00- Meet and Greet in Green Bay, Wisconsin
3:00- Meeting with The Young Republican Club at University of Wisconsin- Madison
6:00- Rally in Madison, Wisconsin with The McCarthy Family and Cleon Skousen at Madison State University

9:00- Fundraiser at the Home of Mrs. Jean McCarthy

January 14, 1972

8:00 AM- Meet and Greet at Colonel's Pancake a House in Joplin Missouri

10:00 AM- Shooting with Contest Winners and Sheriffs from Texas and Missouri at Pioneer Gun Club in Holden Missouri
12 Noon- Town Hall at Pioneer Gun Club in Holden, Missouri about violence with blacks and 2nd Admendment Issues.
     "I am the most ardent supporter of the 2nd Admendment who's running for President. The 2nd Admendment clearly states that people can have in their possession any weapon whether it's a tank or machine gun. When I'm President the only law for guns in place is responsible people can have any type of arms they want."
2:00- Rally in Jefferson City, Missouri
5:00- Meet and Greet in Ferguson, Missouri
7:00- Rally in St Louis, Missouri
10:00- Fundraiser in St Louis, Missouri

January 15, 1972

Legislative Duties from 9-12 Noon
12:30- Press Confrence at Capitol Building
  "Today, I've come to a decision I've served the people of my district proudly for many years, but I want a different change of pace and that's why I'm running for President. I've decided that this will be my last term as U.S. Congressman, I've loved my job and the people that I've served if you still believe that my plan is the best for America please vote for me John G. Schmitz for President. Thank You and God Bless!"
4:00- Meet and Greet in Peabody, MA
5:00- Meet and Greet in Orange, MA
6:00- Rally in Sandwich, MA
9:00- Fundraiser in Nantucket, MA

Total Voters Meet: 67,892
Total Amount of Money Raised $230,678
Total Babies Kissed: 189
Many endorsements including one newspaper and a family of 34.

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Schmitz's for President announced that these organizations and people have endorsed Congressman John G. Schmitz for President.

The McCarthy Family
Family of The Late Senator Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin.
Mrs Jean McCarthy spoke for the family saying "My children their families and I have decided to make the first endorsement since Joe died. The family decided that the best candidate to stand for what Joe stood for is Congressman John G. Schmitz."
The McCarthy family will barnstorm in Wisconsin

The Deseret News
News organization from Utah
  "Last week, Congressman Schmitz met with the Board of Directors and Editors of Deseret News and we decided unamiously that Congressman Schmitz puts forth the best vision for America by bringing us back to our founding principles, restoring honor in our government and bringing law and order back to the South. We urge all readers to vote for Congressman John G. Schmitz for President."
The Deseret News will publish this article to its 159,000 weekly viewers.

Carl Karcher
Founder of Carl's Jr. Restaurants
  "Congressman Schmitz has been my friend for decades, when he announced that he was running I was thrilled. Congressman Schmitz will bring back America to our founding principles by strenghing businesses, lowering taxes and creating new jobs. That's why I'm proud to support Congressman Schmitz for President."
Mr. Karcher will barnstorm across Califronia for Schmitz and talking to Carl's Jr. Employees about his candidacy.

Past Endorsements

General John K. Singlaub- Barnstorming at VFW's and American Legion's, in Virginia and North Carolina
Thomas J. Anderson- Barnstorming in Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi
Cleon Skousen- Attending many rallies and barnstorming at Mormon Churches in Texas, Utah, New Mexico and Idaho
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Can we have general election polling please.
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Round 3 Endorsements!!!

Schmitz's for President announced that these individuals have endorsed Congressman John G. Schmitz for President.

