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Author Topic: Atlas Forum Superlatives: Nominations  (Read 5743 times)
Sprouts Farmers Market ✘
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Political Matrix
E: -4.90, S: 1.74

« on: May 04, 2015, 11:31:01 pm »
« edited: May 04, 2015, 11:36:23 pm by SMilo »

Since I have absolutely nothing better to do during finals week - the 53 posters with at least 3 posts in Comedy Goldmine since 1/1/15. Seriously hope I counted right amidst all the hullabaloo discussions. Attempted to give credit for back-to-back funny posts in the same quote but not for when a whole thread is posted.
T_host tied Bushie until that Supercuts nonsense. He deserves something. Vox and Indy probably deserve noms in that category too. This is no exact science since there's just a ton of absurdity in that thread.
OC has to get in on a category of course.

Maybe one for most missed? Opebo, Libertas, Phil, jmfcst, tmth
Best Visitor? Sam Spade, Mark Graham, PFAdmin
I know retro already ran a favorite mod thing, but that's an obvious category.
Most Likely to Be Too Young to Have An Account? (Not naming names though Tongue)
Most Approved of Ban: CJK, Rockingham. I'll have to go through that thread for more
Also, I don't think it needed to be said, but best selfie absolutely HAS to be one. That is the center of the forum community.
Best Timeline or Map Series could be an option. I don't venture in there as much as I should though.

I've also saved all my personal favorite posts of the year in a Word document that I intend to whittle down at year's end and share. That's more of an individual post than poster award.

(If there's any way to save space below the list with a spoiler alert or something, let me know)
Bushie   25
t_host   24
King   20
Lief   14
Joe   11
Morden   11
Vox   11
CrabCake   10
Indy Texas   9
Antonio   7
Smilo   7
wulfric   7
AD   6
retromike   6
bedstuy   5
Flo   5
heatmaster   5
IceSpear   5
Kal   5
Naso   5
oakvale   5
SWE   5
averroes   4
Beet   4
Deus   4
FreeHawk   4
Grumps   4
hockeydude   4
mechaman   4
oldies   4
r2d2   4
Sibboleth   4
Snowstalker   4
Tender   4
afleitch   3
brewer   3
carpetbagger   3
Castro   3
ernest   3
JCL   3
jojoju   3
Madeleine   3
Matt   3
maxwell   3
Murica   3
National Progressive   3
OC   3
PollsPuffPass   3
Sawx   3
shua   3
tik   3
waltermitty   3
Sprouts Farmers Market ✘
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Posts: 12,734

Political Matrix
E: -4.90, S: 1.74

« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2015, 11:33:52 pm »

I'll nominate myself for "most likely to become Joe Biden"

I see you as more of a Tim McCarver Wink
Sprouts Farmers Market ✘
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Posts: 12,734

Political Matrix
E: -4.90, S: 1.74

« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2015, 03:56:54 pm »

How darest thou
Take The name of jao
In vain, (formerly) dearest CrabCake.
For goodly T_host's sake,
Amusing shows a lack of careful perusing
of the comedic substance entirely oozing
from the intellect poured
into each post on this board.
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