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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 437719 times)
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United States

Political Matrix
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« on: July 10, 2011, 11:54:12 am »

Social Issues

Overall Ideology: A mix of Social Libertarianism and Conservatism.

Abortion: Pro-Life.

Marriage: I don't have a problem with gay marriage.

Homeland Security: Another useless department. It should be trashed along with all the other money and resorce wasting departments.

Death Penalty: All for it. If a person is a no good killer, why should our tax dollars keep them alive.

Drugs: Legalize Marajuana, continue the war on drugs for more serious types of drugs, like Crystal Meth and "Crocodile".

Euthenasia: If the person is in a lot of pain, and is of sound mind, why ignore them?

Gun Rights: I'm for very little gun control. I do draw the linde at machine guns, like M60's and the like.

Immigration: We need LEGAL immigration reform. Have a shorter waiting period and don't make employment compulsory for citizenship. As for illegal immigration, no amnesty.

Prostitution: Legalize it. Just make sure that the prostitutes have no STDs, are protected by bouncers, and have organized "pimping" be made illegal.

Education: Are country has really fallen behind intellect wise. The U.S.A. ranks behind most of Eastern Europe in math and Science, and is only number 27 in the world for reading. Also with most of Eastern Europe. This could end with the dismantaling of the NCLBA (No Child Left Behind Act), bad teachers being fired so good ones coulld be hired, and the introduction of a voucher system (especialy in low income areas).

Stem Cell Reaserch: I don't have a problem with it, I do have a problem with the government funding it.

Economic Issues

Overall Ideology: Fiscal Conservatism.

The Bailout: Wow, all that government money going to favored buissness so that they won't face banruptcy. That sure sounds illegal to me.

Welfare: I have no problem with unemployed getting money from the government. I have a problem with the lazy f***s who abuse the system and just sit around wathcing American Idol on their flat screen TV waiting for their next check from the government.

Debt: We dug ourselves in a hole we can't climb out of. And the government just keeps digging. Game Over man.....


Foreign Issues

War: A nessecary evil that should be used as a last resort.

United Nations: What have they done for us besides use our resources and disagree with everything we say.

WMDs: They should all be destroyed. If Russia dosen't agree with that, then we should build more ABM's. Also give Israel ABM's. If Iran gets a nuke, you'll know what they'll do first.
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