Ezra Taft Benson
Mormon Leader and Former Secretary of Agriculture
   "I've known Richard Nixon for many years, but Nixon is not conservative he is a communist, who doesn't support the American and supports the Russians and more than likely he supported Hitler. John is a courageous conservative who's come to bring back America. That's why I endorse Congressman John G. Schmitz for President."
Mr Benson is barnstorming this week in Utah, Idaho, New Mexico, Arizona and California and speaking to Mormon leaders and churchgoers

Retired Rear Admiral John G. Crommelin Jr.
Retired Rear Admiral USN
  "I served in the Navy, during World War 2, during that time I fought national socialists in Germany and communists in Russia. Right now, I'm fighting communists in The White House and in Asia. America needs a free-market pro white president as our leader is John Schmitz!!"
Admiral Crommelin is talking to Navy and Marine Veterans in Alabama, Florida and Texas this week.
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John G Schmitz will campaign in Alabam, Utah, Idaho, Mississippi, Alaska, New Jersey and Maine this week.
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Schmitz for President '72

World Tour
January 23, 1972

10:00 AM- Arrive in Tel Aviv, Israel
2:00 PM-Speech at The Knesset in Tel Aviv
  "Israel's greatest ally is the United States we must stand by her in her darkest hour stand by our Jewish brothers. Regain the holy land for the chosen people and defeat these crazy pigs of Islam. I ask all of you to talk to your friends in America and tell them that Schmitz is your man."
4:00 PM- Meeting with The Chief Rabbis of Israel, Chrisitian Leaders and Mormom Leaders in Jerusalem

6:00 PM- Prayer at Western Wall

January 24, 1972
11:00 AM- Visit to The Parthenon in Athens Greece
2:00 PM- Speak to Greek Americans at The Embassy in Greece
5:00 PM- Meeting with The President and Prime Minister of The Hellenic State
9:00 PM- Meeting with the Patriarch of Constantinople in The Snyagoue in Rhodes

January 25, 1972
9:00 AM- Visit with The Pope in Vatican City
12:00 Noon- Speech to the Italian Parliament
  "Where we are today Rome was the founding of our western civilization, Rome and Athens places where the world grew from the dark to the light. The dark of the barbarians to the light of the enlightenment, God has blessed the West, those blessings we must grow and continue. We must fight our communist neighbors and that shall happen with your help."
3:00 PM- Speech at The American Consulate in Rome
5:00- Meeting with The American, English, French, Rhodesian and South African Ambassadors to Italy
8:00- Visit to Romes Historic sites

January 26, 1972
9:00 Visit with the Presidents of South Africa and Rhodesia

12:00 Noon- Speech with White Supremacists in South Africa
  "I agree with you about race, we need to divide the races across the world from the black pigs to the glorious whites across the world. White Power Yesterday, White Power Now, White Power Forever."
3:00 PM- Meeting with Former Belgian Rulers of The Congo
7:00 PM- Fundraiser at The Home of The South African President

January 27, 1972
9:00 AM- Meeting with The Polish Government in Exile
11:00 AM- Meeting with Conservative Party Leaders in London, UK
1:00 PM- Meeting with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip
4:00 PM- Attend Royal Dinner
6:00 PM- Attend Vietnam Roundtable
8:00 PM- Fundraiser at The Home of a British MP
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Why Do They Support Schmitz?

   John Schmitz has been gaining steam ever since he's announced his run for President, to a crowd of 25,000 people in Bakersfield, California. We went all over our nation to find some of his supporters and ask them why they support him.

Name: Frank Bixby
Party: American Independent Party
Location: Pass Christian, Mississippi
Occupation: Gun Store Owner
Veteran: Yes; USMC
Who did you support in 1968: George Wallace
Reason for Schmitz: "I support Schmitz beacuse of his policies on all of the issues race, communism, military and Christian values. He's the only person who has shown his plan for America"

Name: Judith Macabee
Party: Democratic
Location: Mesa, Arizona
Occupation: Bank Teller
Veteran: No
Who did you vote for in the caucus: Sam Yorty
'68: Richard Nixon
Reason for Schmitz: "My fiancιe is fighting actively in Vietnam right now, Schmitz is the only candidate with military experience who will turn our country around my fiancιe and I both think that Schmitz will protect our boys."

