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September 29, 2020, 12:40:34 pm
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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 459792 times)
Peter the Lefty
YaBB God
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United States

« on: August 13, 2012, 09:20:51 pm »

Abortion: Pro-choice.  Support Roe v. Wade and federal funding for abortions, and strongly support stem-cell research

Gay rights: Well, since I'm gay, there isn't really much to say.  I think I should have the right to get married to whoever I end up with, and to adopt and raise kids with him.  And while I can't see myself serving in the military, I think my fellow queers should have the right to do so openly. 

Prostitution: Not something I'd engage in, but I don't think the government has a right to say that people shouldn't be allowed to do.  Support legalization.  Just keep it in places where no one will see it and away from residential areas.

Marijuana: Less addictive than alcohol.  Support legalization on that basis. 

Second Amendment: In favor of tougher regulations on who can own guns, and what kind of guns civilians should be allowed to own. 

Education: Put heavy investments into poor and rural schools.  Funding should go to hiring and training more teachers to cut class sizes.  Students should also not be judged based on their standardized test scores.  Also, I don't support the mandatory recitation of the pledge of allegiance.  Also, I support the abolishment of college tuition fees. 

Health care: Support a single-payer system. 

Taxes: Favor closing loopholes and raising taxes on the wealthy dramatically to a maximum rate of 65% for those earning above $2 billion a year.  I do think everyone earning $1,000,000 a year should also pay 60%. 

Social Security: Call me a left-wing loonie.  Our cushion of protection is very limited and should be expanded by 50% at least.  Medicare and Medicaid should also be funded better. 

Unions: Very pro-unions and for fighting to preserve their collective bargaining rights. 

Minimum wage: Should be raised to $10/hour, and should be higher in some places depending on the cost of living (should be at least $18/hour in NYC, for example).  Shouldcohen be linked with inflation. 

Trade: For fair trade. 

Immigration: Support eaisier pathways to citizenship for illegal immigrants.  Support a stronger, but less intimidating-looking border. 

Environment: Climate change is real, better believe it.  Support cap-and-trade and more conservation programs. 

Energy: Support heavy investments in solar, wind, and other clean energy.  Oppose nuclear energy too. 

Transportation: Support heavy new investments in it.  Also support the creation of a national high-speed railway. 

Iraq: #BigMistake

Iran: Sanctions are too across-the-board.  Should be oriented more at the country's leaders rather than the population. 

Afghanistan: Support withdrawal of all troops by this time next year.  Should continue to aid Afghan government in the fight against the Taliban, but we should also pressure it to become less corrupt and more democratic. 

Israel/Palestine: Cut ties to Israel and propose sanctions on it until it allows civillian goods into Gaza and withdraws all settlements from the West Bank.  Still be tough on Hamas. 

Military spending and atomic weapons: Support a halt to the building of new atomic weapons and suppor a reduction in the size of our nuclear arsenal.  Support a halt to building of new aircraft carriers, tanks and planes (except for replacements).  In favor of a gradually-implemented 50% (at least) cut in total military spending (though there should be no cuts to anything that might threaten the safety of our troops.). Also support a 30%  increase in Veterans Affairs Department funding. 

Wall Street: Support he reinstatement of the Glass-Stegall Act along with new, tougher regulations on the banks and Wall Street. 

Cuba: End the embargo, for God's sake. 

Arab Spring: Support the uprisings and intervention in Libya.  All for going Libyan-style in Syria. 

Washington, D.C.: Support statehood for it. 

Puerto Rico: Support independence for it. 

Political/Electoral reform: Support strong limits on corporate money in campaigns.  Also support the replacement of FPTP system in the House with MMP.  Also support the abolishment of the Senate since it is unfair that every state has two Senators.  Send those hundred members to the House.  Also, support the replacement of our presidential system with a parliamentary one. 
Peter the Lefty
YaBB God
Posts: 3,515
United States

« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2013, 09:05:35 pm »

Social: Complete Feingoldian civil libertarian.  Pro-gay marriage (obviously for me Tongue), pro-choice in the vast majority of cases.  Pro-pot legalization (and regulation).  Anti-death penalty, pro-euthanasia, and yes, I'm against "in God we Trust" and "One nation under God" being in currency, the pledge of allegiance, etc.  Pro-gun control.  Support letting in more immigration in. 

Economic: Fair trade, very progressive taxation, passionately pro-labor unions (except sometimes the teachers' unions with regards to tenure.  And the American Musicians' Union can also be rather dogmatic).  Pro-regulation of big business and banks, including the reinstatement of the Glass-Stegall Act in its full original entirety.  Put a financial transaction's tax in there too.  Support raising the minimum wage to the living wage.  Support a single-taxpayer health care system, and a large increase in Social Security spending so that we actually have a safety net that's not a complete joke. 

Environmental: Yes, climate change is real.  Support a gradually implemented cap and trade system, along with much greater funding for solar and wind technology.  Oppose nuclear energy.  Also a big animal rights supporter. 

Foreign Policy: Dove.  Pro-Palestinian (though both their factions are crap), anti-Afghan war, anti-Iraq war, and generally extremely skeptical of anyone who wants to start a war even against the most insane regimes in the world.  Though I did (and still do) support the Libya intervention, and I think something seriously has to be done about the situation in Syria.  Very passionate about human rights in general.

Miscellaneous: Support campaign finance reform, want a parliamentary system in my heart of hearts, support proportional representation and oppose upper houses in general.  But so long as we're stuck in the shackles of the structure of government related to us by the Founding Fathers, I guess abolish the electoral college and institute preferential voting.  Same with all House and Senate elections.  Oh, and maybe give more Senate seats to larger states so that it's actually proportional to the population.  And give D.C. Statehood status already. 
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