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December 05, 2020, 08:32:43 PM
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Author Topic: Summary of political beliefs  (Read 465196 times)
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« on: February 18, 2011, 10:09:30 PM »

Social Issues:

Abortion: Pro-Choice at the Federal level. I don't have a say in what my girlfriend can do with her body, so I believe it should be a matter of choice.

Marriage/Family: I'm for same-sex marriage. It won't devalue the marriage of a heterosexual couple any more than the Drive-Thru Chapels in Las Vegas.

Homeland Security: Pfft....what security? Break up the Department of Homeland Security into the agencies it absorbed and allow them to function independently of each other. End the TSA group so no one is forcefully groped against their will ever again. End the PATRIOT Act entirely.

Affirmative Action: For it to an extent; however, eliminate racial quotas as that has the damaging effect in race-relations.

Death Penalty: I'm not anti-Death Penalty. I AM anti-the wrong guy getting killed. It's not perfect, so let's end it until it can be perfected.

Drugs and Alcohol: If I can vote, smoke a pack of cigarettes, and go to fight in a war at the age of 18 should I not be allowed to drown my troubles in booze at that point as well? The War on Drugs is also equally useless, $37.2 billion of our tax payer dollars wasted. Legalize and tax marijuana and I promise it would have a good effect in deterring cannabis users.

Euthanasia: I'm not sure really. I support State rulings I suppose.

Gun Rights: I'm in favor of a moderate gun-control policy. Obviously you don't want military weapons being used by gangs, but at the same time I respect the 2nd Amendment and cherish it.

Immigration: I think what we should do is do like the United Kingdom.

Prostitution: You ever go to the Bunny Ranch in Vegas? The women there are protected and tested for STDs regularly. Why not do something like that? Women are protected by bouncers and so forth, they aren't subjected to the possibility of being brutally raped by someone. If the customer breaks the rules, they aren't welcome there anymore. Pure and simple.

Separation of Church and State: This is kinda odd for one growing up on the Constitution; however, I've noticed in Western European countries that have a nationalized church, that attendance is actually lower and the politics are less influenced by religion there than it is here. Now obviously that probably wouldn't work so well here, but I think it should be made apparent we don't let religion influence politics.

Education: This country has in it, the ability to surpass all countries in education. End the No Child Left Behind act, and while we're at it, RADICALLY refine how the system works. Look at other countries that rank higher in their education than we do and see how we can do it better than them. How about an amendment from FDR's Second Bill of Rights? The Right to a Good Education? First four years of college free, though you still have to pay for books and supplies.

Stem Cell Research: Legalize it. The benefits are definitely there.

Economic Issues:

Banking: If we cannot end the Federal Reserve, put it under the direct control of the Congress, since Congress is in charge of the nation's purse/wallet/whatever.

Fiscal Policy: How about a balanced budget amendment?

Energy: Let's get into the alternative fuel game and expand upon it!

Environment: Look at Theodore Roosevelt's idea and go from there.

Universal Health Care: Ralph Nader's idea of single payer healthcare has it down, free medicare/medicaid for all.

Social Security: Roll it back to what Franklin Roosevelt originally created it for, the elderly and the genuinely disabled.

Free Trade: End NAFTA and get out of the World Trade Organization.

Foreign Issues

Foreign Aid: I believe the United States needs to help others when they ask for it, namely like Haiti or something.

Military: Scale back on the number of bases we have. Namely getting out of nations like Germany. I do support the idea of protecting other nations from others, namely Israel being protected from Iran and keeping Pakistan and India off of each other.

War: How about this, if the United States is attacked we go to war. Otherwise, we shouldn't be attacking other nations.

UN/NATO/Etc.: As useless as I see the United Nations, I think it is beneficial we stay there. NATO however, I see as incredibly useful so we should stay.
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