Name: Rev. Tobias Greenfield
Party: Republican Party
Location: Northwood, Iowa
Occupation: Preacher and Store Owner
Who did you vote for in the caucus: Goldwater
'68: Wallace
Reason for Schmitz: "Schmitz is the only real Christian in the race, he supports religious schools, want to make Christianity an offical religion and wants to bring back God to the public sphere."

Name: Oliver Porksfield
Party: Independent
Location: New York City, New York
Occupation: Writer for The New York Times
Veteran: Yes; USAF
'68: Nixon
Reason for Schmitz: "Schmitz is the only candidate who shows real understanding to the economic crisis happening in our country right now. He plans to lower taxes and create new jobs."
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The following people endorsed Congressman John G. Schmitz for Presudent for Round 4

Rev. Jerry Falwell
Pastor and Founder of Liberty University and Academy
   "Congressman Schmitz is the only candidate in the race that is willing to talk about race issues and religious liberty. Whites and blacks are not destined to be mixed, Congressman Schmitz is correct about that. We also need a deep religious man and that man is Congressman John G. Schmitz. I hope you join my family in supporting John G. Schmitz."
Rev. Falwell will campaign in West Virgina, Virginia and Kentucky over this week

Clay Smothers
Black State Representative from Texas
   "Well, I know I'll get some heat from this but I've decided to endorse Congressman Schmitz for President. I agree with him on race and I might even go farther than him or the KKK, even I wouldn't mind even being a slave. Slavery is good, it builds industry. This, I know isn't Congressman Schmitzs position but it's mine and I look forward to talking to him about race in the future."
Meeting with Pro-Slavery Groups and campaigning in Louisana and Texas

Thomas S. Gates Jr.
Former Lieutenant Commander and Secretary of Navy under Eisenhower
  "We need a President who will stand with our Soliders and help our veterans, that man is Congressman Schmitz, Congressman Schmitz himself did once take the call himself to protect our country and our citizens and he's taking it again, join me in supporting John Schmitz for President."
Meeting with Veterans and Active Duty Soliders across the country
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Schmitz's for President '72
Campaign Schedule January 30-February 28, 1972

January 30, 1972

9:00 AM- Meet and Greet in Lynchburg, Virginia

10:00 AM- Speech at Liberty University Weekly Address
12 Noon- Set up Campaign Office at Liberty University introduce Leader of The Liberty University College Republicans John Guildson as manager
1:00- Speech to Parents at Liberty Academy about education and race
3:00- Meeting with The Virginia Southern Baptist Convention Pastors
5:00- Town Hall in Richmond, Virginia
7:00- Fundraiser in Alexandria, Virginia

January 31, 1972

8:00 AM- Meet and Greet in Pass Christian, Mississippi
9:00- Meeting with AIP Party Leaders in Biloxi, Mississippi
10:00- Town Hall in Oxford, Mississippi
12:30 PM- Speech in Hattiesburg, Mississippi
2:00 PM- Meeting with The KKK of The Deep South
4:00 PM- Meet and Greet in Canton, Mississippi

5:00 PM- Speech in Kosciusko, Mississippi
  "Our nation needs strong leaders, all of you are here for a strong leader and that's me. We see The Communist who's our President go to China. To meet with his friends in the Communist Party and then he basically does nothing but have more blacks and oriental move here and take our jobs. Enough is enough we need the jobs not those pigs."

