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September 29, 2020, 04:05:36 pm
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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 459919 times)
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« on: May 07, 2019, 10:53:26 am »

Mostly pretty-far left socially and economically.

Social Policy:

Abortion: Pro choice, some limitations on late-term abortion
Same Sex Marriage: aka marriage
Drugs: End the war on drugs, legalize marijuana, decrimalize drug use, increase taxes and restricut use on tobacco and alcohol until they're on the same ground as marijuana
Stem Cell Research: Support, including w federal funds
Death Penalty: Abolish
Gun control: Either repeal the 2nd or stop talking about "banning" guns. Move most firearms to Title II, add firearms education to schools, make owning a firearm without basic certification illegal.
"Religious Freedom": America has religious freedom. When people say they want "religious freedom" what they really mean is "freedom to force the views of my pseudo-Christianity on everyone".
Affirmative Action: Keep, until the makeup of our institutions more closely mirrors our society
Prostitution: Decriminalize
Euthanasia: Legalize, with some limitations.

Economic Issues:

Minimum Wage: Raise federally to ~$15/hour, no exceptions, although I'm open to debate. The nature of wealth, money and the economy is shifting, which is going to change our society. We can either guide that change and move in positive directions, or we can just "trust the market" and end up in a worse dystopia than the one we live in now.
Welfare, Healthcare, Social Security : Entrepreneurial capitalism needs a reliable social safety net, particularly if you want to encourage social mobility. What we have now is arbitrary, over-complicated, and grossly inadequate. National health care.
Right-to-erode-collective-bargaining: Oppose.
Taxation: Increase taxes on: the 0.01%, big business, the 1%, and the top 10%, in that order. Hyper-wealthy individuals who think they can live or do business in the US and evade taxes need to be in jail. Corporations who hide US profits offshore need to face financial consequences, and the board and executives can either pay up, go to jail, or become international fugitives.
Trade: I support global trade, and think that the present WTO model is better than many alternatives but far from perfect. At the same time, I oppose using "free trade deals" as leverage for big-business and their preferred legislation. I support protectionism in service of national defense or emerging industries.
Education: We need to do far better at teaching history, critical thinking, finance and economics, and long-term thinking. I do not know the best way to improve our existing education system.
Balanced Budget Amendment: Oppose.
Immigration: We need immigration economically, and have both practical and moral responsibility to allow it. Stop letting the wealthy abuse immigrant labor (illegal or not) as a tool against domestic labor.  Support legal migrant labor, but not at lower wages. Creating an underclass is destructive to our nation and what it stands for. Americans are going to have to accept some changes to our way of life in order to avoid much worse changes down the line.

Foreign Policy and National Security:

Afghanistan: Leave.
Iraq: Leave.
Iran: Normalize relations.
Syria: Leave.
Cuba: Normalize relations.
Yemen: Leave, help broker a peace deal.
Military Spending: Go back to Eisenhower. End the reliance on contractors. Break the military-security-intelligence complex. Downsize the Army. If the Admirals and Generals can't defend the United States for a sane pricetag, fire them and find ones who can. Our military is a joke and a disaster waiting to happen.
Homeland Security: Abolish. Get rid of the TSA.
Global policing: There's a reason the Constitution includes provision for a Navy, but not a standing Army. The United States depends on trade. I don't think we should be 'nation-building' with our military, but I do think we have a reasonable role as a global policeman.
War on Terror End it. End the AUMF. Terrorism is best addressed as a law-enforcement issue. Only at the extreme should military force come into play. (And then it should have UN support, or the explicit support of the country in question.)
PATRIOT Act: Revoke.
NSA Spying: Abolish the NSA. Reform FISA. Hand off domestic surveillance (when necessary) to the FBI, give foreign surveillance to the DIA and CIA. Check if the statue of limitations for those involved has expired yet.
Palestine: two-state solution
Israel: Support, do not fund
Guantanamo Bay: Shut the prison down, keep the base.
NATO: I used to support a gradual downsizing of our presence in NATO over 10-20 years. Now, I think we need to keep NATO at full strength until Russia has been a functioning democracy for a generation or more. Simultaneously, I think we should support the creation of  a unified European military as an adjunct to NATO.


Climate Change: #1 threat facing America and humanity. The IPCC should be considered to be putting out optimistic scenarios. Paris Accords should be considered an absolute minimum to meet. Climate change (and other environmental impacts from the fast-growing human race) are consistently underplayed. We can try to fix things now on our own terms, or our surviving descendants will rightly curse us all.
Green Energy: Phase out coal and oil. Support nuclear in principle, but it's difficult to do safely and not at a loss. Make improved transmission, and especially energy storage a major priority. Broadly support a "green new deal".
Carbon Tax Generally in favor of ending externalizing costs, but wary of rent-extraction by middlemen for no net good.
Keystone XL Pipeline: End it.

Electoral Reform:

Electoral College:  Keep the Electoral Vote, abolish the College as an institution. States should certify their votes and send them to Congress, who publicly count the EV total. 
Gerrymandering: End it. Give states model legislation with multiple options on how to fairly arrange districts. States that don't comply lose federal funding.
Term limits: No. We don't need to give lobbyists more help.
Voter ID: No. Voter fraud is rare with the current system.
Compulsory Voting: Yes. Election Day should be a national holiday.
Voting: End first-past-the-post. Implement ranked voting or a similar system.
Statehood: Require referendums for Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Pacific Territories
Supreme Court stacking Tentatively oppose.
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