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May 30, 2024, 01:18:53 AM
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« on: August 14, 2014, 12:25:19 PM »
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Chiang Kai-Shek speaks to China:

January, 1933:
Recognizing the need for further communication with the Chinese people, Chairman Chiang Kai-Shek delivered a speech before a massive crowd in the capital of Nanking, surrounded by key government officials like President Lin Sen and Marshal Zhang Xueliang and by some squads of the so called "Blue Shirts Society". Chiang addressed the challenges that China will have to face in the next years, but he remained optimistic and he appealed to the people to give his government the necessary support to continue working for China. The speech was later relayed through radio to the areas that the Kuomintang controls.

"(Excerpt) Ever since the British merchants came almost a hundred years ago China has bleed and suffered. Our economy collapsed, our armies were scattered and resorted to warlordism while the corrupt Emperors wasted China's resources and, in the end, our country was humiliated in a way that few nations have had to bear for such a long time. But we never gave in. The Chinese people are strong and so are their convictions, and society, family and the desire for a stronger China never died. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen fought his entire life for this, for the glory of China and, more importantly, for the glory of the Chinese people, and many of us wouldn't be here without him. And we will fight! (Applause) We will fight to rebuild our nation and achieve unification through the might of the Kuomintang and someday democracy will finally belong to the people of one of the strongest nations in the world. My fellow countrymen, we stand at the crossroads. The entire world seems to be in chaos everywhere we look, and all the nations that once stood so powerful and so disdainful of China are now humiliated and facing a true economic disaster. I believe the imperialist powers have received a valuable lesson, they have learned to be fearful, they have learned of what it feels like to see your country ravaged my misery, they have learned what it feels to lose control of your own lives. I do not think they will learn the lesson, but they have been dealt a crippling blow to their prestige in the world, and China shall overcome its own challenges to surpass them once and for all.

Our government has been rather successful as of now, as we have expanded the areas under our control and we have obtained the help of the warlords to rebuild our nation. We have built roads and factories, balanced our budget and started to expand the benefits that we can offer to the Chinese people and while times are tough for many who have to live in terrible conditions, I say with confidence that help will arrive for you. Sun Yat-Sen spoke of improving the living conditions of this country and I repeat that message to you. Only the Kuomintang and the National Government can restore greatness to China, and that will be done with your support. My fellow countrymen, we are closer to saving China from the usual threats that at any other time since this nation was split by the mistakes and the cruelty of imperialism, and with strength and unity we will overcome the challenges through the years and we will achieve what we all want for our nation. I denounce the Communists as traitors to China and traitors to the spirit of Sun Yat-Sen, and we will do everything we can to crush them once and for all so we can bring an end to his civil war, thus using our newfound strength to rebuild what needs to be rebuilt. Make no mistake, they will be defeated and their leaders destroyed, but this Republic will welcome those who wish to work with us instead of challenging the will of the people. I do not believe the world is China's enemy by any chance and there are many friendly nations with which I will seek to improve our relations, but I will say to you that I am sick and tired of other nations trying to meddle in China, and I ask for the support of all Chinese to deal with that. The Republic of China and the Chinese people are awake, and they will not stand for more abuse! i stand with many Chinese patriots today like our beloved President Lin, Zhang Xueliang, our brave young Marshal and Dai Li and the Blue Shirts, a promising and young new generation that has the skills to save China. This is a government of unity, this is a government of strength, and I say to you once more that, with your help, we shall overcome the challenges!"

OOC: Orders to come later, this is just for fun.
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« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2014, 09:53:33 PM »
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Republic of China:
January to June 1933:

After extensive cabinet meetings and a series of internal debates with Chiang loyalists, Chairman Chiang has taken the following dispositions for the Republic of China:
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Political Affairs: The obvious priority here is to retain parts of the balance of power while disrupting and eventually destroying the opposition. With the collaboration of the warlords and under the command of new Interior Minister Zhang Qun a propaganda campaign shall be started against the CCP in order to unite the factions against this thread and secure a united front (special emphasis will be put in the collaboration of Hu Hanmin and Yan Xishan to encircle the CCP and avoid their escape to the North once the time comes). Wang Jingwei needs to be neutralized, so he will be asked to start working on a new constitution and his deputies will be bribed to sabotage his efforts as Premier. I need T. V. Soong and Zhang Xueliang's help, the first one will be offered more autonomy to handle the economy and Wang's Premiership and Zhang will be offered an increased role in the army as Minister of Defense. Another propaganda campaign will be started portraying me as the savior of the Kuomintang and the Republic and as the man who can keep China together in these troubled times.