February 1, 1972

11:00 AM- Meet and Greet in Portsmouth, NH
12:45 PM- Meet and Greet in Manchester, NH
1:45 PM-Meeting with The Manchester Union Leader
3:00 PM- Speech in Campton, NH
  "I've decided to make my endorsements for the Democratic Primaries that candidate will be Sam Yorty. Even though we don't agree on all of the issues he's the only democrat willing to address the issues, If you support me in any state and your a Democrat, Yortys your candidate for their nod but remember to vote for me in the general."
6:00 PM- Town Hall in Laconia, NH
8:00- Fundraiser in Wolfboro, NH

February 2, 1972

10:00 AM- Rally with Veterans in front of the Washington Monument
11-2 PM- Legislative Duties
4:00 PM- Rally in Annapolis, Maryland
7:00 PM- Fundraiser in Baltimore, Maryland

February 3, 1972
Meet and Greet in Salt Lake City, Utah
Town Hall in Provo, Utah
Meet and Greet in Alpine, Utah
Rally at Lehi Roller Mills in Lehi, Utah to a crowd of 15,000
Fundraiser in Moab, Utah

February 4, 1972
Meet and Greet in Ashland, Oregon
Town Hall in Pendleton, Oregon to a crowd of 900 people; highest town hall attendance
Meet and Greet in Fossil, Oregon with over 3/4 of the town in attendance
Rally at Convention Center in Portland to a crowd of 20,000 people
Fundraiser in Medford, Oregon

February 5, 1972
Meet and Greet in Missoula, Montana
Town Hall in Anaconda, Montana to a crowd of 600 people
Meet and Greet in Kalispell, Montana
Rally in Helena, Montana
Fundraiser in Billings, Montana

Schmitz's News for The Turn

Schmitz Campaign adds a fleet of new vehicles including a private jet donated by Carl Karcher and a yacht donated by a wealthy citizen who supports the campaign.

The Schmitz Campaign had a high record of attendance this week at over 500,000 people

During the first month of the campaign the team raised over $4.8 million dollars!!!

Schmitz has gained ballot access in Alabama, Utah, Mississippi, Idaho, Oregon, New Hampshire, California, Iowa and South Carolina.

We Thank are state chairs and those states for leading the ballot access effort.

We are only 54 signatures away from are goal in Tennessee and 197 away in Kansas!!

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These following people and organization have endorsed JohnG. Schmitz for President.

John Wayne
   "Everybody knows me as an actor, but I'm more than that, I'm an American that wants change from our current leadership, who supports our boys and our nation even in our toughest hour. I've decided that the best candidate to help save America for future generations is Congressman John G. Schmitz."

Rev. Rousas Rushdoony
Priest and Conservative Activist
   "My parents fled the Armenian Genocide and times were tough for them then and their tough for our country now. Homosexuality, Judaism, Atheism and Communism are sweeping into our nations Capitol swiftly. The only way to stop this horrible agenda is to elect the best qualified man for President, John G. Schmitz."

Idaho Sheriffs Association
Every Sheriff in Idaho
  "Yesterday, every Sheriff came to Boise to hold a vote on who we were going to endorse for President and we decided unanimously that Congressman JohnG. Schmitz is the only candidate that will stand for the Constitution and law and order. We ask all Idahoans to vote for the only candidate that shares our values, Congressman John G. Schmitz."

John Bradley
Flag Raiser on Iwo Jima and Navy Veteran
  "On Iwo Jima, I raised the flag and fought for my country with all of my power, John Schmitz knows how to fight. He fights for our values everyday in congress. And he will fight for them when he becomes Presidents. Join me and my fellow veterans I'm supporting Congressman John G. Schmitz."
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Withdrawing to endorse Ashbrook. Time is getting crunched and my heart isn't really in the campaign anymore.
Ashbrook already dropped out.
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Congressman John G. Schmitz for President Round 5 Part 2 Schudele

February 6, 1972

Meet Voters in Indianapolis, Indiana
Town Hall in Crown Point, Indiana to a crowd of 290 people
Meet Voters in Highland, Indiana
Meet Voters in Alamo, Indiana
Rally in Plainfield Indiana to a crowd of 15,000 people
  "Our candidacy is seeing enthusiasm so large that the communists in The White House are scared. People are sick and tired of the same old thing in Washington, with our boys dying, blacks going crazy and no more gold standard. We need change and I'll be that change."
Open State Headquarters in South Bend, Indiana introduce oil salesman George Butternut* as state chairman

