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October 23, 2020, 12:37:47 AM

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« on: March 11, 2012, 03:07:36 AM »

Social Issues: Socially Conservative, Traditional Mindset.

Abortion: I support overturning Roe v. Wade, and believe Abortion should be banned federally in all cases, except when a mother's life is endangered. Life is truly of G-d's sacred gifts to humanity, and I refuse to believe it's a woman's "right to choose."

Gay Rights: I oppose the legalization of gay marriage on a federal (or any) level. I am a supporter of traditional marriage (man and woman), but I am very wary of the "Gays will destroy the family" crap. I just don't see marriage as a right, it's a religious tradition. In fact, I do not believe marriage should be a government issue. I believe only atheists or agnostics should receive marriage licenses from the federal government (as they aren't believers of G-d, obviously.) I believe we need to give marriage decisions up to the churches, and synagogues, and mosques, etc... (However, if a federal ban was proposed in Congress or a state ban in a state legislature, I'd vote for it.) Also, a federal ban does not need to be a constitutional amendment! I would oppose a constitutional amendment!)

I oppose the federal legalization of gay adoption. This is a state issue.

I long supported DADT, but I would've voted to repeal it because after further analysis, I believe that a dishonorable discharge is not an acceptable form of punishment for one's sexuality.

Drugs: I support the War on Drugs, and oppose the legalization of marijuana (medical or causal use) on any level. I do think that DEA and FDA need to be reformed, aswell as the overall concept of the War on Drugs. There are clear failures that NEED to be addressed, and fixed.

Prostitution: I oppose the legalization of prostitution. I would support a federal ban, as I believe this practice is obscene, and just plain wrong. Not from a moral angle, but from a health angle.

Separation of Church and State: Look, there should be a reasonable separation from religion and government. Like, there shouldn't be a "Federal church" or a "official religion". But, G-d shouldn't be shunned from American politics or society. America was built on Judeo-Christian values (not through the Constitution, but through the thoughts, and beliefs of the masses), and that shouldn't be considered a negative. I support the inclusion of G-d in our pledge of allegiance, and the inclusion of "In G-d we trust" on currency, and license plates. I believe the religious minorities, and the non-religious have rights, but so does the majority. If you don't believe in G-d, that's fine, but the use of G-d in our pledge or the discussion of G-d in society will not force you to. I'm Jewish, and the large impact that Christianity has in my society does NOT impact me or make me feel uncomfortable. Freedom OF religion is NOT Freedom FROM religion.

Contraception and Sex: I support the use of contraception in American society. It's better to have safe sex, then to abort. Sex's main purpose is to reproduce, but it's also meant to have fun as well. (I know I just made the Abstinence lobby flip a sh**). Live free, Party hard I say. However, my support for contraception DOES NOT extend to President Obama's ridiculous order that forces religious institutions to provide contraception. Religion shouldn't dominate government, but government shouldn't dominate religion either! Also, buy the contraception yourself! Seriously! People think abortion is ok, but believe it's an "outrage" for someone to buy their own condom, or birth control pills. That's like saying Big Brother should provide free beer.

Immigration/ Language Issues: I support legal immigration, as my sister, and I are children of immigrants. However, I strongly oppose illegal immigration. Amnesty is immoral. My parents worked extremely hard to become citizens. I support SB 1070, and oppose most of the DREAM Act. I oppose the section of the DREAM Act that allowed illegals to go to college or get gov't aid for college. There are Americans who can't get aid for college, and Americans should always come before noncitizens. However, I do support that part that would allow Illegals to become citizens by joining and serving in the U.S. Military. I also oppose the Guest Worker program for only one reason, it creates this group of "second class citizens." Also, I oppose loosing requirements (as a whole) for becoming a legal citizen. Lots of other countries have much stricter guidelines than we do, just look at Mexico itself! Also, I support making English the official language of the USA.

Crime/ Death Penalty: I strongly support the death penalty, but I am not hungry for death! We need to use it only when we are certain of someone's guilt, and for serious crimes! (Murder, Rape, Molestation, Treason, Terrorism etc..). I don't get how the DP is still an issue...

The 2nd Amendment: I am a strong supporter of the NRA, and gun rights. Only type of Gun Control I support is to ban felons from getting weapons. I oppose the semi automatic hand gun ban.

Alcohol: Um...I'm going to be a college student starting August, so...can we lower it to 18? Tongue No, but seriously, I'd support making it 18 on a state level.

