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April 10, 2021, 01:54:54 PM

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Author Topic: 2000: Bush vs. Bradley vs. McCain vs. Trump  (Read 9850 times)
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FuturePrez R-AZ
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« on: July 03, 2005, 01:32:27 PM »

A ticket composed of Trump and Winfrey would, to put it politely, be a joke, and would not be taken seriously by the electorate. 
I don't care how many day time viewers Oprah has, or how many night time viewers Donald has, or how much
money they have between them, although they could certainly run a flashy campaign with it.  The rough and tumble
of the campaign would reveal how ill prepared either of these individuals would be to lead the country, or to assume
the leadership of the free world, or to lead the war against terrorism. 

Donald should stick to firing people on reality TV, and Oprah should stick to "healing people's souls."  The percentage of
votes received by this politically inept and ill conceived ticket would be negligible.

Bradley is too liberal to be acceptable to mainstream voters.  His selection of Dean for VP doesn't help at all in this respect.
The election for conservatives and moderates would become an issue of which candidate, Bush or McCain, could best defeat
Bradley.  As the Republican nominee, Bush would be the overwhelming favorite for these voters.  Third party or independent
candidates do not have nearly as large a base to draw from as a major party candidate does.  McCain would be hampered
by age and health issues, and his selection of Specter for VP would do nothing to assure voters.  Specter would be hampered
by these two same isues as well.   

McCain would be caught in the squeeze between Bush and Bradley, leaving very little room for him to have a major impact.

McCain is in many ways considered to be a maverick, this, combined with his selection of Specter, a liberal Senator, would have
the result, in fact, of drawing more votes away from Bradley than from Bush.

That is why I see such an election turning out this way.  Of course, the McCain/Specter ticket would draw votes away from Bush,
but would draw votes in much larger numbers away from Bradley.  This, combined with conservative and moderate voters voting
overwhelmingly for Bush, is why I see Bush as the winner with the electoral votes I have shown.           

This election is in 2000.  trump isn't on TV yet and the War on Terror has not begun.  I think a Trump/Winfrey ticket would get a lot of interest.
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