February 7, 1972

Meet Voters in Northern Alaska
Town Hall in North Pole, Alaska with Santa Claus
Meeting with Alaskan Independence Party
Meet and Greet in Anchorage Alaska
Rally in Fairbanks, Alaska to a crowd of 16,000 people
Opening State Headquarters in Fairbanks, Alaska name reindeer farmer Otto Caquiska* as state chairman

February 8, 1972

Meet Voters in Bolivar, Tennessee
Town Hall in Farragut, Tennessee to a crowd of 875 people with Thomas Anderson
Meeting with local businessmen in Nashville, Tennessee
Meet and Greet in Memphis, Tennessee
Rally in Chattanooga, Tennessee to a crowd of 29,000 people
Opening State Headquarters in Chattanooga, Tennessee name Thomas J. Anderson as state chairman

February 9, 1972

Meet Voters in Burbank, California
Town Hall in Anaheim, California
Meeting with John Wayne, Carl Karcher and Campaign Manager Zell Miller at The Wayne Homestead
Meet and Greet on Santa Monica Pier
Rally in San Diego to a crowd of 14,000
Opening State Headquarters in Santa Ana, California name John Wayne, Carl Karcher and Richard Nixons neighbors as State Chairpeople

February 10, 1972

Meet Voters in Dubuque, Iowa
Town Hall in Cedar Falls, Iowa to a crowd of 95 people
Meeting with local pastors and clergy in Sioux City, Iowa
Meet and Greet in Des Moines, Iowa
Rally in Ankeny, Iowa to a crowd of 2,000
Opening State Headquarters in Sioux City name Rev. Isisah Jones LDS, corn farmer Bill Anderson and businessman James Comely as state chairmen

February 11, 1972

Meet Voters in Alexandria, Virginia
Town Hall in Norfolk, Virginia to a crowd of 600 including 250 veterans
Meeting with Veterans in Virgina Beach
Rally in Richmond, Virginia
Opening State Headquarters in Colonial Heights, Virginia name AIP activist Bobby Hatfield and Veteran Mark P. Neilson as state chairmen

February 12, 1972

Meet Voters in Independence, Kansas
Town Hall in Prairie Village, Kansas
Meeting with Kansas Farmers and Cattle ranchers
Tour of Fort Leavenworth Prison
Rally in Topeka to a crowd of 4,500 people

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  The following individuals have endorsed Congressman John G. Schmitz for President.

Colonel Harlan Sanders
Southern Icon and Founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken
     "I've been undecided on whether supporting Congressman Schmitz or Governor Wallace for a while now. But after thinking of it, Governor Wallace has backed down and flipped flopped on his positions, only one candidate has stayed true to his principals and that's Congressman John G. Schmitz."
Colonel Sanders will barnstorm Kentucky and Ohio and will be putting signs up at over 300 locations of KFC across the nation in support of Congressman Schmitz

Dan Smoot
Former FBI Agent and Conservative Activist
    "Congressman Schmitz stands for the Constitution, for smaller government, veterans and he is the most anti-communist running for President. He definitely has my support."
Smoot will be barnstorming across Texas, Oklahoma and Louisana and becoming the Anti-Communism Advisor to Congressman Schmitz.

Retired 4 Star General James Doolittle
Retired 4 Star General and friend of the late John Birch
   "I knew John Birch, he was an ardent Christian like Congressman Schmitz. Schmitz reminds me a lot of Birch. Schmitz stands for veterans value and I'm happy to join over 10,000 veterans in support of Congressman Schmitz"
General Doolittle is barnstorming across California, Nevada and Illinois he is joining the campaign as a Veterans Grassroots Director
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John G. Schmitz for President Turn 6 Schudele
March 1-March 7, 1972

