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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 452854 times)
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« on: June 26, 2013, 10:19:27 pm »

Social Policy

Abortion: No except cases of rape and where life of mother is in danger. Not really a big issue for me at all, besides gay marriage and global warming probably least important

Drugs: Start by legalizing marijuana, possibly others down the road. Ideally everything would be legalized, but i dont think the public is ready for that yet.

Censorship: No

Gay marriage: Legalized, get the government out of marriage

Death penalty: Used much less frequently

Prostitution: Legalized

Church & state: Separate, but it goes both ways..no church interference with govt and the govt has no power to regulate religion

Affirmative action: No, its just a different form of racism

Hate crime laws: no

Immigration: Secure the border first. Then make it easier to become a citizen, shouldnt take 10 friggin years to join our country. Maybe amnesty
Stem cell research: Fully support federal funding of stem cell research.  


Gun Control: None

Assisted suicide: No opinion

Gambling: full legalization

Organ donation: no opinion.

Term limits: Support limits for all members of congress, as well as lower level federal judges

Statehood: 50 is too nice a number to mess it up

Voting age: 18

Campaign Finance Reform: Havent made up my mind yet

Voter ID: No.

Economic Issues:

Welfare: keep it for those who truly need it, reform it to weed out abuse of the system

Unions: dont care

Privatization: as much as possible

Environment: Global warming is not going to kill us all, get rid of the EPA

Minimum wage: not sure

Taxation: Get rid of the income tax completely

Healthcare: Get rid of government run healthcare, get rid of corporate healthcare, let doctors do their thing, and allow free competition for insurance

Trade: not sure

Embargo: No.

Pork: No
Subsidies: reduce  

Military: Major cuts to overseas budget, modernize the army, get rid of our overseas empire, defend this country first

Foreign Policy

War: No agressive war, no war on ideas, stop policing the world

Israel-Palestine: none of our business

Draft: No, unless the USA is invaded

Nukes: Dont mind them, no one is gonna use them so it doesnt matter

Foreign Aid: cut it all, only use it for special situations (earthquake in haiti, etc)

Overall: derp
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