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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 454237 times)
Dashushu, the Anti-Centrist Menace
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Political Matrix
E: -7.23, S: -2.78

« on: June 30, 2013, 09:14:03 pm »
« edited: June 30, 2013, 09:26:31 pm by Must Crush Capitalism »

Within the context of contemporary American politics, anyway.

Social Policy
Abortion: Pro-choice until point of viability.
Drugs: Decriminalize all drugs to make seeking help for addiction easier. Legalize all soft drugs. I'm supportive of the use and study of psychedelic drugs.
Censorship: Oppose all censorship.
LGBT Rights: I fall into "B" myself. Totally support.
Transgender issues: Very important issue. Discrimination against transgender people must be illegal.
SSM: Legalize.
Polygamy: Legalize.
Marriage privatization: Support. State shouldn't subsidize marriage.
Death penalty: Unconditionally oppose
Prison system: End private and for-profit prisons. Adopt rehabilitation-based incarceration system based upon that of Norway.
Prostitution: Mixed thoughts, but in favor of legalization.
Church & state: Keep religion out of politics
Religion: Everyone has a right to hold their own religious beliefs. Spreading these beliefs to one's children is indoctrination and child abuse. Do not teach religion to children.
Religion & SSM: Don't force religious groups to do SSMs.
Affirmative action: By economic status - support. Race-based affirmative action should be encouraged, but quotas and whatnot are going too far. Punish discriminatory businesses, though.  
Hate crime laws: A bit undecided. Support in some instances.
Immigration: Support open borders.
Stem cell research: Strongly, strongly support
Science: Scientific progress should be supported by the government. Increase funding for NASA.
PATRIOT Act: Oppose.
Gun Control: Support closing loopholes, oppose assault weapons ban.  
Assisted suicide: Support.
Organ donation: Opt-out is a good idea.
Federalism: Mostly oppose. I dislike the idea of "leaving an issue to the states". Some devolution is necessary in a country as large as the United States, though.
Creationism: Keep it out of schools
Sex ed: Comprehensive sex ed is pretty much just common sense.

Electoral Reform:
DC: Support DC statehood.
Voting age: Status quo.
Campaign Finance Reform: Oppose Citizens' United, support public funding.
Voting system: Mixed member proportional. Oppose the electoral college... though I'd really miss the pretty maps.
Gerrymandering: Absolutely needs fixing.
Voter ID: Oppose.  
Two party system: Oppose.
Senate: Should have its power significantly decreased or be abolished.

Economic Issues:
Welfare state: Support an extensive welfare state. This is one of my biggest issues, having grown up in a low-income family on food stamps.
Unions: Love 'em. I have a thing for the IWW.
Privatization: Oppose.
Global warming: Real and human-caused. We need to have legislation to limit carbon emissions.
Water fluoridation: One of the greatest medical breakthroughs of the past century. Fully support.
Nuclear energy: More sustainable than some would have us believe. Support, in addition to maxing out what we can get from solar power, wind power, etc.
Minimum wage: Raise it.
Taxation: Support progressive taxation.
Healthcare: Single-payer.
Trade: Fair trade.  
Education:: Increase funding. Abolish private schools.
Military: Reduce funding drastically.

Foreign Policy
War: End imperialistic foreign policy. Not completely ideologically non-interventionist.
Israel-Palestine: A solution which one secular state is formed would be ideal, but possibly unworkable. Two-state solution is probably best.
Iran: Not a massive threat. Should face international sanctions for human rights abuses, though.
Syria: Assad is preferable to Islamists.
Middle East (other)Sad Support sanctions on Saudi Arabia for the same reasons as Iran.
Cuba: Normalize relations, end embargo.
Draft: Oppose.
UN: Support US membership. Oppose the structure of the security council. Support Palestinian membership.  
Global state: One decentralized world state is ideal, but unlikely.
Nukes: Reduce.
Foreign Aid: Foreign aid to Africa should come in different forms. Focus on long-term development.
Puerto Rico: Support self-determination
Canada: Support annexation.

Overall: I'm interested to see what you would describe me as.
Dashushu, the Anti-Centrist Menace
Jr. Member
Posts: 614
United States

Political Matrix
E: -7.23, S: -2.78

« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2013, 12:42:02 am »

MustCrushCapitalism - you don't see yourself a socialist?
I do, actually.
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