Kyl listens to Arizona voters

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While McCain, the darling of the liberal media is conspiring with Teddy Kennedy to give amnest to illegal aliens, Senator Jon Kyl has taken the time to listen to Arizona voters, and has proposed real enforcement of existing laws and beefing up border security.

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Great work by Kyl. I only hope his bill beats out McCain-Kennedy .

What's important is the guest worker program. Once that's done, then go ahead and enforce the laws.

There's also the possibility Kyl has national aspirations, though by no means am I saying that's his rationale for this in particular. He's a good Senator. That said, this can't hurt him politically, and he is in no danger in Arizona. Win-win.

If a Republican like Kyl promised to put the illegal immigration issue at the top of his agenda... Id consider voting for him in 2008.


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