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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 436517 times)
Concerned Citizen
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Political Matrix
E: 2.77, S: -3.39

« on: March 23, 2005, 03:40:30 pm »
« edited: March 24, 2005, 12:43:07 am by nini2287 »

Socially, I'm conservative on some issues and liberal on others.  I believe abortion should only be legal to save the mother's life.  However, I do support stem cell research so long as it's done responsibly.  I generally support the Patriot Act (although we need to look at specific abuses).  I favor funding of religous charities, so long as it's not shoving Jesus down the throats of those using the services.  I also believe gun control is a state issue (or even a local issue in some states with extensive hunting and crime filled cities, Michigan or Pennsylvania for example).  I also believe in moderate controls on network television and in libraries.  On the other side, I strongly support gay marraige, I am vehemently against the death penalty  and strongly oppose school prayer/displaying of religious icons in public places (Ten Commandments on courthouses).

Economically, I'm more liberal.  I believe in a progressive tax system, and would like to see it become slightly more progressive.  I don't believe we should raise corporate taxes per se, but better enforce tax evading businesses and put limits on deductions.  I oppose affirmative action in the workplace, but slightly support it for college admissions.   I favor a law increasing minimum wage at a constant rate every year.  I think our health care system should be similar to France's in which everyone is given either public or private coverage.  I also am in support of tort reform.  I favor increasing the cap on payroll taxes for social security but we should continue to look at ways to improve the system.  I'm very liberal when it comes to the environment and ANWR drilling.  I also believe we should increase military funding and veteran's benefits.  I am opposed to school vouchers as they take money away from public schools that need it to the most.  I also oppose NCLB  I believe we should keep legal immigration as is an toughen border controls for illegal immigrants because of drug and terrorist concerns.

From a foreign policy standpoint, I strongly disagree with the War in Iraq.  I think we should have waited until the weapons inspectors had finished their job and until we could garner more international support (although in case of emergency, I believe in war without UN support).  However, I do support staying in Iraq as long as necesary to ensure a smooth transition.  I feel this war has hindered America's efforts in rebuilding Afghanistan and taken the focus of more immenent threats such as North Korea and Iran,  as well as humanitarian crises in Rwanda and Sudan.  Although I am Jewish, I don't like either Israel or Palestine and I believe that peace in the region should be a main focus of our foreign policy.
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 6,624

Political Matrix
E: 2.77, S: -3.39

« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2005, 08:22:35 pm »

Updated list

Social Issues

General philosophy: Pretty much issue-by-issue

Separation of church and state: Compelete separation.  No public displays of religion (10 commandments, school prayer, etc.)

Freedom of speech: I believe in the right to publish whatever but with strict adherance to movie, TV and video game ratings.

Right to an abortion: Oppose in all cases except to save the mother's life.

Affirmative action: Oppose it in the workplace (esp. government), support limited affirmative action on college campuses for diversity purposes.

Gun rights: Should be left up to the states, or in some cases (like Pennsylvania) local or county level.

Civil unions or gay marriage: I personally strongly support gay marraige and am undecided on whether it should be determined on a state level or not.

Euthanasia: Support in the case of an explicitly stated living will, otherwise oppose.

Prostitution: Keep illegal

Capital punishment: Unconstitutional.  Illegal on all grounds.

Economic Issues

General philosophy: Progressive capitalism.

Employers and Employees:Employers should have the right to fire an employee for whatever reason they want outside of race.  Employers must recognize the right of employees to unionize.

Taxation: Income tax should be slightly more progressive.

Spending: Cut excess internal government spending.  Oppose most other cuts except for purely bureaucratic programs that serve no purpose.

Free trade: Support only to developed countries.

Funding of the space program: Continue to fund.

Foreign policy

General philosophy: Cautious peacelover

Iraq: I was always opposed to the war with and without hindsight.  However, now that we are in Iraq we cannot leave and allow Iraq to become a terrorist haven.  No timetable should be set for withdrawal.  If absolutely necessary, there should be a draft.

Neoconservatism: Formerly opposed, but starting to understand it a bit more.  Still disagree but ask me again in a year.
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 6,624

Political Matrix
E: 2.77, S: -3.39

« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2005, 05:54:34 pm »

Social Issues

Separation of church and state: Support; remove 'under God' from pledge and public Ten Commandments displays.  However, I'm ok with faith-based initatives if they are applied blindly.

