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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 436609 times)
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 8,698
United States

« on: December 08, 2013, 02:06:21 am »

Social Policy
Abortion: Completely legal until the end of 2nd trimester, illegal unless the life of the mother depends on it.
Drugs: Federally decriminalize marijuana. Leave enforcement to the states.
Censorship: The Federal government should not censor communications
Gay marriage: Let two consenting adults wed if they choose so.
Death penalty: Let states decide on the issue.
Prostitution: States can legalize it if they so choose.
Church & State: Completely seperated. Churches should be tax exempt.
Affirmative action: Support
Hate crime laws: A “hate crime” is still a crime. If I kill a person in cold blood, it is an act of hate, no matter what their race/gender/sexual orientation is. No additional penalties/distinction should be made.
Immigration: Open the border, make immigration easier for people coming into the United States from other countries.
Stem cell research: I think private research and public research can solve it and work together to advance the effects of it.
PATRIOT Act: Repeal it.
Gun Control: Require mandatory tests to make sure people are able to use a gun safely, background checks required for all people purchasing guns offline and online, ban plastic guns, and ban automatic weapons.
Assisted suicide: Oppose.
Gambling: States decision.

Electoral Reform:
Term limits: No term limits for Congress or judges. The President should be limited to two terms.
Statehood: Support Puerto Rican, DC, and Guam statehood.
Voting age: Keep at 18.
Campaign Finance Reform: Require complete transparency, limit contributions to $9,000
Voting system: Ranked choice voting for up to four candidates.
Gerrymandering: A non partisan commission should draw districts.
Voter ID: No voter ID required because it is a virtually non existent problem that just causes complications at the voting booth for many people.

Economic Issues:
Welfare: Support Medicare, Medicaid, as well as subsidies for single mothers, and other disadvantaged people. Programs run nationally.
Unions: Oppose right to work legislation.
Privatization: Minor reforms to Social Security, but no privatizations of welfare programs.
Environment: Status quo and ban fracking.
Minimum wage: Raise minimum wage to $12.
Taxation: Status quo, but end subsidies to large oil companies, large banks, etc.
Healthcare: Keep the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
Trade: Status quo.
Embargo: End the embargo on Cuba.
Pork: This shouldn't really be an issue?
Subsidies: Extend farm subsidies to all farms with the exception of the top 10% of earning farms.
 Military: Massive cuts, withdraw armed forces back to our hemisphere. Reduce spending by 30%.

Foreign Policy
War: Only by a Congressional declaration. Oppose almost all foreign interventions.
Israel-Palestine: Neutral, but push for a two state solution. End US military and economic aid to Israel.
Draft: Absolutely oppose.
UN: Remain in the UN.
Nukes: Maintain and occasionally upgrade the American nuclear arsenal, but do not expand it.
Foreign Aid:  Oppose all military aid. Support disaster relief.
Overall: I support a national healthcare system, but I am more in favor of the current law in place where health insurance companies don't screw you over and so the private sector can handle this.

(Thanks Sanchez)
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 8,698
United States

« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2014, 05:18:00 pm »

A modern Socialist society maybe.

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