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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 459117 times)
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« on: May 15, 2011, 08:55:45 pm »

Overall Philosophy: Minimal to No Regulation of Social Activities, Unknown Overall Economic Stance, Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy. Government should not regulate morality and should only be concerned with protecting liberties in the social sphere. Government in the economic sphere is something I have not quite figured out yet.

Social Issues:
Abortion: Legalized. Federal funding may or may not be available for subsidizing the procedure, but the option should be on the table for those who seek it.

Affirmative Action: End. Not so much on the grounds that it is counter-racist, but more on the grounds that it is an act by the government to regulate the practices of various institutions in hiring practices and whatnot. Such is inconsistent with my overall philosophy of government involvement in the social arena.

Death Penalty: Abolish. Death is less of a penalty than life.

Drugs and Alcohol: Legalize the sale, use, possession, and transport of all drugs. Consider taxing them at low rates.

Euthanasia: This is one of the few things I would rather not permit. Death is permanent. If someone is suffering, then the right to pull the plug should be on the table. However, a healthy person who is otherwise fully capable should not take their own life.

Homosexuality: If that is what you want, have at it.

Gun Rights: So long as you are a US Citizen, not a felon, and have no record of mental illness, you may own whatever firearm you desire.

Immigration: Relax immigration restrictions/quotas. Require all current illegals to report themselves to a center for documentation or face deportation. This documentation will only ask for an address/contact, purpose for being in the US, and intent to become a US Citizen. Not asking for much, but we do want to know who you are and why you are here. That is all.

Marriage: Marriage permitted between any willing persons. If you want a marriage with 2 men and 5 women, have at it. End all "special benefits" for all married persons.

Prostitution: Legalized. Have at it.

Separation of Church and State: "One may change his religion. However, he may not change the law" - Somali Xeer Proverb. Church is to remain separate from the State, and the State is to stay out of the affairs of the Church unless threat to liberty.

Stem Cell Research: Government funding may or may not be available for you, but have at it if you really want to engage in Stem Cell Research.

Economic Issues:
Education: End NCLB and Race to the Top. End the crisis in higher education budget problems by cutting the bloated administrative staff. Unsure after that.

Energy: No drilling in ANWR. Promote non-fossil-fuel energy sources as much as possible. Promote mass transit for local areas and trains for long-distance trips to help conserve energy.

Environment: Promote recycling. Seek to protect critical habitats from harm. Seek to redesign cities to sprawl less and be more compact/walkable.

Fiscal Policy: Balanced Budgets just make sense. Require that the budget be balanced. If you want more services, you need more taxes. If you want low taxes, you get fewer services. Take your pick.

Health Care: Tort reform to restructure healthcare litigation. Unsure after that.

Social Security: Unsure, but something has got to change.

Subsidies: None. No more subsidies or tax breaks to businesses for any reason.

Taxation: Does not matter to me what the rate/policy is, but needs to be consistent. More taxes and I expect more services.

Unions: Unsure, but support the idea so long as they work with business to provide a balance between business and labor.

Foreign Issues:
United Nations: Unsure. The organization is important, but highly corrupt.
War: No. Withdraw immediately from Iraq, Afghanistan, and any other sovereign nation our military is currently deployed in.
Weapons of Mass Destruction: Decommission all WMDs.
Foreign Aid: Restructure foreign aid programs to better target and assist those in need.

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