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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 459312 times)
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« on: May 07, 2019, 01:21:41 pm »
« edited: May 08, 2019, 01:01:38 am by Donborvio »

"Progressive Conservative" - Want people to come together to solve real issues and relegate garbage like "intersectionalism" to the wastebin of history. No special treatments for anyone, equity for all.

Social Policy:

Abortion: Pro-life personally, politically would push more things like morning-after pills and contraceptives. Make abortion a "last resort" option to save lives and in cases of rape. Remove all public funding for pro-or-anti-abortion groups, clinics, etc.
Same Sex Marriage: Decentralize, this is not a matter of the state.
Drugs: End the war on drugs, legalize marijuana, decrimalize drug use, increase taxes and restrict use on tobacco and alcohol until they're on the same ground as marijuana
Stem Cell Research: Support, NO federal funding
Death Penalty: Abolish
Gun control: Modified 3-tier Yang plan: Tier 1: Basic shotguns, low-caliber rifles, low-caliber handguns for all; Tier 2: All semi-auto small arms (up to .50BMG), semi-auto shotguns. Basic training every 3-4 years like CCW; Tier 3: similar to class 3 FFL licensing with access to all full-auto small arms. No one would have access to large explosives without special license/cases.
Religious Freedom: America has religious freedom. Either to or from religion.
Affirmative Action: Repeal, replace with systems to better educate minorities and work on the deconstruction of "urban culture".
Prostitution: Decriminalize
Euthanasia: Legalize, with some limitations.

Economic Issues:

Minimum Wage: Repeal minimum wage, all current welfare and failing social security and replace with the Yang plan of $1000/mo UBI.
Welfare, Healthcare, Social Security: See above, free the healthcare system from insurance companies and big pharma. Government will negotiate better prices and open interstate lanes for cheaper insurance.
Collective Bargaining: Make it so any worker can unionize without penalty/retaliation and also unions cannot force memberships or dues paid.
Taxation: Repeal the income tax, replace with VAT and the UBI. Outlaw property taxes to bring back true landownership and promote more Americans to buy homes.
Trade: Full tariff-free trade is the goal. That benefits the consumer the most.
Education: We need to do far better at teaching history, critical thinking, finance and economics, and long-term thinking. A full-on overhaul to meet the "cyberpunk" future where most menial jobs are automated and to clear out the ranks of entrenched cultural Marxists.
Balanced Budget Amendment: Support.
Immigration: Set up a path-to-citizenship like most other first-world countries. Process illegals for VISAs or deportation if they have committed crimes. Set up surveillance "wall" at the borders.

Foreign Policy and National Security:

Afghanistan: Leave.
Iraq: Leave.
Iran: Normalize relations. Monitor nuclear progress.
Syria: Leave.
Yemen: Leave, help broker a peace deal.
Military Spending: Go back to Eisenhower. End the reliance on contractors. Break the military-security-intelligence complex. Downsize the Army. If the Admirals and Generals can't defend the United States for a sane price-tag, fire them and find ones who can. Our military is a joke and a disaster waiting to happen.
Homeland Security: Abolish. Repeal the PATRIOT Act in full.
Global policing: End Team America World Police unless that country asks for help. Maintain some military presence for quick response to crises.
NSA Spying: Abolish the NSA. Reform FISA. Hand off domestic surveillance (when necessary) to the FBI, give foreign surveillance to the DIA and CIA. Check if the statue of limitations for those involved has expired yet.
Palestine: two-state solution
Israel: Support, do not fund
Kurds: Support creating their own country or becoming apart of a new, stable Syria.
Saudi Arabia: Let China be their white knights now, cancel all agreements.
Guantanamo Bay: Use as a trade piece with Cuba to help open up trade/relations/tourism again.
NATO: Support as long as they pay up. Try to normalize relations with Russia as best we can.


Climate Change: Big concern but I don't think we're screwed in only 12 years. But either we promote real solutions like IBM's new chemical plastic breakdown/recycling system or the phasing out of fossil fuels, switching farms to improve our diet from animals to plants or face the consequences of our actions and look for a new planet to call home.
Green Energy: Phase out coal and oil as fast as possible. Full support to nuclear for power grid, retiring older reactors and replacing with Thorium designs (liquid fuel, no meltdown). Fix infrastructure to prevent attacks and hacking taking down large portions of the grid. Finish and open Yucca Mountain, middle finger to the NIMBYs. Continue solar and nuclear fusion research for the future.
Carbon Tax: No ponzi schemes. Where would this money be spent? There are better options.
Keystone XL Pipeline: Finish it, and make sure it's the last we need.

Electoral Reform:

Electoral College:  Make the votes in the EC better tied to the state population so the vote is fairly equalized across the country and candidates won't just tour a few states as in a NPV.  
Gerrymandering: End it. Give states model legislation with multiple options on how to fairly arrange districts. States that don't comply lose federal funding.
Term limits: Yes, for most, but longer terms for POTUS and House. President for 6 years x2, Senators for 6 x2, House Members for 4 x2.
Voter ID: Yes, with free IDs for all.
Compulsory Voting: No. Make election day on a weekend to improve turnout.
Voting: End first-past-the-post. Implement ranked voting or a similar system (Condorcet?). Go to a multi-party system.
Statehood: Require referendums for Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Pacific Territories with option to leave/become independent.
Supreme Court: Restore old standard for approval and no "nuclear" option. 20 year term-limits.
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« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2019, 01:23:39 pm »

Thanks to Ghost as "borrowed" his list and co-opted positions I agreed with (and added/combined a few).
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