Stem Cell Research: I support adult stem cell research, but oppose embryonic stem cell research.

Non Physician-Assisted Suicide: Yea, I oppose this. It's still murder even if someone gives you permission. This is immoral.

Euthanasia: This is a state issue. I honestly, and personally do not support it, but...if someone is on life support and has no chance of recovering...well, than...I don't know. It violates a physicians' Hippocratic oath, and it's immoral, so I guess I'd oppose if I was a state legislator. I just don't see it as a humane option.

Economics, and Fiscal Issues: Very Conservative, Pro-Capitalist.

Taxes: I oppose FairScam (FairTax), it just wouldn't work! I'm not a fan of the 16th amendment, but come on guys! I support a Flat Tax system of either 10% or 15%, anything above that I would oppose strongly. I would exempt certain people from this of course, like the very very very poor (less than $30,000 would be like 5%-9%, and no taxes for anyone making less than $20,000? I don't know. I'd have to do some math on this.) I oppose the estate, and luxury taxes. They should be pretty much eliminated. I also oppose the corporate tax (national and state) and think it should be drastically lowered or eliminated completely.

Healthcare: I oppose Obamacare or any form of Universal Healthcare/ Single payer system. I want Obamacare repealed in nearly in it's entirety. The only portion of it that I like is, that fast food joints have to show their ingredients. My sister has allergies  to milk and diary products, and having those ingredients shown are a big help for us when we eat out. Also, I believe in a private health care system except when it comes to medicare, and the really poor.

Energy/Oil: As others have said: Drill, Drill, Drill! I support offshore drilling AND the Keystone Pipeline. I want us to get away from foreign oil! Let's start by drilling in Alaska! Let's create GREAT alliances with our allies like Canada!

The Environment: I support a great economy over environmentalism. I don't believe in man made global warming/ climate change or even non-man made global warming or climate change. If I were an elected official I would not punish businesses with ridiculous regulations. Also, either eliminate the EPA, or smack the sh** out of it so it wouldn't continue to be such a bureaucratic mess. Economic productivity > a endangered snowy owl. Nuff said.

Labor Unions and Teachers Unions: Enough with this corrupt spending spree that the Unions have been enjoying for the last few decades. They destroyed cities like Detroit with their power hunger. I support Right-To-Work laws, and I support allowing companies to De-Unionize. However, I don't support banning unions. I don't think Strikes should be treated as if they are untouchable. After a certain period productivity needs to return...Also, teachers' unions need to be shut up. They have to much power, and make it almost IMPOSSIBLE to fire teachers who are just not fit for their jobs!

Affirmative Action: I oppose it, it's reverse discrimination and just useless. Businesses don't care about prejudices (well, most of them don't lol), they care about making money and hiring the BEST candidate for their vacant positions.

Government Spending: Cut, Cut, and CUT! The government's credit card needs to be taken away and locked up! It's as simple as that.

Trade: I oppose protectionism, but I also oppose letting our jobs leave our shores. I say cut or eliminate national or state corporate taxes, and any other taxes that Uncle Sam created.   Remove pointless regulations, and reining the unions.

Education: Hey, here's an idea! Let's let the state governments deal with their education systems more! We keep funneling funds to our schools, yet nothing really changes...I'm not completely for destroying the Department of Education yet, but I believe their  role needs to be minimized as much as possible. I support private vouchers, and zoning laws.

Balanced Budget Amendment: I support this strongly. We really need to stop the fed from spending so much, it's just scary to see how much we really spend on CRAP.

Social Security: Let people opt out, or hold private accounts if they so choose.

Foreign Policy: Hawkish.

War on Terror: I support it strongly. Terrorism is a real threat to our country, and to the world.

Afghanistan: I support this war, but Obama's mishandling of the war (especially the whole Koran burning incident) have made me lose faith in it...

Iraq: We did what we came to accomplish, now let's go home.

Iran: I really wish we could invade them or just smack 'em around, but not right now. Let Israel handle them.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict: I'm  a strong supporter of Israel, and oppose any two state solutions right now. The Palestinians clearly don't want peace while Israel still exists. That, and they are run by Hamas...sooooo....yea, No...

Israel: I support Israel strongly, and support our ally in any of their pursuits.

Defense: We need to cut our defense department, and make it more efficient. (By cut I mean get rid of useless programs in it.) I support a VERY STRONG national defense.

U.S. Military: I love our men and women in Uniform!

Thats all for now.
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