March 1, 1972

Meet Voters in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Town Hall in Yukon, Oklahoma
Meet Voters in Guthrie, Oklahoma
Meet Voters in Beaver County, Oklahoma
Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma
     "I have a something to say, our campaign will be having a big announcement this week, in Salt Lake City, tune in more on the Radio for the big news."
Fundraiser in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

March 2, 1972

Meet Voters in Selma, Alabama at the Selma KKK
Town Hall in Fairhope, Alabama
Meet Voters in Athens, Alabama
Meet Voters in Mobile, Alabama
Rally in Mobile, Alabama with 800 former Wallace supporters
  George Jolly "I supported Wallace last election, buts he's flipped flopped on almost every issue."
  Wayne Bosich "Wallace was a great man a true white man, but now he's a negros cow."
Fundraiser in Orange Beach, Alabama

March 3, 1972

Meet Voters in Clinton, Mississippi with Mississippi State Co-Chairs Pastor Leuv Markin and George Hamil
Town Hall in Canton, Mississippi with over 500 in attendance
Meet Voters in Moss Point, Mississippi
Meet Voters in Armory Mississippi
Rally in Kosciusko, Mississippi with over 1,000 former Wallace supporters
    "Ever since we've announced our candidacy earlier this year, we've talked to thousands who supported Wallace last time around but now support our candidacy beacuse he's flipped flopped on numerous issues."
Fundraiser in Pontotoc, Mississippi

March 4, 1972

Meet Voters in Paradise Valley, Arizona
Town Hall in Fountain Hills, Arizona
Meet and Greet in Williams, Arizona
Meet and Greet in Florence, Arizona
Rally at Phoneix Convention Center with over 10,000 attendees
Fundraiser in Chinco Valley, Arizona

March 5, 1972

Meet Voters in Jamestown, North Dakota
Town Hall in Bismark, North Dakota
Meet Voters in Minot, North Dakota
Meet Voters in Rugby, North Dakota
Rally with Oil Workers in Casselton, North Dakota
    "Americans need jobs, jobs that pay good under Richard Nixon our wages have gone down. We don't have enough money even to buy bread and milk. It's sickening we need jobs and we need whites to work those jobs.(cheers)
Fundraiser in Fargo, North Dakota

March 6, 1972

Rally in Salt Lake City, Utah at Convention Center speaking to a crowd of 50,000 people from 45 states.
    "I'm here to announce gigantic news, after consulting with my friends and people who support me we are having a convention this summer between July 2-5, 1972 right here in this Convention Center!!!(cheers) we will show them why people support my campaign and how our solution is the best way to save America from Fόhrer Nixon, Provost Wallace and The Democratic Communist Party!!!"
Veterans Town Hall in Ogden, Utah with Veterans for Schmitz Committee.
Town Hall with over 500 Mormon Leaders including Ezra Taft Benson in Provo, Utah
Fundraiser in Salt Lake City,
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Round 7 Endorsements!!!

       The following individuals and organizations have endorsed Congressman John G. Schmitz for President.

Congressman William J. Scherle
U.S. Congressman from Iowa
    "Congressman Schmitz is a true fighter he's fought for white power, biblical values of family and religious liberty, fought against funding of the arts, fights and loves veterans and is a true conservative who is ready to buck and fight the establishment and that's why I'm supporting John Schmitz and I'm ready to buck the establishment."

Utah Sheriffs Association
Every Sheriff in Utah
  "Every single sheriff here in Utah including myself have unamiously decided to endorse the only candidate who will fight for law and order and constitutional rights including the 2nd Admendment. Congressman Schmitz is that candidate he will fight for jobs and law and order and we're confident that he will stand up for our values in the White House and that's why we endorse Congressman John G. Schmitz."

