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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 437285 times)
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« on: March 23, 2005, 03:55:51 pm »

Hmm, good question

Socially, I'd describe my self as very conservative.  I oppose the legalization of hard drugs, though I could support marijuana legalization if the government controlled the sale of it, and if exorbitant taxes were put on it.  On abortion, I oppose all abortion, for any reason.  If a mother would hold her own life as more important than the child's she deserves to die.  I also support ex post facto death penalty for abortionists.  I support civil unions for all couples, and I believe that they should receive all benefits of marriage except adoption rights.  No child should have to have two gay parents.  On the death penalty, I support tougher standards for evidence. Scott Peterson should not be put on death row based on circumstancial evidence, neither should anyone else.  I do favor the introduction of more painful ways of death.  The present system of poisoning them while they are asleep is pitiful.  Babies are slaughtered by riping pieces of their bodies off, so should those on death row.

Economically, I favor massive reforms in the education system.  I'd give schools the right to permenantly expel repeatedly misbehaving children from the public school system. I also support vouchers for every student.  Vouchers bring competition to education, and competition is always the best way to make things better.  I favor privitisation of all federal and state owned services.  Amtrak, power systems, public transportation.  Once again competition makes things better. On social security, I favor eliminating the system all together.  Eliminate payroll taxes, and let people do whatever they want with the money they get back.  The poor already have welfare.  I favor a reducation in taxes for those making under 250,000 a year back to a maximum of 25%.  I still am undecided as to a flat tax.  For those making over 250,000, their rate will rise to 40%.  All capital gains taxes will be eliminated to make up for the income tax raise.

Foreign policy wise, I'm a hawk.  I believe in the complete independence of our military from international obligations.  I favor a strong military policy that shows the world that America is ready and willing to engage terrorists, rogue states, and those that threaten our allies.  I favor responding to any North Korea attack my immediately nuking the North Korean infrastructure, cities, towns, supply dumps, ports, etc.  
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« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2005, 06:26:54 pm »

Social Issues

General philosophy: Authoritarian

Separation of church and state: I strongly oppose government actions to remove religion from public places. I believe a government body has every right to display religious items on their grounds and I strongly oppose attempts by anti-religious organizations to censor displays of religion in public.

Freedom of speech: I believe there is no blanket right to free speech. I oppose allowing free speech that incites violence or terrorist acts against the United States and I believe anyone that puts American troops in harm overseas by writing slanderous articles about them should be jailed. I oppose the Supreme Court rulings that allow the defilement of the American Flag.

Right to an abortion: I oppose any and all abortions preformed for any reason. I support criminalizing abortion on the same level as any other murder.

Affirmative action: I support income based affirmative action for public school admissions.

Gun rights: I support an unalienable right of gun ownership and usage for those citizens with a criminal background free of a felony. I oppose gun ownership by those with a history of a felony.

Civil unions or gay marriage: I oppose government recognition as gay unions as marriage and oppose adoption by gay parents. I support gay unions for two adults.

Euthanasia: Oppose any form of murder, consensual or otherwise.

Prostitution: Oppose any legalization

Capital punishment: Oppose in all cases where the life of the prisoner will not compromise security. Support replacing it with mandatory life in solitary confinement. Picture the worst prison imaginable.

Economic Issues

General philosophy: Capitalism

Employers and Employees: I oppose any attempts to regulate employee/employer regulations by a federal minimum wage and I support allowing termination of a contract for any reason the employer cares to give.

Taxation: I support a progressive tax based on around 10 brackets ranging from a low of 0% to a high of 35%. Remove all capital gains taxes, the death tax, and institute a poll tax.

Spending: Give the President the power of a line-item veto and look into a national referendum on the federal budget.

Free trade: I support free and equal trade, though tariffs are warranted in some sectors.

Funding of the space program: I support economically beneficial funding of the space program, along with possible military applications.

Foreign policy

General philosophy: Realist Hawk

Iraq: Support because of the influence we've gained in the Middle East.

