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Author Topic: 2016 Election Game: Campaign Thread  (Read 30445 times)
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« on: March 08, 2015, 12:41:33 pm »

Scott Walker October 1-7th
Excerpt from stump speech in Des Moines- "The American people are fed up with the ineffective leadership we see in Washington at present, most notably in the Oval Office, and I believe a Walker administration would help get things running in the federal government with changes in federal economic policy, a more dynamic policy, and a President who actually wants to work with Congress to continue this wonderful nation's history of power!"

October 1st (Iowa)Sad
Campaign Fundraising Breakfast in Des Moines
Rally in Des Moines
Speech in Ames on the President
Rally in Sioux City with campaign volunteers

October 2nd (Iowa)Sad
Canvassing door to door in Sioux City
Rally at Spirit Lake
Speech in Esterville on the economy
Meet with farmers in Esterville

Speech on the Economy in Esterville- "The Democrats can try to build up their record on the economy, but I urge the American people not to fall for their tricks. More people than they'd like to admit remain underemployed or are still too discouraged to go look for work. Under a Walker administration employers would have greater incentives to hire such people by simply easing their immense tax burden imposed by Democrats in Washington."

October 3rd (Wisconsin):
Gubernatorial Duties

October 4th (New Hampshire/New York):
Speech in Concord
Canvassing in Concord
Rally in Dixville Notch
Fundraising dinner in New York City

October 5th (Iowa):
Meet with Republican women in Mashalltown
Meet and Greet in Cedar Rapids
Lunch with local Republican leaders in Cedar Rapids
Speech on agricultural policy to farmers in Cedar Rapids

October 6th (Iowa)Sad
Forum with undecided voters
Skype Q & A with Iowa Republicans and Independents
Appearance on Hannity from Cedar Rapids
Opening of new campaign office in Cedar Rapids

Speech in Cedar Rapids- "Iowa is the first state in the nation to caucus, and probably holds the biggest sway in deciding who will be chosen as the Republican nominee to face the Democrat this November. I urge you to consider voting for me. In Wisconsin I've begun common sense policy making and defeated the Democrats in 3 consecutive elections in a fairly blue state, elections which had high turnout on both sides of the spectrum."

October 7th (Nevada)Sad
Speech in Reno to unemployed
Rally in Las Vegas
Lunch at Vegas with local GOP officials
Fundraising dinner with Casino owners on Las Vegas strip
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« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2015, 10:14:12 pm »

Scott Walker Campaign Schedule
Week of October 8th

I find it interesting Governor Bush feels the need to go on the attack so early, attacks which only serve to escalate the tension in the Republican Primaries and divide the party. Overly negative attacks cost us the elections in 2008 and 2012, and I am shocked Jeb would decide to criticize the records of one of the other candidates in the race when the real opponents this November are the Democrats, but perhaps it shows he's willing to say anything if it means a chance at the White House.

These attacks show Jeb is not the change the party needs, but a memory of our history. Just as he uses old campaign tactics he also carries the name of an American political dynasty which has had, according to Barbara Bush, "enough presidents". We do not need another Bush in Washington, especially one which has been out of office for many years, but someone with fresh experience on the job and who understands the issues real, everyday Americans face.

Monday October 8th- New Hampshire/Massachusetts
Rally in Concord
Speech in Concord responding the Governor Bush's criticisms
Fundraisers in Boston
Rally in Boston with campaign volunteers

Tuesday October 9th- Iowa
Speech in Des Moines to undecided voters
Rally with campaign workers in Sioux City
Canvassing door-to-door in Sioux City
Meet and Greet in Sioux City
Appearance on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer

Wednesday October 10th- Iowa
Rally in Bloomsfield
Meet and Greet in Fairfield
Lunch with volunteers at Fairfield
Speech to Republican Women at Fairfield

People of Iowa, in several months you will be asked to make a decision, one which could have an impact for decades to come. Do you want to continue the culture of handouts, one of complacency and a rejection of America's greatness or do you want bold leadership and new ideas in Washington? During the last 8 years our economic recovery has been hindered, and not encouraged, by the policies of President Obama and worldwide America has lost much of the prestige it once possessed. Under a Walker administration the White House would be working to advance America's interests and not work solely for advancing the political agenda of the President, as we currently see in Washington! I humbly ask for your vote because together we can make history!

Thursday October 11th- Wisconsin

Gubernatorial duties
Debate practice in Madison
Meet and Greet in Madison

Friday October 12th- Iowa
Speech in Davenport to supporters
Rally in Cedar Rapids with farmers
Lunch with unemployed workers in Cedar Rapids
Buffet style fundraiser in Cedar Rapids, open to public

Saturday October 13th- South Carolina
Speech in Columbia to local NRA Chapter
Meet and Greet in Charleston with undecided voters
Opening of new campaign headquarters in Charleston
Dance fundraiser in Charleston, open to public

Sunday October 14th- Washington D.C.
Appearance on Meet the Press
Meetings and lunch with several GOP Senators
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« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2015, 06:35:04 pm »

Scott Walker Schedule
October 15th-21st

"Iowa has always been a state of farmers, similar to Wisconsin, and I believe we need a President who values the hard work of Americans such as yourselves. Since the dawn of time agriculture has been a vital area of the global economy and it will be for the foreseeable future. As president I will work to make sure workers such as yourselves are able to achieve success without an overbearing government trying to regulate away the core area of our economy. "

October 15th- Iowa
Barnstorming in Des Moines and surrounding suburbs
Meet with unemployed workers in Des Moines
Speech in Sioux City to women voters
Meet with local Tea Party Leaders

October 16th- Iowa
Speech in Decorah to farmers from both Iowa and Wisconsin
Rally in Decorah
Meet and Greet in Cresco
Appearance on the O'Reilly Factor

October 17th- Wisconsin
Gubernatorial Duties
Debate Practice in Madison

Christie:" I am honored to be here today to endorse an individual I think best exemplifies all the qualities we need in a President; Scott Walker. As a fellow governor I know he'll be a true partner in Washington and will join the states in working to remedy the issue of underemployment plaguing the country unlike the current administration which has been only abrasive and demanding. "

October 18th- New Hampshire
Rally in Concord with Chris Christie
Meet and Greet with Chris Christie
Canvassing near St. Anslem's University
Appearance on local radio stations

October 19th- South Carolina

Speech in Columbia to undecided voters
Meet with Black Republicans in Charleston
Meet and Greet campaign lunch in Charleston
Appearance on local TV news stations

"The United States remains the number one power in the world, and with that position comes responsibility. We must convey strength to other nations in the Executive Branch, not appearance weak and, on occasion, offensive as the current administration has. If elected I will work with our allies to take a stronger stance against Putin and his antics in Russia as well as showing ISIS we will not stand idly by and let them attack our heritage, kill innocents, and wreak havoc in the Middle East"

October 20th- Iowa
Meet with Republican women in Sioux City
Speech on the economy in Cedar Rapids
Speech on foreign policy at fundraising dinner
Appearance on NBC Nightly News

October 21st-

Appearance on Fox News Sunday
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« Reply #3 on: April 09, 2015, 12:01:49 am »



OOC: Holy Hell... what happened here (and who's playing as Walker again?)

Spamage is. OOC (just in case Manchin doesn't get caught reveling in this): I like updates like this to get some more spice into the game. I certainly hope that Walker doesn't die.

This event occurred per my request. Tongue

CNN graphics tomorrow Wink
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« Reply #4 on: April 10, 2015, 06:25:35 pm »

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