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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 437939 times)
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« on: July 16, 2012, 08:13:29 pm »

Well, here goes. It'll probably be enlarged and changed eventually, but I'm using the basic format from Senator Scott.

Social Issues

Abortion: Eeeh, this is a complicated one. I believe abortion should be reduced, and if at all possible, eliminated except for the "incest, rape, and life of the mother" scenarios. I would criminalize most abortions beginning when the baby can survive outside the womb, because if the baby can survive, just induce pregnancy early and then you don't have to abort the baby. Aborting the baby when it can survive is murder, in my opinion. On the flip side, I support birth control that isn't abortion (pills, etc), and would support better sex ed in schools.

Same-sex marriage: I'm... cautious on this, and would like for there to be civil unions with all the legal authority of a marriage, but if same-sex couples want to call it a marriage, then I guess they can. Just as long as they don't force churches to perform same-sex marriages. I know they won't though, so yeah.

Drug legalization: I support legalizing, taxing, and regulating the living daylights out of marijuana, and even support international efforts between governments to produce it and undercut cartels, if needed. I don't know enough about other drugs to intelligently comment on those, so I don't know about legalization of most drugs. I do oppose legalizing meth and cocaine though.

Prostitution: Oppose, though the areas where it's widely practiced (Las Vegas, etc) can keep their legal prostitution. I support efforts to crack down on sex slavery on the flip side.

Guns: I support banning assault weapons, heavily regulating handguns, banning certain guns altogether, mandatory background checks, and banning the sale of guns to anyone who has had a record of mental instability. I also support cracking down on illegal gun sales.  I guess the Castle doctrine can stay though.

Education: Adopt a Finland-style system to revamp education entirely, and pump far more money into schools. Also, hire education specialists from successful nations to see what we're doing wrong. Lastly, we should create more scholarships.

Immigration: No 100 feet tall or whatnot border fences. That's a dumb idea. I think immigration laws should be enforced, but we can't ignore what deporting every illegal immigrant would do to our economy. Perhaps a partial amnesty should be done, and the DREAM Act should definitely be put into law. No Arizona-style immigration laws, they're xenophobic and incredibly stupid. Perhaps a trade deal with Mexico could reduce illegal immigration? Either way, the immigration process should be simplified and streamlined.

Stem Cell Research: Stem cell research should be legal and federally funded. In fact, there should be tax breaks for people who donate stem cells that aren't from fetuses (this is why it's controversial, right?)

Euthanasia: I guess it should be allowed if the patient wants it. No clue for patients who can't provide consent.

English as the official language: (same as Senator Scott except for LDS stuff) I think that newcomers into the country should be incentivized to learn English, even in Spanish-speaking colonies in the country, but I oppose adopting English as the official language.  Strengthen bilingual and immigrant education. Work with the LDS Church to get missionaries and returned missionaries help with teaching English-as-a-Second-Language.

School Prayer: I support permitting voluntary, non-led prayer in public schools, though I'm personally uncomfortable with taking part in one.

Pledge of Allegiance: The Pledge of Allegiance is a dumb practice, and I frown upon schools taking part in it. I support legislation to ensure that states can't make it mandatory.

Economic Issues

Affirmative Action: It depends; does it help lower-income minorities? If so, support. If it helps well-off minorities, then unsure or vaguely oppose. If it's fair pay and hate crime/anti-discrimination legislation, I support it fanatically.

Trade: More protectionism in some industries, but not all. Trade deals are fine or useful on a one-on-one basis. We need to rely on China less.

Health Care: I don't think the ACA went nearly far enough, but it's a good starting point, and the Supreme Court decision solidified the ability to go further. I would support a single-payer Medicare for all system, and would be okay with a public option if push came to shove. This is one of my more important issues.

Welfare: I support workfare experiments and would like to see all capable persons on welfare be able to get a job, but I don't have enough info to comment on any specific act. I am opposed to mandatory drug-testing for welfare recipients.

Minimum Wage: Support increasing the minimum wage for large businesses while at the same time lowering the minimum wage the same amount for small businesses.

Taxes: Clinton-era taxes for those making over half a million, while keeping Bush tax cuts for those making below half a million. Once the economy starts to recover, roll back the Bush tax cuts slowly, only a bit each year. Gut most tax loopholes.

Regulation: (Same as Senator Scott except last bit) Government regulations over businesses should be re-evaluated.  Some are necessary and should be implemented where they're necessary, but others tend to benefit large corporations at the expense of competitors and consumers through regulatory capture. Regulate credit-card industries much more. Also, empower the Consumer Finanical Protection Bureau.

Spending Cuts: Cut wasteful spending, especially in the military, but "wasteful" must be redefined. Economic recovery is above this issue in priority. We can fix the deficit when the economy is doing okay.

Energy: Lessen oil-drilling and transition to renewable energy sources. There should be a federal "Green Energy Initiative" created to pave the way for a green energy industry. Tax breaks for clean energy industries is something I'm supportive of. Transitioning the military to clean energy is already happening, and I'm in favor of it. If there's another BP-level screw up in off-shore drilling, break up the corporation that did it and enforce heavy regulations on the next oil company to try. However, I'd also like oil corporations to be given incentives to be more efficient with energy derived from those sources.

Social Security: (Same as Senator Scott) I support protecting Social Security funds from being allocated toward unrelated expenditures, and support raising the payroll tax after the economy stabilizes.  I oppose any raise in the retirement age and any privatization plan.

Unions: (Same as Senator Scott) Balance labor demands with business concerns and negotiate with public sector unions when necessary.  I oppose bans on collective bargaining.

Foreign Policy/Defense

PATRIOT ACT: I despise the PATRIOT ACT and want it's repeal. I would like a Constitutional Amendment, or at least a series of strong legislation that protects personal liberties, to ensure that something like the PATRIOT ACT never happens again.

Afghanistan: I support withdrawing all military presence from Afghanistan, though I would personally try and figure out a military proposal that arms whatever's left of Ahmad Shah Massoud's faction.

Iraq: I support withdrawing all military presence from Iraq. We didn't need to be there in the first place.

Israel/Palestine: I support either a two-state solution that ensures safe conduct between both countries, or a single-state solution that ensures equal rights for the Palestinians. Compromises must be made on both sides, and both need to be accountable.

Iran: No invasions of Iran, that's the worst idea I've ever heard. Economic embargoes and isolating them from the world stage is much more useful. If they're actually trying to build a nuke, then military action, but under no circumstance should there be an invasion.

Syria: I support US intervention in Syria, though on a limited level.

Cuba: End the stupid embargo already, it isn't helping anyone!

Military Spending: Cut some of it, and reallocate some funds toward clean energy development.

Electoral Issues/Government

Voter Regulations/ID Cards: (same as Senator Scott) I support distributing voter ID cards, but I fully oppose requiring the purchase of them.  If possible, include voter ID information on driversí licenses.  I oppose any restrictions on voting that causes disenfranchisement and early/absentee ballots should always be counted.

Electoral College: Keep it, but moderate it's influence somehow.

Washington D.C.Sad Let them have a voting Congressional representative. Don't make them a state.

Puerto Rico: (Same as Senator Scott, except the end comment) Let the citizens decide on statehood, though I'd personally love to see them be the 51st state.

Senate: Abolish the filibuster, and lower the amount of Senators needed to pass a bill.

Congress: Increase the number of Congresspeople to make individual Congress members less influential.
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 7,464
United States

« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2013, 04:49:40 pm »

Can I have a list of the current questions/topics we've got? It's annoying to have to copy and paste the topic titles and have to check whether the post I'm using has all the topics or not.
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