Polls on institutions


I recently checked on Polling Report for public opinion on major groups and found an interesting (but not suprising) clear opinion on several groups (polls by Gallup, Harris and Opinion Dynamics largely agree).

The public really loves the armed forces, and really despises 'big business/Major Corporations/Major companies', as well as 'the news media/television stations/newspapers,the press/television news'.

While the quetion on lawyers wasn't asked in two of the polls, from the one poll listed (and what I have seen elsewhere) they are about as popular as bubonic plague.

Given these realities, the Democrats need to tread VERY carefully around the armed forces, stop relying on the liberal media to carry their water (the public loathes the message and hates the messenger) and shy away from shysters.

The Republicans would be well advised to advocate fining employers of illegal aliens, and making companies that send jobs abroad ineligible for government contracts and tax  benefits.


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