Neoconservatism: Oppose some of the more idealistic goals of the ideology.
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« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2006, 02:07:40 pm »

Social Issues

General philosophy: Strong Conservative

Abortion: Strongly oppose in all cirumstances.

Separation of Church and State: I don't see anything wrong with religious displays by the government, as long as Congress doesn't attempt to influence how or what people worship. State governments should be free to establish or promote religion.

Marriage: I'd support the Federal Marriage Amendment, though I'm not very hostile to civil unions, as long as adoption rights are removed from the equation.

Affirmative Action: Oppose race based. I can see a reason for socio-economic based AA.

Gun Control: I support a nationwide gun registry with significant background checks, but I oppose trigger locks and limitations on what types of weapons can be owned; i.e. anything above an automatic weapon should remain banned, but I have no problem with automatic weapons that are registered. Major penalties for gun related crimes however.

Death Penalty: I'm morally opposed, but I can support keeping it legal as long as DNA evidence is a must.

Censorship: I support restricting objectionable content from non-pay radio and TV stations. Libraries and other government agencies should be allowed to enact strict filtering policies.

Flag burning: Strongly supportive of a flag burning amendment.

Hate crimes: Opposed to hate crimes legislation.

Hate speech: Opposed to hate speech legislation.

Smoking: I support public smoking bans; i.e. on the streets, subways, sidewalks, etc. Private property bans should be up to the owner.

Alcohol consumption: Support lowering the age to 19 and drastically increasing penalties for driving under the influence.

Euthanasia: Oppose legalization of euthanasia.

Drugs: I support the decriminalization of the use of marijuana, though the sale of marijuana should remain illegal.

Gambling: Support its legalization and oppose separate rights for Indian casinos.

Prostitution: Oppose its legalization.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Oppose embryonic stem cell research, and federal funding for it.

Immigration: Support opening our borders to more immigrants with a zero tolerance policy once they are here. Illegal immigrants should be eligible to become legal residents in exchange for a special tax payable over a certain period. No services should be provided to illegal aliens.

Economic Issues

General Philosophy: Moderate, though all over the board mostly.

Taxes: Taxes should be shouldered by all members of society, and I generally support to removal of capital gains taxes and an expansion of the income tax. Lower income workers should gain additional exemptions.

Unions: Oppose anything giving unions legal rights at all. Support expanding employer's right to fire employees without cause.

Free trade: Support in almost all circumstances. Should not be connected with anything but our economic benefit.

Spending: Deficits are fine for pressing reasons; i.e. war, recession, etc, but I oppose wasteful domestic spending or congressional pet projects. President should have a line item veto.

Social Security: Oppose privatization, and I think it should be turned into a low income retirement scheme.

Workers' Rights: Employment should come with a contract detailing salary, benefits, expected work, and conditions under which termination of employment can occur. The contract should be followed. I oppose laws blocking firing employees based on non-work related reasons.

Space Program: I support a level of space spending that allows the US to maintain or military and civilian satellite net. I support basing weapons in space.

Welfare: Support generally, though benefits should be tied to attempting to better your position through education or work experience. Abuses should be punished harshly.

Healthcare: US health care needs a top-bottom reform, as it's clear that our mixed public-private system with intense regulation is not successful in the least. I oppose universal health care being instituted as a band-aid program over our current system. Support strict limits on medical malpractice cases.

Education: Federal government's role should be as the funder of education. All decisions on school management and curriculum should be made at the school district level. Vouchers should be an option for all students.

Foreign Issues

General Philosophy: Promotion of US interests in the world. "Realist"

Democracy and Trade: Trade should not be dependent on democracy, civil rights, or political freedoms.

Anti (fill in the blank) Treaty: Oppose nuclear weapons bans and space weapons bans.

United Nations: Support the removal of Security Council veto powers as a start.

Iraq: Rebuild the country and attempt to introduce democratic reforms where possible.

Israel: Give Israel a blank check to "reform" the Middle East.
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