Mayor Verl Grant Dixon
Mayor of Provo, Utah
   "For the past few weeks I've met with multiple candidates, and theirs only one who's really shined and showed really consistent values including law and order, religious liberty, the war in Vietnam ,veterans issues, the gold standard and jobs. Those issues are important to me and all Utahans and that's why I chose the candidate who will stand for our Utah values and that candidate is Congressman John G. Schmitz!!"
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John G. Schmitz for President Turn 7 Schedule
March 8-14, 1972

March 8, 1972

Meet and Greet in St. George, Utah
Town Hall in Alta, Utah
Meet and Greet in Beaver, Utah
Canvassing and have voters sign commitment cards in Daggett County, Utah
Rally at St. George Mormon Tabernacle to a crowd of 4,500 people
Fundriaser in Duchesne, Utah

March 9, 1972

Meet and Greet in Anniston, Alabama
Town Hall in Bayou La Batre, Alabama
Meet and Greet in Evergreen, Alabama
Meet and Greet in McMullen, Alabama
  "Presidential candidates don't visit tiny towns like this they visit large cities like New York or Chicago. They say that they care about the little guy like you, but they don't. I'm sick and tired of standing for things that will hurt you in Washington, I've fought with each breath for you the little guy, I've stood for every principle that I believed in unlike President Nixon or Provost Wallace, I don't flip flop like them. Are you ready to buck the establishment."
Rally at University of Alabama Football Stadium with 28,000 people
Fundraiser in North Port, Alabama

March 10, 1972

Meet and Greet in Malibu, California
Meeting with Congressman John Rousselot
Meet and Greet in Carmel-by the Sea
Town Hall in Fresno, California
Meet and Greet in Berkeley, California
Rally in Newport Beach, California with Congressman Scherle
Fundraiser in Beverly Hills, California with Carl Karcher

March 11, 1972

Meet and Greet in West Monroe, Louisana
Meeting with Congressman John Rarick
Meet and Greet in Opelousas, Louisiana
Town Hall in Shreveport, Louisiana
Meet and Greet in Houma, Louisiana
Rally in Baton Rouge, Louisana with 5,000 people
Fundraiser in New Orleans, Louisiana

March 12, 1972

Meet Voters with Thomas Anderson in Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Town Hall in Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Meet and Greet in Bristol, Tennessee
Meet and Greet in Paris, Tennessee
Rally in Chattanooga, Tennessee
Fundraiser in Nashville, Tennessee with local musicians

March 13, 1972

Meet and Greet in Pocatello, Idaho
Town Hall in Moscow, Idaho at the University of Idaho Campus
Meet and Greet in Troy, Idaho
Meet and Greet in Arco, Idaho
Rally in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho with Mormon leaders
Fundraiser in Boise, Idaho

March 14, 1972

Meet and Greet in French Camp, Mississippi
Town Hall in Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Meet and Greet in Starkville, Mississippi
Meet and Greet in Vicksburg, Mississippi
Rally in Ridgeland, Mississippi
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 For Immediate Release to Press

 Salt Lake City, Utah
      Ever since last week when the Schmitz campaign announced an Independent National Convention in Salt Lake City a team was formed from across the country and we are here to announce it.

President of the Convention: Thomas J. Anderson
  Anderson is the Tennesse State Chairman for the Schmitz campaign and is an author and conservative activist he headed the American Independence Convention in 1968.
Vice President of the Convention: James Troffton
  Troffton is the manager of the Salt Lake City Convention Center and is a key supporter of Congressman Schmitz and is his Salt Lake City Manager.
Secretary of the Convention: Judith Parkinson
  Parkinson is the former secretary of the Texas House of Representatives and is a key supporter of Schmitz for President as its Women Outreach Coordinator.
Treasurer of the Convention: Dr. Peter McLearon
   Dr. McLearon is an economist from Detriot and is a professor of economics at Hillsdale College in Michigan. He is the former treasurer for the National Rifle Association.
Marketing Director of the Convention: Mary Blankesfield
   Mrs. Blankesfield is the former marketing director for Walt Disney Land in Anaheim, Califronia, she has been active in conservative politcs for 10 years now, Schmitz is her Congresmman nationally.
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Can I get Alabama and Utah state general election polling.
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Is it tonight or tomorrow night for the next round?
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