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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 437966 times)
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United Kingdom

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« on: June 05, 2011, 01:47:01 pm »

I would generally describe myself as some form of a social liberal but not entirely. Non-interventionist foreign policy, Strong opposition to anything that violates personal freedom or privacy. Support for the lowest in society but not to the point of a welfare state. A help up but not a hand out. Low to moderate taxation.

Social Issues:

Abortion: Pro choice. Everyone should have a choice. While I personally do not like abortion, it is the individual's moral choice and not the government's. The individual must decide.

Affirmative Action:
Oppose. It is pointless and counter-productive.

Death Penalty: Support but only for extreme cases. (Serial killers/war criminals etc). People who cannot be rehabilitated.

Drugs. Alcohol and Tobacco: Abolish the minimum purchase/drinking age and decriminalise lesser drugs. Repeal any anti-smoking ban enforce.

Euthanasia: 100% support for Euthanasia. The right to die IMO is a fundamental human right.

Gay Marriage: 100% support as it is again the individual's choice.

Gun Rights:
Hmm.. I think you have the right to defend yourself and should have the right to have a firearm for protection in the house but I think there should be stronger regulation on firearms.

Immigration: Hmm.. moderate to open immigration. I really don't have a position for or against this.

Prostitution: I reject the idea of legalising prostitution. I think this is too far.

Separation of Church and State: 100% Secular.

Stem Cell Research: 100% Support for Stem Cell research.

Economic Issues:

Education: Education should be one of the main areas of reform and funding. Support all kinds of additional funding for the education system.

Environment: Encourage tax breaks for those companies who significantly reduce pollution levels. No punitive taxes and the people should be left to make up their own minds about environmentalist issues.

Fiscal Policy: Less taxes simple ha. I am not too sure really. Lower taxes and a smaller government but not to the point of crippling the poor.

Health Care: Universal healthcare. (I am British after all)

Social Security: A total Reform is needed.

Taxation: Flat tax and a low tax.

Unions: Neither support nor oppose.

Foreign Issues:


Non-Interventionist policy: I generally oppose the idea of getting into other countries affairs unless it directly concerns us (Europe).

European Union:
The people must be given a vote on the issue of Europe. In or out.

European Union reform:
Assuming we remain in the EU then it must be made more democratic.

Afghanistan: Support and possibly increase our armed forces there.

United States:
Neutral policy towards the United States. Oppose any American involvement in European affairs (reverse Monroe Doctrine). I'd push for a policy of reducing the American military in Europe.

NATO: Reform NATO. Possibly leave it. Create some kind of European military alliance in its place.

Support the Falklander's self-determination and only enter into discussions if the Argentine's agree to recognise the Falklander's right to self determination.

Nuclear weapons:
I am all for the greatest defence is the greatest offence. Support Nuclear weapons.


I think all social issues such as abortion/euthanasia/Gay marriage is down to the individual and not the state and therefore should be legal. Individual moral choice not an authoritarian government telling people what they cannot do all of the time.

Strong/neutral foreign policy. Build bridges with Europe but the EU membership issue needs to dealt with first.

Economy: Social Liberal economic stance with a little Libertarian.
Posts: 5
United Kingdom

Political Matrix
E: -0.65, S: -5.74

« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2011, 02:11:22 pm »

You are probably a very moderate libertarian Independent. My guess is that if you were voting in the US in 2008, you would have been getting ready to vote for McCain until he tapped Palin and then you would have voted for Obama or wouldn't have voted. Now, you are in the same situation. If someone like Huntsman or Johnson gets it, you will vote against Obama. If a Romney or Pawlenty gets it, you might consider voting for them and then not vote or you might vote for Obama because of Obamacare. If someone like Palin or Bachmann get it, you would probably vote for Obama.

Thank you. That was incredibly informative. I knew I was somewhere between a libertarian and social liberal but I wasn't sure. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
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