Updated board rules (please read)


Although not prompted by any particular events, I wish to restate existing board rules/preferences, clarify my general policies as well as add some others.

Board Rules/Regulations
1. Please indicate the country and/or province/state in the thread title for all elections. Not everybody may be aware of what some threads may refer to. This isn't a major issue, except perhaps for some by-election threads.
2. Discussion of by-elections should be consolidated into a single thread for an entire year. Individual by-elections do not deserve a single thread, unless there is a strong argument that it is an exceptional event with major consequences.
3. Please indicate the date of the electoral event in the thread title, where appropriate.
4. Don't bump old threads unless there's a really good reason to
5. Major elections, defined arbitrarily (or not - elections generating major discussion on here), should/will have separate results threads
6. Do not create threads for individual polls. I have no issue with regularly posting polling numbers in general threads dedicated to said country.
7. Do not post information/rumours which you know to be false.
8. Do not create threads for elections which will be held in more than 12 months.

General Rules
1. Refrain from posts consisting solely of ultrapartisan spin, hyperbolic nonsense and so forth
2. Please pay attention to your spelling, grammar and syntax.
3. Please aim to contribute relevant content to the threads when posting - by this I mean, refrain from posts which do not add any insightful value to the thread and discussion. Obviously, political debate and exchange, to a reasonable extent, is naturally welcome, but refrain from posts consisting only of personal opinions outside a discussion or without any relevant contributions to the topic.
4. Refrain from personal attacks.
5. Regularly posting tweets - except if it is a poll or a breaking news alert - without providing any context or other contributions, or without providing any translation if the tweet was not originally in English, is considered trolling or spamming.

Subject to my discretion and the nature of the post in question, any 'violations' of these general rules shall not receive any infraction points. Posts shall be deleted or edited if deemed necessary, or else a simple 'warning' will do the trick.

Non-Negotiable Rules - Banned Content
1. Racism, homophobia, xenophobia, bigotry and the like
2. Expressing support for mass-murderers or vile ideologies
3. Other things banned on the wider forum
4. Any other particularly egregious things I haven't mentioned here

Subject to my discretion and the nature of the post in question, any violations of these rules shall receive infraction points and the posts will be deleted or edited.

If you have any issues with my moderation or stuff, please take it up via PM. But don't spam my PM inbox.

Please refrain from posting threads about obviously sham "elections", as they take place which should be reserved for legitimate electoral threads.


Quote from: mgop on March 10, 2019, 04:16:25 PM

It's today and i don't see any thread. Last time Workers' Party of Korea won 607 of 687 seats.


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