Secret Police and Party Affairs: The "Blue Shirts Society" will be the instrument used to crush the warlords and the communists and force them to surrender to the government, but that will require time. I will give the loyal and capable Dai Li all the support he needs to take control, so his rivals Teng Jie, Liu Jianqun and He Zhonghan will be assassinated under the disguise of communist infiltrators. If any of them were to survive the incident they will be targeted again on a second attempt. Dai Li shall then proceed to take control and purge the less loyal and more corrupt key officers (but not the rank and file). After the takes control he will be given extensive powers to send his agents to infiltrate the warlords (with Yan Xishan, Long Yun and Hu Hanmin as the main targets) and the communist controlled zones (he will prepare a plan to kill Mao Tse-Tung, Zhou En-Lai and Lin Biao once the order is given). I also command my personal spies to follow Wang Jingwei and to prepare for getting rid of the man once I give the command.

Economy Policy: For far too long our economy has suffered, so it's time to make some changes. Minister of Finance T. V. Soong will be given greater autonomy to deal with modernization, to increase foreign trade and to improve relationships with the Shanghai businessmen (they will be told in a kind way that supporting the Kuomintang will cease the attacks they have suffered on the past months from some criminal gangs). Some restrictions will be put on agricultural trade to protect the Chinese peasants, and along with the programs for public works we shall start one to improve their skills, give them government subsides and provide some basic and mostly symbolic land reform to keep them on our side. A propaganda campaign will be started in the United States offering stable and well paid jobs to scientists and technicians and economic advantages for industrialists to come to China and help with the modernization and invest here as well. Offer Henry Ford (among others) a lucrative deal and less restrictions to the Ford Company in exchange for his help to industrialize. China will never surrender to a savage form of capitalism, but we will use its advantages to move forward and accomplish the dream of Sun Yat-Sen.

Foreign Policy: China needs to get out to the world and build stronger ties, so immediate actions will be taken here. H. H. Kung and a group of bankers and diplomats are dispatched to Europe to find new allies to help with industrialization, they will shall be given orders to give priority to those heads of state who have already been contacted and have accepted the proposed deals. Luo Wengan is dismissed as Minister of Foreign Affairs, his post will be given to Wang Ch'ung-hui, who shall oversee the efforts to build a positive image of the Republic of China through the world (with a diplomatic mission sent to South America to build support there). Wang is also commanded to try and build a "China lobby" in the American Senate and House and the British House of Commons.

Military Affairs: The main target here is getting rid of the CCP, and we will make preparations to crush them as soon as possible. H. H. Kung will seek to buy new weaponry in  America and Germany, hopefully diminishing the radical differences among units. The army will not be expanded for the time being and the focus will be given to train the current army and secure its personal loyalty to me instead of the warlords. Marshal Zhang Xueliang will be removed from the battlegrounds and he will be appointed Minister of Defense in order to focus on the reorganization of the army, and Li Zongrenís will be offered a chance to participate on the reorganization, but he will be watched carefully.

Communist Soviets: He Jingqin was commanded the last year to build a series of fortifications to contain the CCP and prevent any escape that should be ready now, so he will repel all Communist attacks using his artillery and only then he will move forward to destroy the enemy units and build new lines of fortifications (resembling a medieval strategy) to secure the land and prevent any escapes. We are not ready to go all the way yet, so this is just a campaign of attrition to weaken the CCP in Jiangxi and take some land until the better trained and better supplied units are ready to strike in the following months.

Xinjiang: Regarding the West, I am fed up with the Xinjiang rebellion, so my good friend Ma Zhongying and his Muslim 36th Division will be given extra reinforcements and a squad from Dai Li's Bureau to enter the province and defeat those pesky communists and the Islamists. Ma can take the time he needs, but he will secure the zone and he will purge those officers not personally loyal to me. Sheng Shicai will be executed on sight as a traitor to China, I want an example made out of him. That said, the Muslims will be allowed to go home if they surrender to allow for a better situation after the province is taken. Of course, Ma will be made Governor if he proves to be successful.

Chiang Kai-Shek,
Chairman of the Republic of China.
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