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  Suffolk University/USA Today: Hillary leads all Republicans
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Author Topic: Suffolk University/USA Today: Hillary leads all Republicans  (Read 2294 times)
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« Reply #25 on: July 18, 2015, 01:59:40 pm »

Nice to see Clinton still leads Jeb.

Still mindblowing to me to see people believe that woman has more of a track record, accomplishment, and eligibility for commander in chief of the greatest nation in the world than Jeb Bush. Laughable, almost.
Out of all the criticisms one could lob at Clinton you chose lack of experience?  8 years as an active first lady, 8 years in the Senate, and 4 years as Secretary of State would make her perhaps the most prepared candidate running.  This is almost indisputably true on foreign policy.

Pretty much any attack against Clinton would be better than the angle you're trying to pull off.

Sure does sound nice all on paper, yes? Wow, she's ready to be commander in chief. Eh, not so fast. When you look a bit further Hillary still is lacking the eligibility and the only reason she IS electable is because she's the Kim Kardashian of politics, a damn celebrity, not a commander in chief.

8 years as FL - What!? haha. Sure, a lot of time around the environment, but this "record" really doesn't accompany nearly any requirements of office. It offers no fiscal experience, legislative experience, and rarely any political experience. Social experience? Uh, sure.. but. That can be achieved in many other areas. So uh, nothing here for Hillary.

8 years NY senator - Her senate office time was piss-poor, barely having her name pass through any significant legislation at all. She was extremely ineffective, with nearly none of her sponsored legislation heading into law. Of 337 bills that Hillary has introduced, only 2 have become law. It's not the easiest to pass a bill but Hillary spins out empty legislation like it was her job. She accomplished very very little, and never stood up and LEAD the battle for the senate on key issues. GovTrack.us has Hillary Clinton ranked 24th out of her 39 democrats in the department at the time in getting her bills to the committee, essentially being poor at getting much done in her time there. Most of her legislature was press-picture legislation, or "look-nice" legislation. Such as dozens of her pieces being nothing but congratulating certain organizations or people, "permitting the use of the rotunda of the Capitol for a ceremony to honor Constantino Brumidi on the 200th anniversary of his birth. (!?!?!)", I could go on. Hillary has nothing to stand on during her 8 years, a very VERY average senator at absolute best.

4 Years as SS - I.. I don't even need to go here. Dishonesty, controversy and scandal that has been revealed, and poor handling of situations across the board. She's everything but a shining star of a Secretary of State.

Hillary is the Kim Kardashian of her party and that's the only thing making her electable, and even Dems know that deep down. She has no actual shining track record and she's not ready to lead the greatest country in the world. I will stand by that until the day I die.

^ Pointless and useless information! ^

If you think that has any bearing you must have been born no more than five years ago.
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« Reply #26 on: July 18, 2015, 06:42:22 pm »

People the criticize Hillary as SS don't understand how much she has healed the image of Ame Rica around the world, something Bush had destroyed.

Fair enough, even though Obama did most of that work and not Hillary. Hillary as SoS certainly didn't hurt though. Wink
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« Reply #27 on: July 19, 2015, 07:46:45 am »

Hillary Clinton will have an inimitable knowledge of how the political process works.  There has not been since Eleanore Roosevelt a First Lady so actively involved in the Presidency (contrast the passive housewife who orders the staff about and directs interior decorating) ... and unlike Eleanore Roosevelt she has elected office and Cabinet service. Her skill set may not be ideal for the Presidency, but nobody is likely to ever get that. (I don't see Michelle Obama running for statewide office in Illinois soon, so I can reasonably rule her out).

One may dislike her agenda -- well, at least 45% of the population will dislike the agenda of any President!

She can be linked to a Presidency that will have to prove above-average if she is to become President. Ask how that goes in November 2016. "Keep up the good work" or "Let's go further" are the only ways to use an incumbency to advantage.

So -- how good a President will be Barack Obama be seen by 50% of the people?

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