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This thread has been created by the Public Consultation Act for citizens to submit legislation, which will go into its own slot on the AFG board, and for general input into legislation the senate is considering.

The best way to find out what's happening in the senate in a quick glance is looking at the Senate Noticeboard, which is regularly updated by the Speaker.

I have some concerns on how the Electoral Reform Amendment that would creat districts for Senate elections would work. The thread for the amendment is located here:

A) change of state of registration every 3 months within the region
Could this lead to citizens moving to another state after the new district map is published (like a process of strategic registration) and that makes the districts unequal when the goal of the map is try to make districts equal

B) the commission shall meet for three months
Some Governors could try to slow down or push for quick agreement on the map. Over three months there will be elections for Governors in different regions since regions don't hold Governor elections in the same month. That means it's possible to have different members on the commission over three months. If the composition of the commission is favorable to a party, those Governors might try to hurry to draw districts before some of them retire or lose while a Governor who is more isolated in the commission might try to slow down the process in hope of a change in the commissioners with the next election happening in some region. Are the Governor members of the commission the same for the whole process or can there be modifications following regional election for Governor during the commission's existence.

C) Is the commission expected to work in secrecy within its members or consulting party officials is expected to happen. 

Thanks for the input Poirot here's what I would say:

A) It could, in the same way that people can strategically move for regional elections, but due to attachment to states of registration, plus the fact that an arms race inevitably develops (like in cottonfield) I don't see it having partisan difficulties. It's true this would make the districts unequal but that's a risk all districts systems face, which there's nothing we can do about. I'm in favour of raising the time to move to 6 months to help alleviate this but there is only so much that can be done.

B) That's a good point and that should be clarified but I think it's fairest if the governors who qualify at the start of the process stay on for the whole process, even if they lose. If they become inactive then the new governor should replace them.

C) I imagine it would meet in public.

Thank you for answering about my concerns.

I have major concerns about the Kurdish Solidarity Bill, and the fact that it's been watered down from a good position into something that looks like the Turkish Ambassador wrote it. I support Senator Bore's effort to include the PKK in the entire process, but I fear the senate is selling them down the river. They've been systemically abused since the 1920's by about every single power, yet we only seem to care about them when they're fighting ISIS.

I urge the senate to agree to talks with Turkey about a Kurdish state, and to legislate that these talks must happen. Turkey have been absolutely useless during the last 8 months, they've refused access to there air bases, they've done nothing to secure the border and they've continue to attack Kurdish freedom Fighters. I urge the senate to get rid of this cold war mentality that offending NATO allies is bad, and I urge more concrete action in supporting a kurdish state 


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