Freedom of speech: Support Holmes' "clear and present danger" philosophy.  Keep flag burning legal.

Right to an abortion: Strongly oppose except to save the mother's life.

Affirmative action: Strongly oppose in hiring practice.  Somewhat support in college admissions for diversity purposes, but it is too extreme in its present form.

Gun rights: Support the 2nd amendment, though the states should be able to set policy from there.

Civil unions or gay marriage: Strongly support personally but leave the issue to the states.

Euthanasia: Support among mentally competent patients.  For the mentally impaired (such as Terri Schiavo) if a living will exists requesting it, I support euthanasia.

Prostitution: Let the states decide.  Personally I would probably oppose but I haven't thought too much about it.

Capital punishment: Strongly oppose

Economic Issues

Employers and Employees: A legally binding contract between employer and employee.  I support the right to sue over discrimination and support the right to form a union.

Taxation: Slightly make the tax brackets more progressive, but don't tax the rich into oblivion.

Spending: Scale back foreign aid and government waste.  Look for ways to downsize the bureaucracy.  Don't cut funding from most social programs.

Free trade: Support with countries with stable and strong economies (I would vote no on CAFTA).

Funding of the space program: Strongly support.

Foreign policy

Iraq: Opposed from the outset because we had bigger problems to deal with at the time (Iran, North Korea).  Now, I support remaining in Iraq until the country is fully stablized

Neoconservatism: I am opposed to nation-buliding.
Concerned Citizen
Posts: 6,624

Political Matrix
E: 2.77, S: -3.39

« Reply #3 on: August 11, 2006, 01:09:11 pm »

Overall Beliefs: Moderate Libertarian


General:  Moderate Liberal

Seperation of Church and State: There should be no state-sponsored religion.  I'm opposed to displays of religious symbols on public buildings and teacher-led school prayer.

Freedom of Speech: Strongly support.  Flag burning should be legal.  Fred Phelps should be a free man.  Oppose only in cases of imminent danger.

Abortion: Abortion is murder, so strongly oppose in all cases except to save the mother's life.

Affirmative Action: Favor LIMITED affirmative action, race, geographic and socio-economically based in undergraduate college admissions.  America's top colleges shouldn't look a Connecticut country club.

Guns: Gun control should be dealt with on a state or local level.  Maryland and Montana don't need the same laws.

Gay Marriage:  There's no reason why two people in love should not be able to marry.  As Kinky Friedman would say, "Let them be miserable with the rest of us.

Euthanasia: Should be legal, both on one's own and physican-assisted.

Capital Punishment: Strongly oppose, but support life sentences in harsh prisons.

Wiretapping/PATRIOT Act:  Support to prevent another 9/11 from occuring.


General: Moderate Conservative

Employers and Employees: Employers and employees should be free to apply, hire, fire and quit at will.

Taxiation: Cut taxes on small business and the lower tax brackets.  All other income taxes are fine for the time being.  Also keep the estate tax until the national debt is paid off.

Spending: Eliminate wasteful pork and bureaucracy.  Refund (at least partially) all social security payments.  Abolish Medicare and expand Medicaid to include more senior citizens.

Unions:  Support the right to unionize but some unions are too strong (auto workers).

Free Trade:  Should be followed except in cases of egregious human rights abuses or where the effects would be drastically negative for the American economy.

Space: Keep exploring.

Energy:  Work to achieve energy independence as quickly as possible by addressing both supply and demand issues.  Better fund mass transportation and explore alternative fuels.  Oppose any ANWR drilling.

Foreign Policy

Overall: Moderate

Iraq: It was a mistake to invade in 2003 and drain our resources from fighting real threats (Iran, North Korea, Syria).  However, it would be foolish to withdraw now and let the country fall into Civil War and chaos and make Iraq a training ground for terrorists.

Immigration:  Illegal immigrants for the most part are just coming to America to make a better life for themselves and their families that Mexico cannot provide for them.  Strengthen border security to keep the criminals, human traffickers and drug lords out, but let law-abiding immigrants into this country and treat them as people and let them go on a path towards citizenship.

Other Middle East:  Hezbollah, other terror groups in the region-and their backers, Iran and Syria need to be stopped by all means possible to let democracy flourish in the area.  Hopefully, the UN will support action because the US military is unable to help presently due to being tied down in Iraq.
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